December 31, 2014

GOODBYE, 2014. HELLO, 2015

Oh my, what a year it's been. I remember last year I only had one big wish - to make the upcoming year just a tiny bit better than 2013 was and man, that wish has definitely come true. I wasn't just a tiny bit better, I'd say this was a great year, in fact. I wouldn't say this was the best year ever just because I don't really like saying this because it adds some kind of pressure to a year and the upcoming years have a possibility of not living up to the ''best'' year of your life but also even though this was a good, great even, year, it had some ups and downs just like every year does. From welcoming the year with a part of firework exploding on my leg (yup, a real story), to really having the best summer so far, from cutting my hear so short first time in years, to working through my anxieties and finally doing something about it, it had everything in it. I'm very very thankful to say that this year I got to travel a lot, more than ever before to be exact and it's been great - London, Milan, Verona, Venice, Sirmione, Peschiera, Rome (a definite Italy theme going on)!
I had a goal to start working more on myself, to make my life more interesting, better and I've joined organization in Uni which has been a great thing, I've met loads of new people when I became a mentor for freshmen in my Uni as well, I was a volunteer in one project this Summer and had a blast, I've started taking a contemporary dance class which has been a dream of mine for years and years, I've started learning Spanish in Uni along with my French degree I'm studying for.
I've also really wanted to be more grateful. I believe that gratitude is an essential part of your life, I think it's impossible to be 100 percent happy if you are not grateful, you can have biggest castles and Chanel bags to put your newest iPhones into, you can have a chance to travel around the world but if you are not grateful for everything you have, no matter how big or small, you can't be happy. Which is what I tried to work on more this year and I'm glad to say there were days when this little act of gratitude really shifted my perspective on life. It does help and there are some things to be grateful for all the time, you just have to learn to notice them and magic can happen.

I've got so many things to be grateful for this year - I got to travel, to see some of my favorite bands ever play live, I spent amazing time with the people I love the most. But as it always is, I would be lying if I said that there weren't times when I felt incredibly alone and lonely and felt like I hadn't anyone to turn to, that there weren't times when I felt completely lost in life and felt like I have absolutely nothing figured out, that I haven't spent hours and hours comparing my life to others or to the plans I've created years ago in my head like my life should be when I will be 21. But I've learned pretty important lessons this year as well - to let go of people who need to go, to trust myself more, to do things even if they are making my stomach turn into millions of knots, sometimes they are really worth it, to be more active and to be more open towards other people.

The most memorable of times was definitely this past Summer. It was filled with so many exciting things that sometimes it felt a little unreal to be true. I loved living through this experience that was my life in the summer, I loved travelling around my country or through the seas. This was the summer of joy and other seasons can't really fully live up to my wonderful summer.
I don't find enough words to express just how grateful I am to be able to say that I had a good year because there was nothing more I had wished for as we were saying goodbye to 2013 and no matter if there are goals I haven't fully achieved, this one has definitely been the most important.

I hope you all had a great year and if this was not the year you will remember with a smile on your beautiful face, you have a brand new year coming up very very quickly. It's another chance to get it right, to make your life just as amazing as you want it to be, to become the person you've always wanted to be and become the happiest and the best yourself you can be. Let's raise our glasses to new beginnings tonight and for a year of real happiness! Happy New Year!

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December 30, 2014


2014 favorites

2014 is going to be over very very soon (how on earth did it happen so quickly?) so it's time to do something. And yes, you guessed it right, it's yearly favorites time (the name of the post kind of gives it away, doesn't it?). I have to say, I struggled a little bit with narrowing it down with my favorite things of the whole year, I mean it's 12 months, it's tough to remember all of the things I've liked throughout the months. But I did it, I thought hard about it and I hope you will like it!

2014 beauty favorites

This year I finally got some dark lipsticks and my first ever red lipstick (yeees, I've lived 21 years before I got my first red lipstick) and pretty much all of the lip products were by Rimmel. I love Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers (I have ones in the Big Bang and Nova), they stay on the lips for a very long time, they are easy to apply and the are not drying my lips.
For the nail polishes, my favorites are Barry M and KIKO ones. I've discovered KIKO when I was in Italy earlier this year and I fell in love with this range, they have so many colors to choose from, it's a shame I can't get this brand in Lithuania. If I remember this right, I found Barry M nail polishes in 2013 but this year I got some new colors. I love this brand, these nail polishes are amazing, they have so many colors on the range and once again, this brand is sadly not available in Lithuania.

