June 26, 2014


Yesterday was one of those marvelous days when you see your dreams coming true. It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? It's really nearly impossible to imagine something better than this, than the moment when you get to experience something you've dreamed for so long of. I love feeling so content that you walk with the biggest grin on your face, you come back home and just can't fall asleep because you are this happy. Yesterday I've got to live an amazing experience seeing my favorite band live and I can't tell you, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The first time I've heard Kings Of Leon I was, I think, 14 or 15 years old. I remember liking that song (which probably was Use Somebody or Sex on Fire) so much, that I just had to know more about them. I've just fallen in love with them more and more with each song I've listened to and this is probably the one band which stuck with me through the years when my music taste was changing very often.
I love many bands or singers, but the fact that KOL stayed with me for years, is even more special. In fact, some of my fondest memories happened while their songs were playing and their songs always give the warmest feelings. The thing is since I'm living in Lithuania and someone really big coming to play to our country or at least one near us, is a big deal as it doesn't happen too often.
So every time I thought to myself that I would absolutely love to hear this magical sound live and being able to hear his sexy voice, the thought of this staying just a dream followed immediately. I can't really explain why because I actually saw Lana Del Rey and Depeche Mode which I love dearly but with KOL this always seemed impossible. This is why last night was even more special, so many more times special. It was impossible to contain our excitement when we saw them come up on that huge stage and when we heard the first sounds of the guitars and then his voice echoed through the stadium, aaaah, I just got chills even writing this. It's just a strange feeling when you are feeling so many emotions that you can barely do a thing. I was so happy, I nearly cried several times but it was too many feelings at once to me that I just kept smiling the biggest smile I can do and my throat was just one big knot the whole time. I still can't fully comprehend that these songs which are now playing in my room (of course) were the ones I've heard live yesterday and I sang my heart out to them. When they played Closer or Pyro, it really felt like the most beautiful dream from which I would never want to wake up. At that time, I loved my life so so much.
We drove to another country, we came back on a very early morning when the sun was already up, I've slept for less than 5 hours and then I went to work feeling slightly lightheaded and yet I still felt very content.
My dream came true. My biggest dream of seeing my favorite band in the whole word live has come true and man, that's an incredibly warm feeling inside knowing this that these memories will stay with me forever.

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June 25, 2014


So, I have now officially ended my freshman year in university... again. You see, I've graduated high school two years ago and I've already been a freshman twice. Most of you probably know my (not very happy) story about how I've changed universities last year, if you don't know what I'm talking about you could read it here.
It was a tough decision to take especially for me who isn't the most courageous person you could meet. I should say now I think I've become a bit more courageous than before but last year this really wasn't the case yet. I decided to leave the place which was making me the most miserable I've ever been in March I think, so I've had quite a bit of time to get used to the idea of my life changing completely once again. When in high school, I was that person who didn't want to graduate at all. I was pretty much the only one who felt this way because everyone was excited when I was just scared of my life changing so much when I was so used to the routine so much. I was scared of change too much I think and now I know why.
That year ended up being the worst year in my life for many reasons and not to complain here too much, but it really was awful from the moment the year started until the moment it ended. So changing my life all over completely wasn't that scary the second time, maybe I just wanted too much to get out of that place, I wasn't scared of anything else. Of course I've had many thoughts about everything, it was a little daunting to start everything from scratch again but oh my, it was so worth it. I haven't regretted my decision once in this whole year and I'm so thankful for this. I know I'm not the only one taking a decision like this in their lives, yet to me it was not easy at all.

People who know me in real life said to me that I seem much better nowadays than I did the year before. And I indeed feel loads better than I did before. To be honest, I hardly remember that I actually was in a very different place in my life exactly one year ago, my mind just blocked all of these memories so much, sometimes I forget that that year really happened.

Now I'm studying in the oldest building of our University which was built in XVI century and which is amazingly beautiful.  This year I've had the luck to meet some amazing people, some great lecturers who really inspired me during the lectures and I just was sitting in awe, I've had the chance to study things like aesthetics or meet lecturers who arrived from France. Most importantly, there wasn't a day that I was genuinely afraid to attend my classes like it was last year and most of the time I have been really enjoying the experience. There were days when I just wasn't feeling it, when it all got rough or I got too tired to do anything, but that's life, isn't it? At least there wasn't a moment of sheer panic through the whole year and to me it's incredibly big achievement.

