October 25, 2012

When I'm in the cooking mood...

 This past weekend I was really in the cooking mood as you can see. So I started with pasta and I simply took things randomly from my fridge and it turned out to be a really tasteful pasta. I put black olives, caper, sun dried tomatoes, a little bit of basil in the pan and after a while I put everything on top of my pasta. And then I put a little bit of cheese! Nom nom nom!

 I don't really think you can tell from the pictures, but these are not the usual grapefruits, but there are baked ones! You need to pour a little bit of brown sugar of sliced grapefruits and put them into the oven for about 15 minutes. It's quite an odd but also very tasty (and healthy!) dessert.

 And I finished my weekend with this PERFECT chocolate cake :)

October 19, 2012

Lights will guide you home

Just look at all this beauty! Sometimes I shamefully forget that my hometown is such a beautiful city, but taking a little walk at night with all the lights around can help quite a lot. And so I did take a walk one day, I just wandered through the streets I could pretty much walk blindsided and was blown away by the beauty that was around. I loved it, to say the least! 

October 16, 2012

I drive fast, I am alone in the night

I know that right now everyone's posting this song everywhere but I love it too much so I'm posting it anyways. This is pure perfection! ♥

October 7, 2012


Today I turned 19! I had such an amazing birthday weekend, I'm really happy about it :)

October 4, 2012

Princess of China

One day I received this very beautifully wrapped present brought to me all the way from far away China. Inside I found the most beautiful baby pink colored silky kimono which I can imagine myself wearing on a warm Summer's day. On the next day I also received the postcard sent to me from China as well and I don't even know what made me happier - receiving this lovely gift or the handwritten postcard. I'm so lucky to have friends like these! 

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