April 30, 2014


Can someone please explain me where another month has gone? It feels like this year is completely flying by and it's really hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of May, that Spring is coming to an end and that Summer is quickly approaching! However, April was pretty much a good month, it has it's ups and downs just like any other moth but all in all I really liked it. First of all, it was unusually warm and sunny and it just made me smile so much more. I would like to share some of my favorite things which I've loved through this whole month.

/Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Shiny Lipgloss in color Be Famous. / I bought it really spontaneously but I really really like it! I love the color, it's perfect for Spring and I like that it's very shiny just like the name says. 

/Barry M Silk collection nail polish in color Mist/ I expected it to be different texture because of the name silk, I though it's silky and shiny but it has a matte finish and I like it even more because of it. Color is gorgeous, it's really light blue and blue is probably my favorite nail polish color at the moment. 
/ Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé/ I've had it for a while but I only started using it recently and it's so good! I won't even talk about the smell which is perfect (I adore raspberries) but the texture is so smooth and soft, it really reminds me of butter. I love how my lips feel after putting it on, it's one the best lip balms ever I think.
/NYX Mosaic Powder Blush/ My Mom bought this one for herself but I liked it so much that we now have to share it. I don't know a lot about blushes or highlighters but I like this one a lot. It's such a pretty color and it makes skin look super pretty and I don't look that pale as always. 

I haven't been watching many movies lately, I just somehow stopped watching them even though watching movies laying in my bed or sitting at the cinema is one of my all time favorite activities. However, the one movie that stood out between all of the several ones that I saw, was Her. I wrote about it more here but I still think about this movie sometimes, it's just really good. I also really liked The Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey was incredible in it. I'm not that mad anymore that Leo didn't win an Oscar after watching it.

I've been listening to Ed Sheeran A LOT. He seems like a super nice guy and his music is amazing. My favorite song is probably Lego House
I also fell back in love with High Highs which I have forgotten for some really stupid reason. There was a time a long time ago when I adored their song Flowers Bloom and it's still one of my favorites but over the years I forgot about it a little bit but as it turns out, they have released an album which is absolutely great. Now I can't even pick my favorite song, the whole album is amazing, it's so chilled out and calm. 

Glee. I've never been the biggest fan of this show but lately I've been having marathons of it and it's been really nice. I cry pretty much in every episode because it doesn't take a lot to make me cry and Glee is exactly the kind of show that just gets me crying so easily. I'm watching the 5th season and I'm really enjoying it!

It's super random. Instagram. I'm very late to this game but this month I finally got my own Instagram! I'm really enjoying it because capturing little moments in every day is exactly the thing I like to do, so this is my kind of app. You can follow me @migleprismontaite if you'd like to!

I don't usually go to night clubs but for a while I just felt the need to dance to the loudest music in a club so much, I just needed to go. Me and my friend went there one night and it ended up being one of the nicest days in April. Also, I went on my first run ever. I used to hate running and I used to feel terrible after it but couple of days ago I ran more than 6 km and I'm really proud of myself. I am also still able walk after doing that, so that's even better!

April 28, 2014


 ♥ I've got really excited over this mug and now it's my new favorite one! It's totally normal to get excited over a mug, isn't it? Also I love my braided accent nails. 
 ♥ This is why Spring is the best. I love seeing trees bloom and I guess this tree is full of the prettiest blossoms at the moment because this picture was taken on Saturday. 
 ♥ I've never been a morning person and I used to dislike Sundays quite a lot but lately many things have been changing for me and mornings with breakfast like that are the best ones. Oh, and I also really enjoy Sundays now!

 I really liked this little dinner we've had last Saturday with meal cooked outside on the grill. 
This is the newest addition to the walls in our home. These are the pictures I've taken last Spring (you can see them here ) and we finally got around to hanging them up on the wall. Now we will always have this reminder of Spring at home which is great. 

April 25, 2014


 Today I tried a new recipe I've found and I absolutely love the result! Whenever I see coconut mentioned somewhere, I know this is going to be good. I just really like coconuts so cupcakes with coconuts is exactly what I like. For some people these cupcakes might be a little bit too sweet but for my taste they are perfect, I think they taste like heaven.

Here's what you'll need :
200 g. of sweet condensed milk
130 g. of butter
3 eggs
200 g. of sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder
200 g. of flour

For the filling :
200 g. of sweet condensed milk
50 g. of  coconut powder

✿  Here's what you'll need to do :
Mix flour and baking powder in a bowl
Melt the butter and then mix it with sugar
Crack eggs into the mixture and mix it all together
Pour the condensed milk into the mixture
Pour the flour mixture into that bowl and mix all of it really well (it should look something like this in the picture below)
Pour the mixture into the cupcake forms and let it bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes in 180 degrees (Celsius)

 While cupcakes are baking, you can prepare the filling. It's really easy, you only have to mix coconut powder together with condensed milk. It looks like this. 
After you've taken your cupcakes from the oven, make cuts with the knife on the cupcake and then fill it with filling. Or you can spread it on top of the cupcakes, it's easier and tastes just as good. 