This year I actually got to experience the feeling of sadness while being in some classes and knowing that they are the last ones. I almost teared up saying goodbye to some of my professors and this kind of feeling was absolutely impossible to imagine last year.
Before starting this school year, I couldn't ever imagine that it would actually feel bittersweet to finish the year and in a way, I'm really glad that I feel this way now. Now I can only hope the next year to be as good as this one, there is nothing more to ask.

June 22, 2014


 ♥ Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely adore berries of all kinds? If I didn't, I LOVE them and even though raspberries are my favorites, this time of year when strawberries are around, is absolutely perfect, I spend way too much money on them but I just can't stop.

I've already put this picture on Instagram  but I would like to mention it once again. I have finally bought this book and even though I haven't read that much, so far it's absolutely amazing!
  I can't imagine a bouquet more beautiful than the one with peonies, I LOVE these flowers so much.

This was definitely the highlight of this week when my and my bestie met for a very lovely afternoon at my home. We had lots of great food, some Italian wine and the best mood. Little hint - we like to sing karaoke a lot and we aren't the most gifted singers, but this never stop us from singing whenever we can!

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June 19, 2014


Here's my first attempt to do a hair tutorial and oh my, it's so much more difficult to do than I expected. I really hope you are able to understand what's going on here, if not, forgive me, I'll try the next time. This is a tutorial for a waterfall braid which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful hairstyles ever as this is a perfect hairstyle for everyday and for special occasions like prom or wedding. I actually wanted this to be my prom hairstyle but sadly my hairstylist at that time didn't really know how to do this and I ended up having something quite different than waterfall braid done to my hair but also very pretty.
 Now, after failing miserably many many times and several ohmygodhowtheydothis,I finally know how to do it myself and it really is not that difficult as it looks, it just takes a bit of practice and then it's pretty easy to do. Just don't give up if you don't succeed the first (or several) time like I did and then I've forgotten about this perfect hairstyle for a while. It's basically just the regular french braid with a little twist, so you should probably learn to french braid before you attempt to do this.

 1. Take a section of your hair at the top and divide in three equal sections.

 2 -3. Braid once as if it was a regular braid. Cross over, then over again and let the third strand down, don't cross this one over. Now you are left with only two strands.
 4. Add another strand from the lower part near the one you've just dropped and braid it over, this creates a new (the third) section.

 5. Add more hair to the section from the top and braid it over. the way you do when you are french braiding.

 6. Take the section that's the most on the right and drop it down. This strand has to be left hanging down like the previous one.

 7. Braid like this until you are satisfied with the result, then take some bobby pins and secure the braid by crossing them over, this way they won't fall down easily. You can always add some hair accessories to make the braid even more beautiful. Good luck!

Have a good day, 
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June 14, 2014


+ I have probably never mentioned it but I love me some beautiful mug. My parents don't really like that our kitchen is full of mugs but I always want to buy more and more. I think it's much tastier to drink from a nice mug, so this set of great mugs has really made me a little bit too happy.

+ I think everyone would be interested to see these amazing pictures. How cool is that picture with the lion??

+ That's a good, very powerful and a very very heartbreaking read for everyone who knows has experienced a break up.

+ I would love to visit some of these places . Especially the 1st, 5th and 10th!

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June 11, 2014


 A month has passed since I was standing on Italian ground and this is my last post about my trip. These are the pictures from the loveliest city we were staying in and I'm going to end this by telling you why this trip has been truly one of the best trips I've ever had in my life so far.

 People in Italy are so so lovely. They are smiling pretty much all the time, they try to help you even if they don't speak English at all but somehow everyone understands everyone.
 Italian is a very beautiful language and due to the fact that I can speak French pretty good, I was able to understand Italian even if I had never studied this language. Now, of course, I'm planning to start learning Italian one day. 
 Italian food is the best kind of food in the world. Italian pizza is one of a kind and I enjoyed every single bite of it!

 Everything on this trip went surprisingly well considering the fact we drove more than 4000 km from our home with our own car. We only had a little accident with the petrol which was quite scary but everything worked out fine in the end.

 I got to eat a lot of Gelato and man, these are good.

 I've got to experience an amazing moment when I was standing on the roof of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan. I was the only one that went up there from the people I was with, so I was alone there and yet I felt so calm, so relaxed and so happy to be up there. I wasn't feeling anxious or anything like that, I just was in that moment with all my heart. That doesn't happen too often but it for sure was amazing.

