May 31, 2013


Last night I couldn‘t sleep. That wasn‘t very good because I was supposed to have an important lecture early in the morning. Lately I‘ve been having very strange dreams so sleep is not my best friend right now. But that wasn‘t really bad because it gave me some time to think things through. And I really enjoy doing that at nights when it seems like you are the only one awake in this dark city around you. I like to lay awake in my bed sometimes when it‘s so calm and think. Most of the times I become really nostalgic at nigth. I was thinking about a lot of things. At nights like these I always remember people I‘ve met in my life and all the good times we had. And then it gets quite sad because some of these people are not in my life anymore and it‘s weird to think that sometimes people really change, maybe I‘m changing as well and promises are eventually broken and people leave when they have always promised to stay with you.

Also the thought about summer was in my head all the time. Summer is tomorrow! Can i ask how did that happen? It seems like spring has just started and I wanted to see all these blossoms much longer but in the blink of an eye spring was gone. Time really flies this year. I say it all the time but this year is really different. I swear, it seems like just yesterday I graduated from highschool and today my first year as a student in university is nearly over... It really seems unreal that summer is almost here. But I think that is good thing even though I still can‘t believe it‘s true. One thing that makes me very happy though is that summer has the best nights in the entire year. It is so magical to be outside when the huge moon is above your head and when you can count the stars and it‘s so warm and so silent and you have nowhere to be in the morning and can enjoy the stilness of the night. Oh I just love it. 

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May 28, 2013


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May 24, 2013


These are some little details from my life. Some of these memories are quite old and some are newer ones. But all these things are the ones that make me happier.
My life is still a bit chaotic I still have all the finals in front of me but the good thing is that my best friend is coming back home from London in couple of weeks and I can't wait for that!

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May 20, 2013


 I adore this time of year when it's so so beautiful everywhere you go. With all these blossoms around us it feels like we live in a real paradise. And I certainly felt like I was in paradise when I went to see these gorgeous cherry blossoms. I waited for couple of years for them to finally bloom and it was really worth waiting. I really wanted to stay there forever it was so incredibly beautiful. The sad thing is that this beauty lasted only for 5 days and after them all these blossoms were gone. I wish they could stay as beautiful as that much longer and make everyone happier. It's so much beauty around with all these trees blooming in the city and my city is finally finally green after this endless winter we had this year. And this city is really green, sometimes it seems like it's surrounded by forests. I just wish trees could have these beautiful blossoms much longer, spring is way too short for me :)

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May 15, 2013


 Exatcly one year ago on this very day I had one of the best experiences in my life so far. I remember that day very clearly - that was very foggy day, I was at my friend's home, It was very calm and rain was supposed to come. My dad called me and told that today is the day when I will fly hot air balloon. I was pretty scared but very excited of course. I remember seeing all these balloons being blown and this feeling in my stomach before I climbed into it. And then sun showed up. I also remember the feeling when we took off and flew away. It was magical. Firstly because it was surreal to be up in the air and see my beautiful city from above and secondly because one of my biggest dreams finally came true. It's impossible to describe what I felt that day but I think it's enough to say that It was amazing. I still remember that day like one of the best and I'm very happy that I had the chance to experience it. 
You can see my flight here & here.

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May 13, 2013


 It's so strange that lately I've been having much more ideas for my blog that ever before but sadly I don't have time to make them real. I don't even have time to read other blogs and every day I see so much interesting posts on Bloglovin'.. Uni has taken over my life once again. I have a paper due next Monday and it must be 20 pages long so I'm a little terrified. 
I have a lot of pictures to show here so hopefully I will have a little bit of free time. Today I'm showing You couple of things I bought quite recently and I love them all. Have a nice week everyone!

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May 4, 2013


 One day when it was a little colder than it is now me and my boyfriend went to a little and very cosy place and had a big bowl of hot chocolate and a lot of delicious fruits to eat with it. And it was tasty
Also I remembered one amazing book which I read couple of years ago Chocolate by Joanne Harris and great quote from it : Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.

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