April 24, 2014


Easter was almost a week ago and I'm posting these pictures only now. For some reason I've been all over the place and these holidays I've just weren't spent chilling but only created more mess in my life (head).
Easter was never my favorite holiday but as I'm growing up, I've started to enjoy this celebration a little bit more. This whole pastel theme that Easter definitely has, is appealing to me so much because I'm all for pastels now and I could be one big walking marshmallow if I wore pastels head to toe like I would love to. Also, Easter is a true sign of Spring and this year Easter days were truly warm and sunny and it was the true Spring all around. I remember last year Easter was snowy and I just don't even want to remember this cold, thankfully this year flowers are already blooming all around. So of course this year I've spent the entire weekend without a coat on and it felt amazing. My family, my Grandmother and my Godmother's family even got to eat dinner outside with the sunrise behind us. We were actually forced to do this because electricity went off in the whole street but I think everyone really enjoyed this time spent outside. Family holidays are always combined with family drama in this family and we didn't manage to escape it this year as well but this sunny weather really made everything much better!

April 21, 2014


Hey. I'm writing to you from the future which is only 2 years away, but you know, some crazy things have happened in these years. Now you are in a senior year of high school. So first, don't worry too much about your exams in high school, they aren't as difficult as they seem to be, you will really get these grades which you've written on a little paper the day you started your senior year.You will also fall in love this year and because of that it won't be as difficult to leave high school behind as you've expected. Your prom will be beautiful, the day will be sunny and you will dance until the sun comes up and this will be the most beautiful memory from your 12 years of high school and this will be the most beautiful goodbye you could have dreamed of.
The Summer after it will be a really fantastic one and there will be moments where you will have to pinch yourself so that you believe this is really your life. Treasure these moments, you will need them in the future as a proof that good things happen in life. You will finally see Paris after waiting for more than a decade to do so and you will love it, this will be the greatest trip and you will experience many amazing memories with your best friend. Hint - Montmartre, wine, sunset and the longest conversations.
You will get into University and there will be some happy times celebrating the thought about starting a new chapter of your life. You will start University and you will quickly understand that you've made a really bad choice. Throughout the whole freshman year you will cry at night many many times, you will be really miserable there, you will be trying to find your place and won't succeed, you will be stuck in life.
At the time when the next Summer will come, remember that whatever happens, you can't give up. You will quit university and won't really know where exactly your life will go after it, the love will fade away and you will be heartbroken for a while, (remember, you still can't give up), there will be many visits to the doctors offices and many days spent in pain but you will eventually be okay. There will be times when you will be really lonely, when Summer nights won‘t seem that enjoyable because this will be the time of the day when everyone is sleeping and you are wide awake with many thoughts in your head. You will have to build your life back up again after you‘ve watched it fall apart right in front of your eyes, you will have to fall back in love with yourself. Don‘t worry, eventually you will, it will all be easier.
 You will see who your true friends are and you will thank them every day for helping you, you will see how important your family is to you, and after all you will have a great Summer.
You will get into university again and this time you will really start your life anew. There will be some wonderful moments in that year and you will see that you have finally found your place in life. You will have an amazing and incredibly precious cat which will show you how much love is inside of you and she will make you happier every single day.
Some people will leave your life, some will come back after a couple of years, some won't be back ever again, someone is smiling at you from Heaven. You will have many breakdowns, but you will finally find your inner strength which is bigger than you think, you will see how much you will grow in these years and you will become much wiser. After all of it, you will become so much happier and you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will start to cherish your life much more and you will see that dreams do actually come true. Whatever happens, don't give up because bad times don't last forever, there is always a silver lining, just learn to notice it.

April 19, 2014


L'Oréal Paris Color Riche (Color : Grace Tweed) / Barry M Gelly Nail Pain (Color : Blueberry) 

The other day I found this amazing L'Oréal nail polish, it has this really cool effect that looks like feathers (on the bottle it's called the tweed effect) and I just love it how it looks. Of course I bought it because I have a little addiction to nail polishes and whenever I find an unusual one, I just have to have it.
I thought it was a bit too sheer to wear on its own so I paired it with one of my favorites Barry M. I just love the result, blue is probably my favorite nail polish at the moment. Not really a moment, it's been my favorite for a while, I have quite a lot of blue nail polishes ( 10 to be exact. Yes, I counted) and I always try to find new ones because I just love blue nail polish on my nails!
It was as difficult to take off as I've expected but I think it's all worth it, my nails looked too good not to put this polish on!

