August 31, 2013

August 30, 2013


  Like always I'm super late with all my pictures I wanted to show here. The summer is almost over (I'm so so so sad about that) so maybe this photo diary will be a great dose of very beautiful memories from the best week of my summer when I got to experience many wonderful things. This is only the first part of my photo diary, the next one will be from the best summer festival of my life so far :) 

August 21, 2013


The road back home last Sunday evening was a little longer than usually and the sadness was a little bigger than usually when I saw the sign with the name of my city. When I got into the car driving me home, I realized that my summer is almost over and that I definitely won't get to experience any festivals until the next summer. That is so incredibly sad. I really think I became addicted to them. Also it's so quiet and calm right now after this whole week of travelling around the country. It was really one of the best weeks of this summer. Probably even the best one. I got to participate in the Christening of the incredibly cute baby for the first time in my life, I met amazing people which I start to miss as soon as we say goodbye, I drank champagne in the dunes with my amazing friend, I watched many sunsets and welcomed the sun one morning at the beach, I met some new people and I went to the festival that got to be the best one this year. I'm really grateful for the people I have in my life. And I'm really grateful for the experiences of this summer. I really wish this summer could be a little longer but nights are getting colder already and days don't last that long anymore and autumn in obviously coming. At least I have A LOT of pictures that will be reminding me of the beautiful times I've had. I still have to look through them once again and I will share the most beautiful memories here. 

August 13, 2013


Everything happens for a reason – these are the words i like to live by. There are times when it seems impossible to imagine that things which are happening are actually happening for some kind of reason. But it seems that they do. Of course some time has to pass until you are can to see what kind of reason it really was. But I try to believe that whatever happens, always happens for a reason. Even when sometimes it‘s way too dark to see the sunlight but sun appears after some time. I am very glad to see much more sunlight in my life right now. This summer was long awaited, it was supposed to be very good, then things have gotten way worse than expected but after all this summer is truly amazing. So many wonderful things have already happened that I sometimes have to think for a while so that I could remember them all. And that is amazing. I finally don‘t feel that enormous wound in my heart and soul and most of the days i can finally breathe easily and i don‘t feel that empty inside anymore. I love love love this feeling.
One of the feelings i love the most in the world is the feeling that you get before going somewhere far from your home. I love that nervousness before stepping on the plane or getting into a car. I love travels so much that I even like the packing part which most of the people absolutely dread. I like making a colorful list, pick my outfits for upcoming days and then cross things off when i pack. It‘s like a little ritual to me, i play some nice music and think about the trip.  When i finally get into a car and hit the road i become really excited. Right now at at the sea city and I'm loving it. The only thing my city is missing is the sea. When I'm at the beach and I hear waves crashing and see the sun setting into the sea I feel so calm and peaceful and I could spend all my time sitting like that and watching the sunset.  
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