July 27, 2014


Dear Summer,
you always arrive so unexpectedly and I always catch myself enjoying your company only when it's already the midsummer. I know that you know how much I love Spring and  how I'm always claiming it to be my favorite season but I hope, summer, that you know that I love you just as dearly as I love spring.
Dear Summer, I love your sunsets which are never as pretty as they are when you're around, I love sleepless nights, I love that you let us show our legs to the world and walk barefoot and you make it warm enough for us to walk around. I love, Summer, that you and wind are such great friends and when you're around, wind always blows so nicely and is pretty much always warm. I love, Summer, that you bring us the storms with lightnings and thunder and quick but very strong rains. Dear Summer, I love that when you're around, the road always seems big and promising and there is always something to look forward to. I love your mornings when the entire city is light up by the precious sunlight and there are these moments when it's still fresh to be outside.
Thank you for those blue, red and pink berries you offer us and that you let us enjoy sea, rivers and lakes. I love the sounds of chirping birds and wind blowing in the grass, Summer. I love that we can create memories even on the work days and that there are many experiences coming our ways, especially the kind of unexpected ones which turn out to be the best ones of all. I love having the chance to walk barefoot and show my toenails painted freshly with the nicest blue nail polish. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and love the feeling of putting my feet in the sand or the sea. There also isn't feeling like being in the field and listening to your favorite band with sounds echoing through the forests around.
 Oh and Summer, you know, sitting on a dock with my feet hanging over it and drinking fresh coffee is an absolutely wonderful feeling. Smiles are bigger when you're around, music sounds better and food is tastier.
And there it is that wonderful smell after the quick Summer rain when you just walk down the streets wearing sandals and drowning in the water a bit and without the umbrella because you, of course, left home unprepared for the rain because it was too hot to be outside before you left home. There are also these incredibly hot nights when it's impossible to sleep and you just toss and turn the whole night but I don't mind it, Summer, when those nights are around, I get the chance to spend some time thinking about things more.
You remind me of freedom, of possibilities and of happiness, Summer. I only wish, dear summer, that you could stay around for a bit longer because when I get to enjoy you to the fullest, it's already autumn coming up to take your place.
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July 25, 2014


There are 3 very easy recipes perfect for those hot Summer days.  The best thing about them is that they are oh so easy to make, you don't need any skills at all and that's amazing. You should really try all of them! 
 When I first heard about the frozen grapes and was really skeptical, I really didn't think freezing them would make any difference. But oh boy it did! I don't know what kind of magic happens once you put these grapes in the freezer but they taste amazing. They become like perfect popsicles, they taste just like candy but are way better for you.

 That is a very tasty smoothie which I made when I didn't even have blender at home but it still tasted great and if you have blender, it's even better. It's a very refreshing smoothie!

 This is the recipe I found recently and I really like it. It's not difficult to make and it's very refreshing on a hot summer day (the weather now finally reminds of the real summer, sometimes it's even too hot!). It takes the longest waiting for this goodie to freeze, the rest is very easy.

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July 22, 2014


   My family and I and a bunch of family friends spent an amazing weekend together in a very nice place by the river, we went kayaking, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had enjoying the summer 100 %

  One of the things I enjoy the most about the summertime is that you can sit outside with a cup of coffee and just simply be there in the moment enjoying the sunset or just simply noticing everything around you. When the cup of coffee is accompanied with some amazing blueberries, it's about 10 times better!

  I am slightly fascinated by the empty road, I've been for a very long time, I even have a picture which was taken about 4 years ago where I am laying in the middle of the road. The way I see it, is that it's scary and fascinating at the same time. I am not sure I can fully express it, but the road has to be the road where cars actually drive and not once in a day, there has to be the possibility of the car appearing. The road to me always symbolizes possibilities, maybe that is why I like it so much. So when I got to walk barefoot on the road for a while, I obviously took the chance.

My Mom has been creating a little garden in our balcony and the first little tomato finally became red and she let me be the one tasting the first fruit from the little tree. This was a veeery tasty tomato!

I did a little bit of shopping because when prices are so small in H & M, you can't just walk by. Both the top and pants are flowy and perfect for Summer. I really like all of the purchases. I walk past H & M every day but I don't go there anymore, my bank card is sadly pretty much empty already.