 I realized once again that I am the happiest version of myself when I travel and that I truly love Italy with all my heart.

Sometimes this whole trip seems like a dream to me, we all came back straight to work or studies and exams so that amazing holiday atmosphere didn't had the chance to stay a bit longer with us. When I look through these pictures, I feel very lucky that I got to see these amazing places and Italy has even more special place in my heart than before.

You can find other posts about Italy here : Milan, Venice, Sirmione and my gratitude post.

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June 10, 2014


 This is going to be a post fully expressing my love for architecture. I love taking pictures of buildings and details of buildings a lot, most of the pictures I take when I'm traveling are of buildings and some people would find this pointless but I just find it fascinating really. Maybe I was supposed to become architect? Let's just forget the fact that I'm absolutely useless at drawing. But really, seeing something as mind blowing as the Duomo in Milan is amazing.
As we were standing there in awe, a guy came up to us and made us take some seeds and pigeons just started flying to us from everywhere. You can see in the picture how impressed (not really) I was. It was really scary, I felt like the woman from the Home Alone in the park, remember her?
After that I climbed on the top of the Cathedral by myself and just kept on walking around there and took around 100 pictures. It was exactly as I've expected, even better actually, the view from up there is amazing and I felt so calm there. If you ever in Milan, the only thing you must do is to climb up there, you won't regret it!
It always is so surreal when you step out of the metro station and there you see a building you've been seeing for your whole life and it's just standing there casually. I've had the same experience when we stepped out of the metro in Barcelona and Sagrada Familia was just standing there.

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June 8, 2014


  Now is finally the long awaited time when peonies are in bloom. To me a flower prettier than this doesn't exist, they are absolutely perfect and smell amazing. That is a very important reason to love the beginning of June!
  I've been trying to drink more water while studying and water infused with fruits is a very good alternative for those who doesn't like plain water. I actually like water in all forms but adding couple of fresh strawberries just made it even better.

  You know that moment when you can't pick the color for your nails? Yes, me too. So when I really wasn't able to choose the blue from my big collection of blue nail polishes (blue nail polishes somehow made it to the top of my collection), I decided to paint my nails ombre style. I really liked the way it looked!
  Ahh, those relaxed Summer mornings with a cup of fresh mint tea.. Is there something better than this?
You know, when you really have to study for exams, procrastination just becomes your best friend. Whenever I need to study, I start cleaning, cooking, writing or anything else. It's a very bad habit but at least now my closet is tiny and clean, so that's a plus, isn't it?:)
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June 6, 2014


 This was my second time visiting Venice and I fell in love with this city even more. It's such an extraordinary city, it actually blows my mind. There are many incredible cities in the world but this one has a special place in my heart and I really wouldn't mind to come back there many times more.

I have a strange habit of thinking whether I could live in the cities I visit or not. I will probably never live in the majority of these cities ( hope at least not all of them) but it just happens to me without thinking too much. If I really like a city, I immediately think "Man, this is a very nice place, I could totally live here someday"
If we talk about Venice, I probably couldn't live there, despite the fact that I really really like this city. Both times I've been there, it was crowded so much that there are places you actually have to stand in the line to move around. I am not the biggest fan of this but at the same time, this city looks somewhat daunting to me even when it's crowded, I imagine the empty Venice is quite a scary Venice. No wonder thriller movies have been filmed there. I can't pinpoint what exactly scares me there but I can totally imagine this city at night, without lights in these tiny streets, without people around and scary creatures coming to life. This is absolutely not true but my imagination is a powerful thing. Maybe that's the water that this city is surrounded by (I'm not a fan of deep waters), maybe the thought that this city is sinking every day, maybe all these masks around which are beautiful yet really frightening, maybe those tiny streets that I wouldn't really like to walk alone but there is definitely something really special about this place in the world.
When you are in the main square which is full of noise, people and is just simply crowded, you would never understand what I mean, only those tiny empty streets near the water could show you the real Venice. This is a very beautiful city and I feel really grateful that I've got to see it twice already and I'm really hoping to spend a night there sometime in my life because I'm pretty sure it would be an amazing experience.
This time it was again a very boiling hot day there, so these tiny streets have helped a lot when we needed to cool down a bit and find some shadow. One thing that is a must in Italy is to get pizza of course and we had the best pizzas in the nicest little restaurant. Can I also talk about the Italian people? They are so beautiful! Men of course are gorgeous but ladies are also so pretty and so stylish, it was really nice to watch them walking around.

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