2014 beauty favorites

My favorite foundation was definitely one by Rimmel called Match Perfection. I was (and still am) using it through the entire year and it never disappointed me.
My favorite concealer of this year is by Maybelline from the Fit Me collection (I have one in the color 15). Mine is almost over now and it looks pretty gross but it still does the job right and I really like it!
The moisturizer I've only recently discovered is one by L'Oréal called Skin Perfection. I love that my skin is very smooth when I'm using it and it smells great as well!
My probably all time favorite mascara is Maybelline One By One. I don't really see people using it that much, The Rocket or Colossal are much more popular, but I personally haven't found a better one for me. I love how it makes my eyelashes look, it separates and lengthens them better than others.

2014 will not come into the history as the year when I watched a lot of movies (what a good award for a year). I don't know why and I don't know how but movies haven't been a big part of this year. And it's a shame because I do love a good movie very very much, but I feel like this year it was more about TV shows rather than movies. Although, I still have watched several movies and the ones that stood out the most are these 7.
The Way Way Back is a very nice and beautiful movie with a great cast, great dialogs and it was one of those movies where you feel very nice watching it.
Stuck in love is an amazing movie and it doesn't really matter that it's really not from 2014. I loved the idea of family of writers, I loved the dialogs because they are among writers and they are bound to be interesting, I loved the cast as well. 
Saving Mr. Banks was such a beautiful movie! I have definitely shed quite a few tears while watching it, there were parts when I just couldn't keep myself. The history is amazing, the cast did the job super well too, it's definitely one of the best this year!
The Fault In Our Stars is the one I'm pretty sure almost everyone has seen and it stood out to me so much, I even have a separate post about it. It is not the best movie ever, I think, but this whole story touched me so much and I spent the half of it sobbing in my seat at the cinema. In my opinion, the book was better but the movie is done great too!

Her was also one of the best movies I've seen this year. The story is absolutely different from everything I've ever seen and this whole idea of being disconnected while always connected really stood out to me, I loved it. I've written more about it here.
The Dallas Buyers Club is not an easy movie to watch, it's very raw and very sad sometimes but it's absolutely amazing. I was never a fan of Matthew McConaughey, but he done an amazing job in this movie, I've definitely changed my mind about him!
The Wolf of Wall Street was the joy to watch mainly because Leo was in it but also because it was filmed so beautifully, I was mesmerized the whole time. Also, it's pretty funny and I'm still not over the fact that Leo didn't get that Oscar.
My favorites of this year are definitely Kings Of Leon and Bastille. I saw both of these bands live (which is still is blowing my mind) and I was listening to them non-stop. These shows were definitely one of the highlights of the year because there are a few things that can beat seeing your favorite band live.
I was also loving Beyoncé and her new album and at the beginning of the year this was the one record I was playing all the time, my parents weren't so happy about hearing it so often.
I'm also LOVING the new album by Ed Sheeran, in my opinion it's much better than his last one and I'm ending the year with the 1989 by Taylor Swift and I had a little ramble about her in my last favorites. 
My favorite shows I just couldn't stop watching this year was Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother (I wasn't really happy about the fact that it ended early this year), Modern Family.
I've also started watching Orange Is The New Black which is so good! And also Gilmore Girls which is an oldie but goodie, I liked it after watching the first 10 minutes of the first episode.
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December 27, 2014


    Christmas is over and we only have several days of this year before we step in into the brand new year. I always try to use these last days of December to reflect on the past year, I spend hours writing about it, I look through the pictures and try to reminisce about the year we are leaving behind. Here are some of my suggestions what you could also do before saying goodbye to this year and move on to the new one with a big smile on your beautiful face. 

  1.  Give back your debts if you have them, it's not a nice feeling to owe money to someone, it's much better to have all of the money to yourself, isn't it?
  2.   Clean your home really well so that you could welcome the new year in a nice and clean home where you feel really good.      
  3. Reflect on the year, what you‘ve achieved, what worked, what didn‘t and what you'd like to do differently in a new year.
  4. Write down some goals for the upcoming year but be really reasonable with them, we all know how these things work (or don't, in truth). I believe that writing them down also helps a lot.
  5. Leave the people and relationships you don‘t need in your life behind, once you realize that there is no space for people who drain you emotionally, you can move on and find some new and inspiring people.
  6. Find one thing which scares you that you definitely want to try for the upcoming year. It can be anything from joining a cooking group, a book club or even starting to work out. 
  7.  Dream bravely, really bravely, imagine there are no limits in the world, let your imagination go freely and just let yourself dream because dreams can really come true if you really believe in them.
  8. Rest as much as you need, recharge your batteries and just spend some quality time with yourself or with friends or family. 
  9.   Make up with people if you have had an argument, you don‘t want to go into the new year with unresolved conflicts.
  10.  Look through the pictures of the last year and remember all of the good things which have happened in this year. It‘s going to be pretty difficult to me because I love taking pictures and now I have very very much of them, so this is going to be pretty interesting.
  11.  Leave all of the things which were wrong behind, leave them all in 2014 and move on to the new year with a peaceful soul and fresh mind.
  12.   Be kind to yourself and give yourself some credit for the things you‘ve achieved this year, because I'm pretty sure you have achieved something really important and it doesn‘t matter what others say. If it‘s important to you and you feel like you moved further and grown that means it‘s already an achievement no matter how big or small that is.
  13.  Move on to the new year with a big smile on your face
  14. While the clock will be striking midnight on the 1st of January, think of something you would really really like to have or find in the new year and believe strongly it will happen. 

