May 29, 2014


Couple of days ago I saw a very exciting email in my inbox! It said to me that there are already 100 of you that decided to follow this little blog which made me really happy. It's not that followers are the most important thing when you have a blog and I try not to look at them too often (which isn't so easy to be honest) but seeing this little number was really rewarding to me. I think every blogger feels this way, you aren't writing only for yourself after all, it's nice when someone is reading what you have to say. It might not seem like a big number to some but to me it really is a lot! Now there are even more than 100 of you and I hope this number will keep on growing : )
So I just want to thank everyone of you that have decided to click the follow button and to everyone who comments or just reads, this really makes me very happy!

May 27, 2014


   Long time no see with this tag on my blog. I haven't forgotten to be grateful, I'm still trying every day to write something in my gratitude journal or to put a tiny piece of paper in my gratitude jar. This time there are some random things from my trip to Italy in between my picture filled posts from Italy.

 ♥ Palm trees clear skies and Italian warmth. I swear, the hotness in Italy is different than here at home, last couple of days have been so hot, it's nearly impossible to do anything so I would love to come back to Italy and lay by that huge pool.
 ♥ I loved laying by the pool. I don't like sunbathing because I'm extremely pale, so the umbrellas helped me a lot but I loved laying there, reading a book and just chilling for hours.

 Me loving life in Italy. Happy, cheerful and enjoying the warmest Spring!
 ♥ One of the best things about going to a foreign country is seeing the mountains. Lithuania is a very beautiful country, so mountains are probably the one thing it is really lacking. This is a random place in the middle of Austria, it was so breathtaking, the mountains were so huge and so close to use, it was seriously amazing!

Spring in Italy is just as pretty as in my country and it also has even more amazing flowers than we have here. Magnolias were in full bloom and aren't they gorgeous? These blooms were huge, they smelled amazing and they were just incredibly pretty to look at. 

May 23, 2014


 This wasn't really the first day of our trip but on the first one we got to Italy quite late in the day and the rest of the day was spent exploring the surroundings (which were g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.) and drinking pretty cheap but great Italian wine.
This day was really rainy at the beginning and it reminded so much of the rainy Lithuanian weather (which isn't a good thing) but in the afternoon sun started shining again and we got into the car quickly and went to see the first city on our list. Apparently the city I really wanted to visit was only 10 km away from the place we were staying at and that was amazing. I instantly fell in love with this small and cozy city near the mountains. It's so lovely and we enjoyed walking these streets so much. This city was also the first place we bought the first of many gelato there and in my opinion it was the best one of all, maybe only because it was the first one. I of course bought the coconut flavor one and enjoyed every bite of it. We all enjoyed this lovely city so much and I would definitely love to get back there someday!

May 21, 2014


Couple of days ago I got back home from the wonderful Italy. There was a great chance that I wasn't be able to go on this trip and from the moment I knew this chance was gone until the moment we left our home in the early morning, I couldn't believe this was really happening. See, I really love traveling all the time and no matter where I go but there are three countries that always give me chills whenever I think about them or the times I've been there - they are Spain, France and Italy. I don't really know what makes it like that, I just love the atmosphere in these countries more than anywhere else and I am the person who loves pretty much every country wherever I travel to, so that really says something.
 So finally going back to Italy after 7 years was a complete dream come true. We stayed in an amazing camping called Bella Italia in absolutely gorgeous place near the lake Garda which is the biggest one in Italy. This was a true paradise to be in and we also got to visit some amazing cities that I've dreamed a lot about like Milan, Verona, Sirmione or Venice once again.
I love Italian people who are so nice and welcoming, I love Italian food so much (I am a very picky eater but Italian food is the perfect one for my taste), I love the weather, the language (one more goal to me is to learn Italian some time in my life), the architecture and the list goes on and on. It was a perfect holidays for me and I had the best time being there. We drove 4700 km, through 5 countries and spent amazing 10 days. 
Now I'm back home and I have a ton of work for Uni and my exams are approaching a bit too quickly so many pictures from Italy will be showing up here on the blog for couple of weeks. Hope there are many Italian lovers who will enjoy this because I have many pictures prepared!

May 18, 2014


 I am and have always been a person who likes to write everything down, whether it's a quote, a thought, a list or anything else. This is why I'm always writing something on my phone, on my laptop or one of the many notebooks I own, I really like to document the things happening in my life. To be honest, it's one of the reasons I have created a blog. I own way too many notebooks - one is my journal, the other one is my gratitude journal, my everyday notebook, my quotes notebook and the list goes on.
 However, when I stumbled upon this amazing notebook which is much more than just a notebook, I knew I had to have it.It's a journal which you are supposed to write every day for 5 years. Every day has a specific question and you respond to the same question every year on the same day. I just love the idea, it's an amazing way to document your evolution and see how much you change every year. I know I'm very late to start this as this is already the 5th month of the year but now I get to fill up more than one page every day which is even better. I wasn't able to find it anywhere in my country so I had to ask my cousin's help and now I finally have it in my hands. I really am very excited about this, probably a little bit too much but this is exactly my kind of notebook and I'm sure this will become my new everyday ritual.

May 15, 2014


 I've confessed my love for Barry M nail polishes many times already but once again I would love to show my collection of all the polishes I own. I would love this collection to be much bigger, however we can't get this brand in Lithuania which is a very sad thing to me, so my collection can't really grow that much.
From left to right : Barry M Gelly in color Blueberry/ Barry M in color Peach Melba, Barry M Silk Collection in color Mist, Barry M Gelly in color Passion Fruit.
I love all these colors and I really wish someday we will be able to find them here in this country because these nail polishes are seriously amazing, the color selection is the best!

