November 29, 2013


I think now it's a really appropriate time to write this while it's almost already winter and I will soon start decorating my room for Christmas and weather probably couldn't be worse, it's a good time to remember nice things. Of course I should note that I wrote this a long time ago while still in Summer.
There is a house just right out of the town. It is not very big one but it‘s incredibly cozy and no matter which window you choose to look through, you see all these green trees surrounding it. Right beside there is a forest. A very beautiful one. I don‘t visit there so much and that is really sad thing because I noticed that whenever I feel very overwhelmed with life, when I become so busy that I can't remember how to relax and the stress gets the best of me, I just need to escape my city and go there. After five minutes spent here I feel a lot better.
 I started to think that this house has some magic aura in it and I simply adore this little cozy house. When there are no people around, it is incredibly quiet here. It's crazy to think that city with busy streets is really really near. Oh, I just love it here. 
 On summer nights you can see stars very well and there is a little terrace here where you can lay down and count the stars in the sky. I‘m sure you would agree with me that it's an incredibly nice place if you came here.  You can also drink fresh mint tea in the morning when the birds are singing outside. And food from the grill is just the best.
I become incredibly calm, quiet and chilled once I get there. It‘s so comforting to think that my city is just minutes away from that house and if I would have a car, that would be one of my top destinations.
When rain is pouring, the birds stop singing, people become quiet and everyone is waiting for rain to pass. I adore being there when it‘s raining. Then I get to sit outside under the little roof, drink coffee or fresh mint tea and just listen how beautifully rain dances its dance. Rain is so refreshing and it is so much more beautiful outside the city and all its concrete. 

It's actually very miserable that once autumn comes, I don't get the chance to go there anymore. Now there is only a long winter ahead and only after it I will get to sit there on that cozy terrace while drinking coffee. In Autumn I become super nostalgic about many things and now I miss that place incredibly. Now would a very good time for me to go there but sadly that's not really possible.
You know, I've always wondered what it's like to have a special place you like to go to to make you feel better. i think I finally found my happy place. And what a weird and nice coincidence - this year the first and the last days of summer were spent at that house. 

November 26, 2013


When I visit London there's one must to do. Primark. I actually really like it. When that amount of people there don't disturb you really much, you can find some really nice things for a small price. I always end up buying a lot of jewelery because there are some really good things hiding in these shops. Even though the quality is not the best one but price is really good for it.

This dress is so cute and fits really nicely. It cost only 5

I'm so happy I found this sweater! I've been searching everywhere for a fluffy sweater and this one is really cozy and warm.

Of course I couldn't leave without warm and cozy socks!

You can never have enough rings! 

November 21, 2013


London stories are not over yet! This is the last post of the pictures I took there and it's actually crazy to think that I was there about a month ago, wow time really fliea!
So on the last day there weather was quite chilly and windy and it reminded of the real autumn that I left in Lithuania but London didn't seem to care that was already November. It's so crazy when trees are still with colorful leafs, the grass is green and Christmas lights are everywhere around! 
That day I spent in Regent's park and I LOVED it! I started to think that I seriously have a thing for parks. I just really like them! This park is huge, you can spend entire day walking around it but it's actually really cozy at the same time. And look at that squirrel! Those adorable creatures are just hanging all around the park and they aren't very shy around people what is even better. I really enjoyed being in that park, I'll certainly come back there again!

November 19, 2013


Two years ago this day I started this blog and when I think, it's actually quite a long time for a blog. To be perfectly honest, this year I didn't enjoy blogging that much as I did on the first year. I don't know what the real reason is, maybe the lack of time once I started university, maybe I lost the direction of my life and also my blog, maybe lack of the inspiration. It's really hard to answer but I didn't really enjoy it that much this year.
 This year many blogs I loved really much also started disappearing one after another, blogosphere is a little different from the time I got to know what it really was in 2010 when I started spending so much time reading blogs that I didn't get my work done. Now I don't spend that much time reading them, fashion blogs are also not the same like they used to be back then and now I enjoy reading lifestyle blogs much more than those fashion ones. But I know one thing for sure - I still really like having this record of my life online and it's nice sometimes go back into archives and see what was I doing some time ago. The only thing I can wish for me and the blog is to enjoy writing it much more than I did this year. So happy second year for Meet me on the balcony! And big thanks to those who are still coming here! :)

November 11, 2013


 On the first day, me and my friend also went to see Big Ben once again. It was really nice seeing this London symbol again. It's strange that both times I've seen it, it was dark evening and I still haven't seen it in the daylight - I think it's a plan for a future!

Even though, this is a must-see place for all the tourists and second visits sometimes are not needed for places like that - I really wanted to see this beauty once again. When we were walking by the Thames, I started to think that this might be one of my favorite places in London so far as banal as that would sound. It isn't because Big Ben and London Eye are so popular but for some reason I feel really calm and relaxed there. There are so many people rushing around and it's almost impossible to take a picture without many heads in it, but these people don't disturb me there, it's actually strange. I don't know what's so calming about the place probably the most visited in the whole London, but I really like it. And also the best conversations happen there! I wouldn't like to spend many hours there but in the evening when air is a little chilly and everything is light up so nicely, I really like being there and that's a place I'd like to come back every time I'm in London I think. Also, we just couldn't resist that beautiful carousel!

November 9, 2013


A week ago I was still in London really enjoying my stay there. Even though the trip was really short just like the last year, I still managed to see a little bit more of this enormous city. And to be honest, this time I liked it even more. Last year I was blown away by the beauty of several parts of London but this year this city was even more welcoming to me than last year. Last year I went there before Christmas, this year on Halloween, I'm trying to find a new important date to come back there next time. : ) It was a little surreal seeing people dressed up as Draculas or vampires just casually walking down the streets. This city is already preparing for Christmas even though trees are still green and with all their leafs. On the first day there me and my best friend went to this beaaautiful place called Canary Wharf and it was completely different from all the London I've seen before. But this place is gorgeous, seriously at one time I felt like was in a movie. That place reminded me of New York that I've seen in movies and I really loved it!


November 5, 2013


 Picture found at weheartit, edited by me.

Yesterday I saw a new post my lovely friend did and decided that I'd also like to remember my October and good things in it.

Many things have happened this month and it was very eventful and exciting month I have to say. I actually enjoyed October a lot and this is always the month that I love the most from all the Autumn as September is always a little blurry to me and November has the worst weather ever. October has it all - it's getting colder but it's not cold enough to complain, trees become the most beautiful they can possibly be and it doesn't rain that much.
 Also, it's my birthday month and this month I turned 20 and left my -teen years forever which felt a little strange knowing that I'm adult now (which I honestly don't feel like). My birthday was a very beautiful day with many greetings from people I love and I spent a very cozy evening with my family. 
I've also had many events with my university and I loved them all and started to really like people I'm around most of the time. So every week I had things to wait for which is always exciting and that's the reason why November still doesn't excite me that much - I have no plans yet for the upcoming month.
 Of course, the absolute highlight of this month was my trip to London. I had to fly there and back on my own but this time I actually really enjoyed that. I came back on Sunday and I'm really sad to be home now because the trip was awesome! I spent great time there but more on that later with pictures as well.  
So now it's time to welcome November with a smile and it's so crazy to think that there's only 2 months left in this year - time is flying! It will be a lot of studying involved in this month and hopefully some fun as well. :) Hope November is going to be a great month for everyone!
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