September 27, 2013


This year it got very cold really quickly. Now we have to wear our coats and it's so chilly every morning. It seems like winter is coming really quickly this year and that makes me terrified because I HATE cold after that endless winter. September always seems to be a very long month to me. So many things happen in it but time seems to go slower for some reason. It's difficult to go back to routine after summer. I somehow still didn't adjust to my university life, I have so many things to do and somehow I end up doing not much as always. So sometimes I really miss my blog, there was a time when it gave me much more happiness than it does now and that's a shame. It turns out that when I have ideas to do something with it, I don't have time and when I have time, my head is just completely blank. I always look with envy at the blogs which are updated every day or couple of times in week at least. Maybe one day I will also get better with it. But despite everything, September was a pretty good month. Today I'm really excited that it's weekend finally after this long and exhausting week at uni (I'll just ignore the thought that the next one will probably be even more intense at uni) and I was waiting for this weekend a lot. I'll finally get to escape the city for the first time since the autumn has started and that's exciting!

I found this song the other day and fell in love with it instantly. Ellie Goulding has a voice of an angel and lyrics are just perfect, exactly what I needed to hear. I love this song so much and keep replaying it over and over again. 

September 18, 2013


Every year Autumn comes a little unexpectedly but I adjust to it quite quickly. However, this year it happened a little differently. My mood was very summery until the very last day of Summer and I started to feel Autumn probably just this week, once weather became the way it is supposed to be once it's finally autumn. I actually really like this season when it's sunny, leaves are becoming colorful, when it gets a little chillier every day but this stage is sadly very short. After it long and unstoppable rain appears. I'm hoping that that beautiful autumn is not already over this year. Thankfully, autumn brings many great things with it even when weather is not that great anymore. So here are couple of things I really like about autumn : )

* Coziness| Autumn is all about the coziness to me. It is never that cozy like it is at this time of the year when rain is pouring outside and you can sit inside snuggled in a blanket while reading a book and drinking tea. 

* Hot drinks| Coffee, tea, hot chocolate... These hot drinks make every day a little better. 

* TV series| I think I mentioned that I have a little addiction to TV series and that is one of the best things in autumn - I can't wait for all the season premieres of my favorite shows! I watch more than 10 shows all the time so sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all of them..

* Cozy sweaters| I love that feeling when you put on a long, soft and warm sweater. I also love layering of my clothes once it gets colder.

* Dark nail polish| In Summer I don't usually wear dark colors, I mostly wear bright blue, white, yellow, pink, red but in the fall time I also like wearing dark red, black or violet.

* Calm music| My music taste becomes a little different at the different seasons. For example, Kings of Leon for some reason is mostly my summer band and once autumn comes, I remember bands like The XX or Coldplay and I enjoy listening to them more than ever. 

September 2, 2013


It feels weird typing this now when the rain is pouring outside my window, words about the summer seem a bit unreal. So I'm sitting in a dark room and I think about my summer while listening to summer melodies. This year autumn appeared really quickly and it seems like the summer was ages ago. But it was really a very very good summer this year. It was actually the best and the worst summer at the same time. It's strange but it's so true. I think I've learned a lot of lessons and also experienced many wonderful things, so this summer let me grow a bit I think. One day me and my friend were talking and we decided that this summer we were surrounded by the music almost the entire time, that was really the summer of music. It started with a show by wonderful Lana Del Rey and that was an awesome beginning of the summer. There was also a show by even more wonderful Depeche Mode and that was the best show I've ever been to. It's impossible to describe what I felt in that huge crowd of people singing and waving hands like one. And of course - summer festivals. There's nothing more to say I think, they are just awesome. Every festival I went to was better than the one before and the last one was truly the best one ever. I kept all my bracelets of festivals on my wrist the entire summer and every time I looked at them, I was reminded of those magical weekends which helped me so much to get back on my feet after bad days or weeks and which gave so many memories. It seems like this summer just flew by in a moment. But I'm really grateful for this amazing summer and I'm sure I will remember it for a very long time. And now it's time to welcome autumn and I wish everyone an amazing amazing autumn! :)
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