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July 19, 2014


I finally went to see this movie and oh God, it was intense. I don't remember the last time I cried over a movie so much, I spent about 30 minutes crying and after the movie has ended, I just sat there sobbing like a baby. It doesn't take much to make me cry over a movie, but I've never cried that much. Even though I knew how it would end as I've read the book previously, the scene in Amsterdam on the bench completely broke me down and from then on, I just couldn't keep my tears anymore.
I am not one of these people who worship this book, but I really liked it though and was very interested to see the movie but when I sat down in the movie theater, I said to my friends that I don't really want to see this movie because it could be a bit too painful. And I was very right, there were moments in the movie when I just wished it would end before it was too sad to carry on watching. It didn't end, obviously, so I was sitting there drowning in tears.
I still think this isn't a story about cancer, I think it's a love story where cancer gets very involved. Of course this story wouldn't be the same without it, it would only be a beautiful love story like many others we saw in cinemas. But it's still a love story and a very very beautiful one. I really like the way this movie is done, it's beautiful, I like the filming and these shots with e-mails and texts were awesome (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just go see a movie, please). The soundtrack also makes it more powerful and it just hits you to the core, really. The characters are so relatable, despite the cancer they have big dreams, hopes and they fear the oblivion just like we all do.
The movie is pretty much all done exactly by the book, although there were two scenes which hit me very much in the book that weren't in the movie. In a way, it's probably even better, as I would be sobbing even more but I was pretty sad they were taken out. But no matter that, I liked everything about this movie. Did you see it? What do you think about it?

Of course me being the geek I am, I spent several hours after the movie watching the interviews with the cast and I completely fell in love with these actors. Oh and also, for those of you who also liked the movie (especially Ansel ), this Instagram profile might be very interesting. Oh yes, I am still very much a teenager and really like to stalk cute actors..
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July 18, 2014


+ I read this amazing story about password which has changed a man's life and it's honestly one of the most inspiring things I've read in a while. I'm definitely going to try this myself.

+ Friends could teach you all kinds of things about life. There is a reason why this show is the best one ever.

+ Find a word which describes you. I got compassionate, what's yours?

+ These extraordinary chandeliers are the coolest thing ever! I would love to have some at my home.

+ Learn some new facts about happiness  which you might not already know.
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July 17, 2014


Yesterday my precious was celebrating her first birthday. I've become such a cat lady that this day actually seems important to me. Quite a few  family members and friends are also celebrating their birthdays on this day, so when we found out that this kitty was born on July 16th, we took it as a sign that she was destined to be our cat. When we got her, she was only 3 months old and she was tiny and now she has grown into a big and wonderful cat who is now staring at me while I'm typing this. Every day I look at her and I can't believe how much I love her. The strangest thing is that I've never been a cat person, I was pretty afraid of them and only looked at them from afar but now I can't imagine how we have lived before she came into our lives. Seeing her around is the biggest joy, really. It's amazing to get back home when she is waiting at the door for you. However, she is still a cat and a very independent one and is she is not feeling like sitting on your lap, she will express it very loudly and you can only agree with her. I am so happy I fought so hard to convince my family to get this cat breed because I knew she was perfect for us and she actually is.

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July 13, 2014


+ Don‘t be afraid to ask for help. 

Asking for help doesn't mean you are a weak person, it actually shows your inner strength because it‘s much easier to keep it all inside and pretend you are fine than actually admitting you are unwell and ask for help. You are never as alone as you think you are, there is always help, you just have to be brave enough to ask for it and there most likely will be people ready to help you feel better. 

+ Don‘t change yourself to fit in somewhere, simply be yourself.  

This sounds pretty obvious because we all have heard it, but that is seriously so true. It's impossible to be fully happy if you pretend to be someone you're not and I speak from experience. It's sucks pretending, trying to change yourself just to fit somewhere and you really should never do this. 

+ Don‘t google your symptoms. 

Especially if you tend to worry more than an average person, if you have anxiety or just, all in all, ever. It‘s really bad for you and your sanity because even the absolutely normal symptom can be translated into a something life threatening. Leave the diagnosis to your doctor, self-analysis is never good. I know it's oh so tempting to do this and Internet lets you know too much than you actually need and I actually considered blocking some sites so that I wouldn't have the chance to do this ever again. 

+ Don't settle. 

You should never be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. Or being with someone who isn't right for you. Wise man ( G. Washington) once told that it‘s much better to be alone than in a bad company and he was very right. Sure, you could feel lonely but at least you aren't wasting your precious time with wrong people. And also, being with someone you don't really like that much isn't really fair to the other person as well.

+ Enjoy the moment as much as you can. 

I am probably the worst person to talk about this because I have no idea how to stay present in life [ I am just trying really hard to get there]. I tend to over think everything but when I somehow manage to stay in a present moment, I can tell you, it feels really refreshing and just so so nice.

+ Back up your data. 

You really don‘t want to end up like Carrie when her Mac broke (Sex and the city just fit everywhere in life). It will save you some stress. 

+ Don‘t wear your new shoes when you have a long day/night ahead of you. 

Of course, they are incredibly pretty and people just have to see them but maybe not this time. Or at least bring a spare pair of really comfortable shoes which could save your feet. It‘s not glamorous and fun to walk barefoot in the middle of the street.