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December 24, 2014


Continuing the photo theme from yesterday's post, me and Luna are wishing you a very merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful holiday time, everyone! My presents are all wrapped up with the most beautiful bows on them, I have the comfiest sweater on, weather outside has started to look more like Winter now (at least is not raining) and I'm off to celebrate Christmas.
I wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays, just spend time with your families or friends and enjoy this lovely time as much as you can. During these holidays, watch as much bad TV as you'd like, drink as much hot chocolate as you want without counting the calories, because you can, because it's holiday time and you can let yourself go! 
I hope Santa put you on the "nice" list and your presents will fulfill your dreams and put the biggest smile on your face. 


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December 23, 2014


If I had to sum up Christmas in one word, that would be cozy. To me Christmas means eating loads and loads of food and spending time just relaxing, watching movies, reading, writing or whatever I'd like to do. These are the days in the year to fully enjoy your free time without doing anything serious and forgetting about all of the important stuff that you have to do after Christmas is over. These are the days to enjoy yourself, to stuff your belly with as much chocolate as you possibly can, to wear the comfiest clothes and just recharge your batteries really well. I hope everyone can have this time to relax this Christmas
Some of my essentials are big, comfy Christmas sweater (you should have seen my face when I bought this gorgeous sweater), big cups of hot chocolate, some homemade gingerbread cookies, comfy and fluffy socks and some red lipstick before I get to the food part.

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December 22, 2014


With Christmas only 2 days away, I decided to do a little Christmas tag. It seems to become a little tradition for me, last year I've also done a little tag post with slightly different questions, so today's another round for a tag post! 

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
The ones I watch every year no matter what are Love Actually and The Polar Express, these two mean Christmas to me like nothing else. Last year I have also watched Elf for the first time (yup, for the first time) and I've instantly added it to my collection of favorites. Not that I have only watched Elf last year, I have never actually seen The Grinch, so I have quite a few movies to see, so please, leave your recommendations to me! 
Here's the list of my top 5 favorites I share last year. 

2. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We go to my Grandma's for the Christmas, so we open the presents on the Christmas Eve while we're there, but my family and I, we open the presents back at home, when it's the 26th of December already.
3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
I don't have the exact one, but I remember Christmas a while back when there were a lot of people celebrating them together but over the years my cousins grew up and moved out to different countries, two dear people have passed away and there's a lot less of us celebrating the Christmas together nowadays, so I remember these times with a smile on my face. 
I've also shared one specific memory this Blogmas
4. Favorite festive food?
I'm all about the Christmas desserts like gingerbread cookies (YUM!), the cakes of every kind, I have a big sweet tooth. I also can't imagine my Christmas without the hot mulled wine, hot chocolate and the tangerines. It's not exactly food, but I don't really have a favorite festive food. 
5. Favorite Christmas gift?
I love receiving gifts which are not things but more like experiences to go and do something, this is what makes me the happiest. Whether that's a ticket to the concert, a massage or some kind of activity, I love it! And I also love receiving books! 
6. Favorite Christmas scent?
The way the home smells when we are baking gingerbread cookies and also the smell of tangerines' is the absolute Christmas scent.
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
My family and closest relatives have a tradition to have a little prayer before we eat, then eat loads of food and give gifts to each other after the dinner. 
8. What tops your tree?
Nothing, really, we now have a little house hanging near the top but nothing exactly on the top. 
9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) you always asked for but never received?
I'm pretty sure I kept asking for a dog, I imagined a little puppy sitting underneath the tree with a big red bow on it but it obviously never happened. But now I have a cat who has plans to climb our tree this year, so it's all good!
10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
To me the best part is the couple of days leading up to Christmas. I love the whole month of December but couple of days right before the Christmas are the nicest. Wrapping up the presents, baking the cookies, meeting up with friends for a little drink and just feeling very festive. 

