June 17, 2013


Hey! I decided to take a little break from my blog. Lately I haven't had any time for it and right now I have other things that keep me away from it. It's summer already and I have much more free time but I have so many things going on and blog is not really the place to be. I wish I could say that these are very fun and summery things that keep me away from my computer but sadly they aren't. But that's life I guess. I don't even know if there's a point mentioning this break here because my blogging was never very regular but if someone would actually miss me, I can promise that I will definitely be back. I love my blog too much to leave it but I have to deal with everything first of all. I don't even know how long it will take for me to come back but I guess I will miss my blog really soon. So I wish You all a great time because summer has really kicked in already! Kisses!

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June 8, 2013


This is our picture right after the concert. I stole this photo from my friend :)

This week was a little unusual one. I've had amazing amazing experiences like finally seeing Lana Del Rey live which was obviously the highlight of this week (and couple of months). It was incredible, I loved every minute of that show and I'm very happy I got to see her and now I love her even more. Also, I've met great people and I finally went to see The Great Gatsby which I loved as well. Especially the soundtrack - I think everyone would agree that it's truly wonderful.
Of course, there is a downside to all this. This week I had to take 2 exams which made my week very stressful and chaotic. Also, luck wasn't on my side this week I think because many weird things have happened. 
This week was very rainy as well, every day we were greeted with huge rainstorm or thunderstorm. Today was no exception so I spent the entire day at home studying and watching old episodes of Sex and the City. I watched the entire first season, I love these marathons of your favorite TV series :))

--- My new favorite song ---

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June 3, 2013



Most of you are probably still in this not very pleasant beginning of the summer while taking your exams. I am one of you, I still have 3 more left and I'm done with 2. So here are my tips that help me to survive this crazy period :

1.Stay hydrated.  

When you drink enough water throughout the day, your brain can function properly and when your body is dehydrated, you can feel tired and really lacking energy.

2.Get enough sleep.  

Especially try to sleep enough on the night before your exam. When you feel tired, it is going to be very difficult for you to stay concentrated and you really need that when you are taking exams. 

3.Don't study too much.  

The day before exam try to study the least possible. You can‘t get all the information just on the last day or night. It is better to have a day off studying.

4. Organize. 

Make lists of all the things you need to do. When you can tick the things from your list, you will get that great feeling of accomplishment. Also, that can really help manage your time when you see all the things written down. 

5. Expect the best. 

Write down on the paper the mark you expect to get but try to be realistic. Every time you study look at that paper and remember why you are studying so hard. I really trust this method – on my senior year in high school I kept a little paper with all the marks I wanted to get from exams – I couldn't believe it when almost all the marks turned out to be exactly what I wrote :)

6. Have little breaks. 

You must have breaks. I try to have one every hour at least because it‘s impossible to stay concentrated for the longer time. Use this time for something that makes you happy – watch an episode of TV series, read something fun, go out for a while to distract. Also, breaks shouldn‘t be longer than studying time :)

7. Look nice on the exam day

When you go to exam wear something you really love, so that you could comfortable and feel pretty. 

8. Concentrate. 

Turn off all the distractions, try not to check Facebook, don‘t surf the Internet, try to wait until your break time is up and you can do that then. 

9. Reward yourself.  

Most importantly You have to give yourself an award after the long day of studying or after your exam. That doesn't have to be anything expensive, just something that you really like. I, for example, bought myself some beautiful peonies after my exam this morning.

10. Red.  

People say that red color brings luck. I always try to have something red with me when I'm taking exam. It can be anything – red nail polish, red earrings, red lipstick or even red underwear – everything counts :))

I always look at this quote before taking my exam. I don't really remember where I found it but it really helps me. 

Take a deep breath. Relax. Be calm. Let it go. You'll be fine. It's only a final. Do your best and then let it be. Just think : by this point it's almost over. 

Good luck everyone!

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June 1, 2013


Pictures are from tumblr and weheartit
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