Listen to yourself. 

If deep down you feel something is wrong and your gut is telling you to back off, it probably is true. Your inner self always knows what‘s best for you, so if it‘s not a simple fear that is keeping your from something, you should really listen to it.

+ Take chances. 

If you really want something, try, if you want to have something, you must try. If you want to change something, do it. You don't know if it‘s going to be a good choice, at least you've tried.

Collect moments, not things. 

My philosophy is that it's much more worth spending your precious money on something you will remember for the rest of your life than just a thing you won't remember in the couple of years. I would choose a trip over the most beautiful dress (I would choose a trip over anything, really), or going to see my favorite band live over buying a new bag. 

+ Dry shampoo is your best friend sometimes. 

I love this invention to pieces because there aren't that many things in life which I hate more than, not being able to wash my hair. That's when dry shampoo becomes very very handy thing in your life!

+ Stay away from people who walk over you. 

It's also pretty obvious, but we forget this so often. People we keep around have so much impact on our lives, on ourselves so it's important to be with the right company. People who bully you, who take you for granted and just simply use you or walk over you aren't the right people to have around you so you just simply stay away from them. The sooner you do this, the better your life will be. 
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July 9, 2014


It feels slightly strange to think that it's already July and yes, I know I say this all the time but seriously, time flies by incredibly quickly. This month was pretty stressful with all the exams in Uni and pretty much the half of June was spent with books and countless hours staring at my laptop. But everything turned out to be very well and I'm done with Uni until September! The rest of June was a bit more eventful - my very very old dream came true, I've had my first experience of being a volunteer in a very cool event which happens every year called Culture Night when through the entire night the city is full of people and many events happen all around the city. All I can say is that I loved being a volunteer, it was an amazing night!

I've watched Lars and the real girl and I can say that I really enjoyed it. I am a true fan girl when it comes to Ryan Gosling, I mean, pretty much every girl in the world is in love with him and although he was so different from his usual character in this movie, he was such a loner and not this hot sexy guy he usually is and I still liked him a lot. It's a strange movie, sometimes a bit disturbing one but it's also a nice one, I'm really glad I did watch it.

Kings of Leon. This was the band which was playing non stop this month. This is obviously very much related to my amazing concert experience, after it I simply can't stop listening to them, their music sounds better than ever before after I've heard them live. These are some of my favorites at the moment which I've played countless times. 

Pretty little liars. Oh my, I am happy this show is back! Every other show I watch is between seasons now, so this is the only thing I'm looking forward in the TV world. This seasons is great even if it's only started, I feel this one is going to be a great one. I love this show, it's seriously addicting! The 100th episode was one of the best ever in my opinion, man, it was intense one. 

Well, technically I only finished it yesterday but I've been reading it for couple of weeks now (usually I am not that slow at reading). I know some people completely worship this book, others say they are quite disappointed after reading it, but I have to say I actually really liked it. I've heard so so many good things about it, so was really intrigued to read it myself and I am honestly not let down. I don't think it's the best book in the world but I really liked the story, to me it was a beautiful one, as much as this kind of story can really be beautiful. It's sad, of course, it's heartbreaking and I did really cry. I think it was the first time I properly cried while reading the book. It's also really easy to read, I've read it in English and since English is not my native language, I didn't find any difficulties to read it which was very nice.

My lovely friend took this picture right at the end of the concert. I love it!
This is pretty easy to guess if you've been reading my blog this month. Kings of Leon concert was not only the highlight of this month but one of the best things which has happened this year so far. It's an amazing feeling seeing your favorite band live, I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me. I've talked about it more here couple of days after it happened, when the emotions were still sky high and now after couple of weeks I still get very emotional while I'm listening to them and I do listen to them several times a day. 

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July 7, 2014


  I went to the first Summer festival this year and this particular festival is always a true sign of the beginning of the Summer. The weather was amazing (I even managed to swim in a lake for a while) the atmosphere was great as always and it was truly a great weekend!

  Here are my nails for the festival. Whenever I go to these festivals, I do something different and festive with my nails and I loved how they looked this time. I painted them in the middle of the night, so that's also why I like the end result even more!

This small square one is straight from my Instagram. I took this picture while on the train to the festival. I absolutely love trains and sitting in one for more than 4 hours wasn't really difficult, it was, in fact, really nice When you are with a friend, rides like these aren't boring at all, they are really fun!

 ♥  If only I could, I would eat berries for breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time, I love them that much! So buying berries is a very happy activity to me.

The other day I tried to make my ponytail a little different and it's not really that much unusual but I really liked this twist in the back, I think it adds a very nice touch to a plain ponytail.
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