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December 21, 2014


ballet theatre vilnius

I'm still quite unsure how did the time flow by so quickly that Christmas is only several days ahead. It happens every year, I try to savor every day before the Christmas, enjoy this wonderful atmosphere but no matter what I do, time just goes by in a heartbeat and there we are, at the end of December.
 I'm really glad I decided to to Blogmas this year because this was a wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy this season a little bit more even though this only meant writing a blog post every day, this way I just had to have something Christmassy every single day and I have to be honest here, this year was not the year I felt the most festive and jolly. I'm pretty sure the main reason why I didn't feel so festive was because snow was nowhere to be seen and for the majority of my life, snow was always the big part of Christmas and whenever it's not around, the spirit is mostly off, because over here we are used to Christmas being cold and snowy. I'm really interested how do people get into the spirit where snow is never around?
 Or also the fact that I'm still not done with the finals, I have one exam tomorrow and only then I'm going to be able to enjoy the last days before Christmas. I'm not complaining here, not at all, because the time before holidays is always packed with so many things and deadlines, that it's pretty much impossible to avoid a little bit of stress.
Today I got to see the Nutcracker once again and I really fell in love with the ballet once again. This place in the picture is the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater which I love so much. Whenever I get to watch the ballet, I'm transported to another planet and I would stay there for way longer than I can. These costumes, these incredible dance moves and that music is just something completely breathtaking and seeing this wonderful piece of art just before Christmas was a very very lovely thing. Now there are still couple of days left to get myself fully in the spirit and I'm going to buy the rest of presents, wrap everything, spend my evenings with Christmas movies (finally!) with the cup of hot chocolate, play the holiday songs as much as I can and dance to them in my Christmas sweater and there are still some cookies left to bake. And I'm still hoping to see snow on the Christmas day!
I'm really rambling here today but I just felt like I needed to have a little chat today. I'm really hoping everyone is having a great preparation for the holidays!

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December 20, 2014


christmas destinations

Whenever Christmas time rolls around and I see my city becoming all sparkly and ready for Christmas time, I start to imagine how other cities look on the Christmas time, how does it feel to be somewhere in a completely different environment from this here at home. Even though I absolutely love how Vilnius looks at this time of year, I think it would be so nice to spend Christmas time in a completely different location. So here are my top 5 destinations I would adore having a chance to come in the Christmas time. 

1. New York, USA
christmas in new york

All of the pictures are from my Tumblr
I'm just throwing this one at the top of the list, because lately I have been having a very big urge to go and visit New York, this is the feeling I can't fully explain to myself, but something is really attracting me there and I've been dreaming about this city a lot. I imagine that Christmas at the Big Apple is quite the experience because pretty much every place is magical at Christmas but in my head New York is the place to be on Christmas time. I imagine strolling through the snowy Central Park as the sun is setting down, going to see the enormous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center Plaza, going on a window shopping trip... I have probably watcher too many Christmas films which are set in New York to be honest, but I totally think this would be an amazing thing to experience.

2.  Lapland, Finland

christmas in lapland
Can you image a better place to go on Christmas than the homeland of Santa Claus itself? I surely can't, if you ask me. With loads of snow, houses in the middle of the forest with crackling fires, meet and greets with Santa himself, enrolling in the Elf School (!!!) and making gingerbread cookies with the Mrs. Claus is really the picture perfect image!

3. Paris, France

christmas in paris
Sources : 2/ 4

I can only imagine how gorgeous Paris looks at night with all the Christmas lights shining around. You can go watch Christmas lights at Champs - Elysées, go ice skating under the roof of Grand Palais (I'm pretty sure this one would cost a fortune), go for a spin on the famous carousels, wander around Christmas markets and just in general experience this city in the magical Christmas time. 

4. Prague, Czech Republic 

christmas in prague
Prague's Christmas markets are know to be one of the bests in Europe and they really create the festive spirit around the city, there are also a lot of ballet and opera performances which, I believe, should be very very good in Prague and the city is full of Christmas lights. 
I have never been to Prague but this city looks exceptionally beautiful with its architecture, so I can only imagine how beautiful all these Christmas lights look among these ancient buildings. 

5. Chicago, USA
christmas in chicago

T here is one huge Christmas market called Christkindlmarket and is inspired by Nuremberg in Germany, you can also go ice skating in the Lincoln Zoo Park and the Joffrey Ballet has an annual performance of the Nutcracker and I adore The Nutcracker, so this would be a dream!
But honestly, one of the main reasons why I would love to go to Chicago is that my God father lives there and I would do anything to spend Christmas there with him and his family.

