July 28, 2013


 If you asked me what I love the most about summer, I'd probably instantly say summer festivals. I've mentioned couple of times here that I really like them but oh my, I LOVE them. When people ask me what's so amazing about summer music festivals I get a little confused because it's impossible to describe them, you just have to experience them yourself. Words sound a little dull because I still haven't found words which could make you feel the atmosphere. Those three days of festivals seem to last much longer than the usual weekend, time stops while you're there. It is amazing to be there surrounded by the music all the time, people become much friendlier than usual, everyone is happy and cheerful, people dress up the way they never do in the city, you start to confuse days and nights. The mornings there are mostly awful but the nights are amazing. Every new festival is different from the last one and I still can't pick my favorite one because every one holds some special memories.
 The next weekend I will attend my 10th festival and that's amazing, number just keeps growing really fast but I still remember my very fist one really vividly. There's just nothing better than standing in the crowd, listening to some amazing music and singing really loudly with everyone else around you. Every time after festival ends I come home really exhausted but after a good night's sleep in my own bed after sleeping in a tent for couple of nights I start planning going to a new adventure!

July 23, 2013


    It's a strange summer this year. First of all the weather is really cold right now and it doesn't remind of summer at all when you wake up to the sound of the rain. I don't feel that amazing smell that summer used to have, right now all I feel is autumn coming and I really don't like even the idea of that. Also, the things I have to experience this summer are not really pleasant or summery and I wish I could get over them the sooner the better. I think a lot about how different my life is from what it was one year ago. How much I have changed, how different is my life and how much the lives of my loved ones have changed. How many hopes have been crushed, how many people left and never came back and how much things have changed just in one year. I still didn't decide how much of my life I want to share here on my blog - there are days I want to write it all out but then I get scared that I will regret sharing too much here on Internet where everyone can read it. I guess some things are just too personal to share here but then I get sad because my blog is just a snippet of what my life really is. Sometimes i like that, because picture can say a thousand words but some days I'm sad because this blog is not that much of a diary as I would like it to be. 

 I have absolutely no idea how my life looks while reading this blog. Sometimes when I read other blogs it seems almost impossible to believe that people can live lives that are that perfect. But behind these pictures in this blog a lot of times there is a girl that takes pictures of beautiful things in her life so that she could be able to count blessings that she has when days become really dark. Sometimes that's the only way to get through a horrible day. But somehow it's really difficult to open up here, even if I don't actually know almost anyone who reads this blog. But maybe that's the problem. I don't really open up to strangers, only my closest people know everything. 

       I've been having a lot of struggles this year. Sadly my summer is not summery at all this year and there is a lot of paper work, doctors, decisions, doubts involved and there are also nights when I cry myself to sleep. Last summer was supposed to be all about big life decisions but it turns out that one summer in my life was not enough. Of course, many amazing things have already happened and I'm very happy about that. But I wish someday I could look back at this time  and think about how I got through everything. I wish I could look back someday and be grateful for everything that was thrown at me and say that I became much stronger than ever. Because you know, what doesn't kill you, makes you even stronger, so in the end the pain you have to experience is just for the best, at least now you know more about life and learning a lesson is always a good thing, isn't it?

July 10, 2013


 1. My favorite flowers of all time are peonies.

2. Most of the time I am an introvert, however when I'm with people I know really well you wouldn't ever tell that.

3. I have never dyed my hair and I'm not planning to do that. I actually really like my hair color :)

4. I love flying on the plane.

5. I love all things with coconut flavor.

6. I think I have an addiction to nail polish.

7. I feel really comfortable when I'm wearing a dress. It's my favorite clothing item.

8. If I could back to any time in my life I would probably choose summer of 2012.

9. I like nights much more than days.

10. I don't really like night clubs. I've been to couple of them but I don't really like going there, the atmosphere there just doesn't suit me.

11. I really really like olives.

12. I like going camping a lot and summer festivals are one of my favorite things in the entire world. A summer without them is not a real summer.

13. I enjoy going to movies a lot, I especially like the feeling when all the lights go down.

14.I am an only child.

15.I hate horror movies. In my entire life I've seen about 4 of them. The first one that I've ever seen was The Ring which was not a very wise choice. I was terrified for a really long time.

16. I adore all kinds of berries and my favorite ones are raspberries.

17. I am really clumsy. I can fall even when there's no chance of falling. I slip and stumble all the time.

18. I am a very anxious person and worry much more than other people. I hate that but can't really change that easily.

18. I keep a diary since I was 10 years old. I use writing as a form of therapy.

19. I am interested in astrology and psychology.

20. I remember my dreams very often and almost every time check their meaning in the dream dictionary.

21. The first country I've ever visited was Turkey.

22. I love thunderstorms. 

23. I can't really sing, but I still do that. 

24. I can't easily warm up with people and I need a lot of time to let someone close to me.

25. I have never been to a wedding, but I really want to go.

26.My favorite and luckiest number is 7. Even my birthday is on the 7th.

27.I am a very very picky eater.

28. I am extremely afraid of needles. 

29. When I was in high school my the least favorite subject was physics.

30. The first animal I've owned was a turtle.

I thought it would be interesting to do this a little more personal blog post today, maybe you could get to know me a little better. I also really enjoy reading these in other blogs. Hope you liked it! 

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