January 30, 2014


On Monday night I came back from London and up until now I have been trying to recover. One of the things I enjoy the most is traveling but I absolutely dread the part of coming back home. Don't get me wrong, I really like the city I live in most of the time especially after longest winters, I like my home and mostly I feel really happy about my life here. But when I go to a trip, every place I visit seems to be better than my own. I guess that's the problem most of us have - it always seems better somewhere else because grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? 

What doesn't help is also the fact that there are people I really love who live far far away. The feeling of constantly missing someone is so hard to live with and I think pretty much everyone knows what that means in this global world we all live in. It's absolutely amazing to go on trips to visit someone you love but I'd much rather have the people I love close to me all the time. It doesn't matter where I go, when the day of leaving comes I become so so incredibly nostalgic and it seems impossible to me to go home. I become attached to places and people really easily when I travel and the thing I hate the most in life is goodbyes, oh my, I hate the moment of saying goodbye to someone you really love, look through the window of moving buss and wave while you try to hold back the tears really unsuccessfully. I hate not knowing the next time we get to hug and talk again and it's awful.

I guess life is that way. We meet so many people and some people cross our roads for a brief moment, for couple of days in which we share amazing conversations, create great memories and then we separate and our journeys together end possibly forever. Or maybe not, you never know what life holds in the future. But that's an awful moment when you realize that  you got to know the person you've met couple of days ago so well that it's painful to leave.

Every time when I get back home from somewhere there is a feeling that I want to change my life so much, it's pretty much the same once the new year comes. After a while this feeling disappears without anything really happening and we continue on living with our normal lives. The weird thing is that I don't even like London as a city that much, this time it's more about the people. I mean, even people you meet in streets seem to be much more interesting there than they are here. 
After coming back home I always feel trapped in here, my home always seem so small and this place I'm supposed to live doesn't seem to be anything I'd like to live in. After a while, this feeling goes away, I adjust to life here and don't want to leave anywhere else. But now I realize that this world is so big, there are so many people to meet and more and more I travel, the more I get the feeling that one day I will probably pack my bags and leave for a longer time than I have ever did. Even though before any trip I always want to stay at home where I know everything and everything is so familiar and calm, I realize that I have to see more of the world and one week spent in a different place is completely not enough to me. 

January 23, 2014


I've always had a close relationship with books. I mean, since I was a little child, I used to spend the majority of my time reading something. I used to read books really quickly and come back to my parents and ask them to buy me new books because I don't have anything to read. Back then I didn't have Internet, I didn't have computer at all and I had plenty of time for books. I'd choose a book over any other thing as a present and to this very day I consider a book as one of the best presents ever. You could probably call me a book worm and I wouldn't mind that at all. 
However, as the time went on, I had more and more things to do in high school, then University and with all that came many many obligatory books which aren't that interesting, so my book collection kept growing and growing without me having any time to pick them up. Which is so sad and I miss being able to spend so much time reading books when I was younger. 
Now it's all different not only because I don't have as much free time but because of the fact that Internet exists and even though I seriously love Internet, I sometimes regret spending so much time here while I could actually spend my free time reading a book. But once You enter the world online, it's really difficult to escape it, isn't it? I spend so much time reading blogs or many articles online and I really enjoy doing that because it still amazes me that You can find anything and reach everywhere with a click of a mouse.
But this year I have this one goal - I want to read more, I miss it incredibly. The feeling of opening a book and going through the pages is irreplaceable by any kind of technology. By the way, I find it impossible to read books on computer, it just doesn't feel natural to me. So from the very first days of January I picked up the book I wanted to read for a while - Harry Potter. I've read all the books and saw all the movies once but I feel like I forgot so many things and so much time have passed that it's time for me to get back to that world once again. Also, I think that because I chose Harry Potter, it's going to be much easier to keep my goal because it's impossible to stop reading it!

January 14, 2014


 Today I'd like to share my newest discovery. I sadly don't have the best skin and I have to put a lot of effort for it to look the best possible. Lately I've been having many breakouts and my skin hasn't been so sensitive since the good (not really) old early teenage days. So when I heard about this face mask from Lush, I knew I had to get it. It was the last one in the shop, so I knew it's a sign for me.

On the label it says that it helps absorb excess oil and calm breakouts. Exactly what I need! It's all natural so you have to keep it fresh in the fridge and should use it all up in a month. 

I actually really loved this mask. Since I've always had oily skin, I thought this would be a good choice for me. At first I really liked the smell which is literally like chocolate with a hint of mint in it. It also has fresh mint in it and it feels cooling once you put that on your face which I really like. It feels quite odd when you put it on but after you rinse it off with water, face feels a lot smoother and I'd say it really helped with my breakouts. It didn't remove them fully but it helped with them for sure. I would definitely buy it again!

January 12, 2014


 Well, quite uneventful week here on the blog I can say. Exams are not the best time, I'm sure everyone would agree. However, I have some things I'm grateful for, so it's always nice! :)

My Luna. She spent most of the Christmas sleeping like in this picture and that's how she spends most of the time. I love this cat so so much. Now I have to spend a lot more time studying at home but that is not so bad when I get to spend so much time with this cutie. 

This week I passed two more exams and there's only 2 more left! 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S That's probably quite a weird thing to be grateful for but I love this show so much.  Whenever I'm having a bad day, or I'm stressed out or I just want 20 minutes of laughter, I always know where to turn to. 

I got to spend quite a lot of time this week with my wonderful friend and that is so awesome because I miss that girl so much all the time.

January 6, 2014


 Found somewhere on the Web.

The holiday season is (sadly) over. I still can't fully comprehend the fact that Christmas is over and New Year has officially begun even though I don't listen to Christmas music and Christmas decorations don't seem to be really fitting into my room anymore.
 January is always a little blue without the festivity of December and I have the rest of my exams on January and this month is mostly just blah. Only the idea of fresh start once January comes seems really nice. I know the first day of a year is only a day but it feels nice to know that we have one more chance to create an awesome year and reach our goals. Even if it's only in our heads but it for sure feels comforting to think about a brand new beginning.

This time I don't really have this list of gratitude and I skipped one week but the biggest highlight of the last week was the New Year's party. It was the first time I've welcomed new year like this and several times I had to repeat "just my luck" when things didn't go so well with fireworks and when I lost my phone. But after all this was an awesome night with many new faces, loud music, many hours spent on the dance floor and many smiles!

January 3, 2014


Happy New Year Everyone! I heard about this awesome idea right before New Year and decided to try it myself. I'm obsessed with writing things down, I have probably 3 boxes full of little notes, quotes, lists, letters and I'm very sentimental and I always keep tickets from cool places or write down quotes I like. So that's a perfect idea to me - keeping this little jar full of memories written down which you keep for the whole year and are supposed to open it before the next year comes. 
It's so nice because sometimes in a year we forget awesome things which have happened and it's nice to be reminded at the end of the year how lucky you've been through entire year. That would also help to focus more on good things instead of bad ones and I'll definitely keep this jar through the entire year! :)

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