April 16, 2014


Yesterday I finally went to cinema to see Her. I've heard so many wonderful things about this movie, it just had to be good. And it was amazing! I like pretty much every movie I see in cinemas but not that many of them give me so much to think about. This one was definitely the one that left me deep in my thoughts once it was over.
This is such a strange story which when you think really well isn't that strange in this world where we all are surrounded by technologies which are evolving so so quickly every day. Maybe this story isn't so unreal after all. All these kinds of technologies are supposed to make us feel connected at all times but it happens that we all are much more lonely this way, real human connections start to disappear. So this Operating System is a perfect solution for lonely people here on Earth. It's a superficial person which becomes your best friend which understands you all the time, which knows what you want, how are you feeling and you don't feel lonely anymore. It's like you always have a friend when you need one, there is always someone to talk to you, even in the middle of the night. You aren't lonely anymore, except.. you actually are because it's still a superficial thing, it's not a real person after all. Everyone loves technology but I never imagined we could be in love with them.
 I mean, this movie is spectacular, weird, awkward and brilliant at the same time. I just can't stop thinking about it since I've left the cinema, you have to see it!

"I think anybody who falls in love is a freak. It's a crazy thing to do. It's kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity."

April 14, 2014


 I've been lucky enough to visit many cities in Europe but the one trip which always stands out to me in all of my memories is this trip to Barcelona. For some reason I have always been fascinated by Spain, France and Italy and the chance to visit these countries is always making me jump out of excitement.
 I remember this trip happened really unexpectedly, me and my family had probably a day to plan everything and it truly was spontaneous. I loved it as the most important thing to me was finally visiting Spain, everything else didn't matter that much. I remember stepping out of the airport and thinking to myself "Man, I'm finally in Spain!''.
 I remember that week we spent in Barcelona almost three Summers ago quite often and it always puts a smile on my face. When I finally saw the amazing Sagrada Familia or Park Güell, I was completely blown away by the beauty I saw in front of me, I remember how much bigger the Basilica was than I was expecting it to be, I remember the sounds and the warm wind as we were walking down one of the longest streets for pedestrians in Europe La Rambla, I remember the night in the center of that street when I was sitting in our balcony on a very warm Summer night and I remember how happy I felt there at that time and I wished I could have stopped the time for a little bit longer.

April 11, 2014


/ When I started these posts of gratitude, I intended to do them every other Sunday but I haven't done one in a while and today is definitely not Sunday but I can break my own rules here, can't I? :) /

These incredibly pretty flowers are always the true sign of Spring here where I live and it's so wonderful to see violet spots on the ground while driving past the forest.
I love when things which are so easy to make are so tasty.

 This is one of the prettiest pictures I've taken of my cat so far. I was trying to take a picture of the flowers and she was really interested in them. Spring is for everyone I guess :)
 This hairstyle is called a Mermaid braid and I love it so much! I don't know if these pictures show how pretty it actually is, it's awesome.

 That was a perfect breakfast. I used to really dislike eating breakfast but lately I like it more and more.

April 7, 2014


This Saturday I finally started doing the last Spring project for my room. I'm always like this - I find an idea, I get really excited and then  forget I about them really often. It sucks quite a lot but this time I decided to finally find something to fill up me empty wall (Fun fact - I really don't like empty walls in my room. One wall and the half is full of the pictures, the second one has poster and a painting on it and the third one has a window. There's only one wall that has only clock on it).
I probably saw this idea on Pinterest and I really liked it. There was only a little problem finding a tissue paper but after many pages visited on Google I found out that Ikea actually sells it. I of course got to get it but then it was just laying in my room for couple of weeks. The problem is that I'm really lacking determination sometimes.But despite that, this weekend I finally got my hands on it and started crafting a bit and really enjoyed it. I'm really pleased with the result, I like how it fits into the theme of my room. Not that my room has a certain theme, it just fits there, you know? My Mom actually doesn't like this garland and she doesn't understand its purpose because it doesn't really seem like an accessory to her but I really like it! It's so fun and I love the fact that I did it all myself.

If you'd like to see them, my other two Spring DIY posts are here Part 1 / Part 2 .

 Fold the paper and make sure that these sides where arrows are pointing aren't separate, that you can't unfold them. Only the left side and the bottom of the paper should be separate sides.
 This step isn't really necessary but I can't cut the straight line so using a ruler is a must for me, if your hands aren't sharing, you can skip this one. 
 There should be a couple of centimeters left at the top of the page when you cut these lines.
 After you've cut all of the lines, unfold the paper, cut the right side where it is connected (there should be only the top of the paper still connected) and start twisting the paper.
 When you've twisted all the paper, make the twist a bit tighter. 
 That is how the end result should look. 
The last step is putting all the tassels on the rope and twist them a bit stronger once again, they hold on really well. Then secure the garland on the wall and there you have it, a brand new garland!
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