May 13, 2014


A completely unrelated picture but I just love blossoms so much and they are not around anymore so this is a very nice reminder of them.

By the time you read this, I'm already in Italy so today I would like to share some of the web links I've really enjoyed recently.

+ I've always loved airports and have been really fascinated by them. Seeing them from the sky is amazing and I didn't think they could look so pretty.

+ Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses and I have a serious girl crush on her, she is so cool and seems so nice at the same time. This epic lip sync battle made me love her even more.

+ For all the Friends fans out there! My result was really good, I am a true fan.

+ I loved this list about some facts of life, so true and so good.

+ Oh, Lana, you are just simply amazing.

May 9, 2014


 I'm leaving for Italy really soon so this is the perfect time to share my packing tips with you all. I have a couple of them here and I've used all of them and I know they work really well!
 First of all I always make a list of all the things I want to take with me, I always try to be very specific (more specific than it this list) so that I wouldn't forget anything. I write everything down, clothes, shoes, makeup, random things, technology.

 There is a tip I've learned recently and it really does save some space and it's really good if you hate folding clothes. I don't use it all the time because folding clothes is kinda fun to me, but it's quite cool.
First you have to fold your item in half, then roll it and after you've done this with all the clothes, just put them in your suitcase.

 Take little wallets you have and use them to put your earrings, rings, hair accessories so that all these small items wouldn't get lost among all your clothes in the suitcase.

 If you take a smaller bag with yourself, you can use it to put all the accessories. It will take space anyway so you should fill it with things. You can put bracelets, necklaces, hair pins and that little wallet with your earrings.

 That is a very cool tip! Take straws and put the necklaces on them, this way they won't tangle in you suitcase and it will save you some stress. If your necklace isn't that long, you can always cut the straw in half.

Put the tape on the lids of all the things that might spill. For some reason, things decide to spill quite often so this is a really good tip in my opinion. This way the lids won't be able to open and create a big mess in your suitcase.

If you are going on a trip sometime soon, hope these tips will help you! I'm going to bring many pictures from Italy and if you'd like, you can follow me on Instagram for quicker updates from there.

May 8, 2014


Lately I've been super crazy busy, I honestly don't remember the time I was so busy doing so many things at on time. This whole week was a real chaos and blur and I didn't really have time to do anything enjoyable. I have all these essays, one million and more errands to run and this is a bit crazy. However, I'm leaving to Italy in couple of days which is amazing and really rewarding after all this work. I'm going to the place I've dreamed about for so long and this is amazing. We are going to have a proper road trip and will spend many hours in a car so I'm going to take many things to make this long journey a bit more enjoyable until we get to the Italy. I've made a list of all the things I'm planning on taking with me and I though this was a good time to share them here. 

1.My bag which is going to be full of things and probably really heavy.
2. Scarf. I get cold really easily so this will be really useful to me. We are also leaving early in the morning so I will probably sleep in the car, so this is going to serve me as a blanket.
3. My journal. When I'm travelling, I always become really inspired and I like to write even more than usual.
4.My phone and earphones. Listening to music is essential at all times.
5.My little bag so that I wouldn't have to carry the big one everywhere.
6.My little camera which I'm going to use only for filming. My big camera was doing her work in this picture but of course I will take it with me as well.
7.Q & A journal. This is my new favorite thing. I'm going to write more about soon in the other post. I probably take a bit too many notebooks with me but what can I say, I just really like to write.
8. I always read when I'm on the road and this time I decided to pick up the biography of Richard Branson, hope it's going to be interesting!
9.Hand cream.
10. Dry shampoo by Batiste. I bought it only couple of days ago but heard so many good things about it, it just has to be good!
11. My gratitude journal.
12. Nivea lip butter.

May 5, 2014


 We celebrated Mother's day here in Lithuania last Sunday and thankfully it was a very nice and sunny day. Every year I buy my Mom some pretty flowers and bake a cake but this year I wanted to do something different for her, something I knew she'd enjoy. After I brought her some colorful flowers on the early morning, I took her for Sunday breakfast (or more like brunch, it was a midday already) at a very lovely place. I love going to this place, it's located on a very nice street in the city center, food is amazing, coffee mugs are huge and it has a French atmosphere all about it which is, of course, very nice. The name says it all - Café Montmartre. And they have waffles, you just can't ask for anything more.
  My Mom enjoyed it just as much as I hoped she would, we ate some great desserts (My Mom had chocolate pancakes and I, of course, had waffles) and we had a very nice Mother daughter time. I always like to give presents which are more like experiences rather than actual things, I think it's much more nice to have memories to keep for yourself forever. It was a great start to the day and I loved seeing my Mom enjoying this little brunch as much as I've expected her to.

May 1, 2014


I don't have any doubt anymore that Spring is my favorite season, I don't think it can even get more beautiful than this. I love Spring for many reasons but flowers blooming all around is at the top of my list. I love these couple of weeks when every week different trees are blossoming, when I can see different flowers day after day. And also, the weather. That sunny, windy yet warm weather when everything smells so nice and we can finally open our windows to let some fresh in our homes and sometimes we can leave our windows open for the night and it's not that cold, it's just fresh. I love that it's so much green color around and for me this color is different shade of green than it is in the Summertime, it's much brighter, much more fresh. Spring is colorful, it's fresh, it's warm, it's inspirational and it's amazing. I would love to stop time at this moment in the year so that this perfect Spring could last much longer.
Today I spent a really relaxed and fun day outside with my friend in a very lovely botanical garden. We took way too many pictures of all the beauty around, spent a little bit time studying and had a little picnic by the tiny lake, it was very lovely to spend so much time outside in such an amazing atmosphere.

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