March 28, 2013


 Some time ago I bought these very very cute earrings from Lindex and I can't stop wearing them! I used to wear earrings every single day couple of years ago and then I stopped wearing them completely for some reason. But right now I like earrings very much again and these cute little ones are my favourite right now. ♥
 That's how they look on me:

March 21, 2013


When I feel sad or cold or lonely or just dreamy I start digging into my photo archives. And sometimes I look at the pictures I took some time ago and I can't believe that I really have been there. Right now I'm looking at these photos and I'm amazed of the beauty in them. And it was a long time ago, I was about 14, so that seems like a beautiful dream to me that never really happened. I would really love to come back there someday... 
I think it's obvious how much I miss warm weather - these photos show everything I miss :) 

March 19, 2013


I clearly have a problem with my time management - this post is about my Saturday and was supposed to be published on Saturday. Oh well... 

So I had a very pleasant and very unusual first part of my Saturday. I woke up very early, met my friend and we went to our yoga class. It was so nice to be there when sun was shining and almost the whole city was still sleeping. I felt so full of energy after that class! After I came back home I drank fresh orange juice and had some strawberries. I really wanted to have a little bit of summer when spring is STILL not here. I wish I could start every weekend like that! :)

March 12, 2013


 This is the little shop in Notthing Hill in London.  

I know this is quite banal since these words are used almost everywhere but I still really love this whole idea. I also noticed that these words follow me a lot. And I think it is really good that every once in a while I can be reminded to relax in this world full of stress. 

I brought this thermos cup from London. -- My phone also reminding me to relax

My walls

And this is very nice video about this whole story :) 

March 7, 2013


 Hey! We had an amazing weather this week and it felt like spring is already here, so I decided to make my nails matching this spring mood. This is very easy to do and I think it looks very pretty. I adore bright colours especially on my nails but I like pastel ones as well. And I never can pick between them because they all seem so pretty to me, so this is the perfect solution to me :) 
So first of all You have to paint the first coat of nail polish, let it dry completely and then simply pick another colour and paint a straight line in the middle of the nail and then fill the rest of the nail. Et voilà! You are ready for spring :)

March 3, 2013


Esu tikra, kad žmonės, dažnai matantys saulutę, niekad nesupras to jausmo, kai po ilgų ilgų žiemos mėnesių pamažu ima rodytis saulytė. Iš tiesų ganėtinai gaila, nes šis jausmas nuostabus. Kai saulė yra įprastas reiškinys žmonių gyvenime, prie jos labai lengva įprasti, bet mūsų šalyje, kurioje tenka iškęsti ilgiausius žiemos mėnesius, kai dažnai net pamirštu, kaip atrodo saulėta diena, nes keletą mėnesių dienos visos vienodos ir viskas aplink pilka. Todėl tada, kai saulutė pradeda rodytis, atrodo, kad niekad nemačiau nieko tokio gražaus, mano miestas man ima atrodyti bene šimtą kartų gražesnis, o su saulės pasirodymu reiškia, kad jau ateina pavasaris. Turbūt todėl nė vieno metų laiko nemėgstu taip kaip pavasario. Nieko nėra gražiau už žydinčias vyšnias ar obelis, kai viskas aplink apšviesta gražiausių saulės spindulių. Pavasaris tai atgimimas ne tik gamtai, bet savotiškai ir man, nes matydama, kaip kasdien medžiai puošiasi naujais žiedais, aš negaliu nesišypsoti, o dar tas lengvas ir švelnus pavasaris vėjelis...
Bet, deja, net tada, kai visa tai rašiau, už lango siautė pūga labiau primenanti viduržiemį, o ne pavasarį, kai gamta turėtų atgimti. Nors dabar dangus naktimis jau kartais būna giedras ir pagaliau matosi žvaigždės, bet tikro pavasario dar, matyt, reikės palaukti.. :)
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