Where would You love to go the most in the Christmas time?

December 19, 2014


Our beautiful Christmas tree has finally arrived to our home. This year we put it put pretty late because Christmas is in 5 days (what??)! I really like how it looks this year because all of the baubles are quite old already but all of the other decorations (except the ginger man guys) were the ones that my parents used to put up on their Christmas trees, so they are really special to us. They are really fragile, made out of glass, some of them are a little broken but we still keep them in the big box which we took home with us after we sold my Grandma's apartment. I also added bows just like last year because it wouldn't really be my tree without bows, I put bows on, ahem, everything. But I think they really add a very nice touch to the tree!
I love how the tree looks at night and when I lay in my bed, I can see it shining and it's really the nicest way to fall asleep. 
Last year Luna was very young, so she didn't find the tree an exciting thing but this year as she is much more grown up, she keeps on jumping to reach the baubles and tries to play with them. I really hope she won't figure out a way to climb this tree up! 

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December 18, 2014


Holidays are all about putting up your Christmas trees, baking the best cookies which make your home smell incredible, chilling on the sofa with your favorite movie and stuffing your belly with loads of amazing food. But it's not only about that. Holidays are the best time not only to be all happy and cheerful yourself but also spreading the joy all around you. Even if it sounds a bit cliché, I really like to give presents much more than to receive them. I love a good present, don't get me wrong, who doesn't after all, but seeing someone really happy while holding the gift you planned out so well, is an amazing feeling, isn't it? I think that during the holidays we can all be just a little bit nice to everyone around us, it will make the world a much nicer place for all of us. 

Give books to Children's Home or your local libraries
 ♥ Give the clothes you don't wear to those who really need it 
Donate some food to the food banks in your area 
If you can, save a cat or dog from the shelter 
Give some money to the homeless person in the street 
Smile to a stranger on the street
Give your seat on the bus to the elderly 
Say "Hello" and "Thank You" everywhere you go 
Donate some money to the charity of your choice 
Write thank you notes to the people around you 
Visit all of your older relatives and talk to them while you still can 
Bake cupcakes or a pie and bring to your work or school 
Surprise a loved one with an unexpected gift
  Hug more often 
Donate blood 
 Send letters (read, handwritten ones) to your friends and family 
Hold the door for someone 
Wish people happy holidays, especially on the Christmas Eve if you are in the shop or gas station or wherever where people are working and can't be with their families
Say compliments to people around you
Be nice to those around you

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December 17, 2014


 For every nail art addict as I am, Christmas is the perfect time, because you can have so many option at Christmas time and they are seriously the cutest. There are so many tutorials on the Internet, but this time I've decided to go with pretty easy ones as I'm not really the expert and my hands are a little bit shakier than I would love them to be, so these two are really easy to do and they look very lovely. You will definitely get a lot of attention with these nails!

 You don't even need any tools for them, I only used nail polish and bobby pin. 
 Paint all of your nails except the ring finger sparkly and paint the ring finger red.
 Then on the ring finger paint a straight white line. This will be fur of Santa's coat.
 Then on the white line paint the horizontal black line which will be the belt.
 Then dip the bobby pin in the sparkly nail polish and make a square around the black line, it will be the buckle of the belt. And that's it!
 Here's the second one with Santa's hats. Paint all of your nails baby pink. 
 Create this red shape only using your nail polish. It is not difficult, you only have to paint at little bit wider when you go from the top. And then paint the fur on the bottom of the hats with the nail polish and add a bauble on the top with the bobby pin!

December 16, 2014


Hello! I'm having quite a stressful beginning of the week, because it's the last week in Uni before Christmas break, so it's full of essays, exams and presentations, so today is an easy post from me. This is my little Instagram diary from this past month and I enjoy Instagram so so much, you can follow me here if you'd like to!

1// Me and my gorgeous cat were having a little cuddle session and my Mom snapped a very cute picture!
2// A throwback from the Christmas of 2012 when it was truly a white winter wonderland and right now it's raining outside (we are really not used to rain here in the middle of December) and I'm dreaming of white Christmas
3// My new favorite mug + my Christmas nails. Tutorial coming up tomorrow!
4// Perfect chocolate candies for cozy Saturday.
1// I clearly enjoy taking pictures of Luna a lot. But she is the cutest, I can't stop myself!
2// A perfect chocolate for Christmas time.
3// In the beginning of the December this is what I woke up to one day. This is how Christmas is supposed to look and although at the moment the weather is completely different, I'm hoping that snow will soon start to fall.
4// Another throwback (I love a good throwback Thursday) to my birthday trip to Rome with the best cup of cappuccino in the world.
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