August 31, 2014


Today is the last day of this wonderful Summer and as sad I am to say this, I am also really glad to say that this was an absolutely amazing Summer. I was convinced that my best summer so far was the one of 2012, but this year it was much much better. I am very very happy to say this.
This summer I've learned to handle my anxiety a bit more and it took lots of work but it's amazing to see the results and this is one of the main reasons why this summer was so great. Also, I still can't fully comprehend the fact that in the space of three months I got to see two of my favorite bands live. I am still listening to Kings of Leon and Bastille non-stop and every time I listen to them, I  get that wonderful feeling which I got when I was standing in the biggest crowd singing at the top o my lungs.
One day in the middle of the summer I created my bucket list but I didn't really expect to say that I will accomplish everything I wrote there, but I can say that pretty much every single thing from that list did happen this Summer.  Except the book part, I really didn't have enough time to read books. I wasn't spending that much time at home and kept moving from one place to the other - three festivals in the row, the seaside, the camp and many sleepovers at my best friend's home.. Even though I was working pretty much the entire summer, I got to experience many wonderful things despite this. I am also a mentor for freshmen in my university and we are responsible for creating the best experience possible for them as they are starting a new chapter of their lives and it took a lot of my time, work and effort to do this. The most rewarding part is seeing these people smile, then all the work pays off.
 I met so many amazing people and this summer was really the summer of new people in my life and it's the biggest truth that the empty place in your life doesn't stay for long, some people go but new people come and that's wonderful to meet new like minded people to share your life with.
I am not really that excited to get back to school year but I am very glad to say that I've had the best Summer of my life so far and even though I am going to miss this hot weather and freedom, I am ready to welcome the cozy Autumn back into my life.

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August 22, 2014


It feels like I've been distant for a while not only from this blog but also from my mind. This whole month was and still is like a never ending movement and as much as I like being on the road all the time and being a guest at your own home, sometimes it actually feels nice to be back at home and process everything for a while. Of course, after some time I will start to miss the road again, just like I always do. But honestly, this month is packed with so many things and I feel as if I start to forget them one by one as they are happening one after another and I really wouldn't like that. So here's a little list of things that I am very grateful for from this past month and it's a perfect timing because I haven't done a gratitude list in forever.

I went to the last festival this Summer and now as I'm saying this, I realize how sad it actually is. No more festivals until the next Summer. Man, that's a lot of time. However, they were great this year, just like any other year, really. Except this year I got to see one of my favorite bands live which is absolutely mind blowing. Little high school reunions. I graduated high school two years ago already even if it feels like only yesterday, but I was never really very close with lots of people from my high school so it's not a big surprise I don't get to see them pretty much ever. My best friend is from my high school but that's pretty much the only person I see from there. However, this Summer we met with an old friend from school too and we were having so much fun together, it's even better than ever before! Driving in the middle of the night with your closest friend while listening to music loudly and admiring your city which is so beautiful at night time Taking a bus all by myself to the other end of my country to the seaside Sleepovers with a little bit too much food, movies and just spending time with no worries at all Being at the seaside and enjoying the most beautiful sunsets ever Taking way too many pictures of everything around me Going to the sea museum. I had no idea this thing could be that interesting and entertaining! Bicycle ride by the sea while the sun was setting down and listening to Kings of Leon The sound of sea Big waffles with whipped cream and chocolate. YUM! The amazing park in the middle of my city is one of the most beautiful places in this city. And also has a big colorful fountain with music. I am seriously a child. Reading a book by the windowGoing on a road trip around our city with girlfriends Walking around my city with a camera at night and capturing the beauty of my city Sleeping in the sunshine. I got a very bad tan after this and it was very painful but at that time it felt pretty good sleeping there in the sun Creating new plans for Autumn.  Having fun with my nails. Tie dye, flowers, stripes. I really love a good and fun manicure!

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August 11, 2014


 A very long time ago, when I was only 14 years ago, my family and I, we went on a trip to the beautiful island called Crete. It was an amazing place to be itself, but one day we took a boat trip to a smaller and even prettier island called Santorini. To this day, that place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. We spent only couple of hours there and at that time it was very hot there, seriously boiling hot, the sun was burning our white faces, the concrete was melting and all these beautiful blue windows of these beautiful white houses were closed and protecting themselves from that heat. It was pretty tough then being a tourist and I'm pretty sure we didn't get to experience that island at its best only because it was that hot. I honestly remember that hot weather up until now.
However, that island is magical. All these white house so small and so pretty and cozy which are situated on that big hill and from the windows you can see the sea as blue as these windowsills of these beautiful white houses. The road is very steep and it takes time to climb this big hill to reach your own white house with blue windows. I can only imagine how beautiful this island looks once the sun starts to set down. I remember thinking back then that there will be a time in my life when I will come back to this magical island once again and I will get to experience the sunset there and will have the chance to wake up early in the morning and enjoy the cup of fresh coffee while looking at the sea blue as the sky. And I'm sure that one day this dream and promise will come true.

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August 7, 2014


When you have a job, you can clearly see how quickly the time is going and since I've been working since my last exam last June, I see that days are going by very quickly and the thought that it's already August scares me quite a lot. With August coming, there is always that thought about the school year coming back and about winter approaching. However, I am still trying really hard to think positively that there is still almost the whole month of Summer left and that is the most important thing!

This month two movies really stuck out for me. The first one is The Fault In Our Stars, I finished the book in June and then I finally went to see it and you can read my thoughts about it here. All I can say is that I liked it a lot and it made me cry like I've probably never cried over a movie before. 
The second one is A long way down . The first reason, why I liked this movie, I liked this movie is that I went to see it under the stars in the middle of my city at night and it was a great experience first of all. Second of all, this movie is really good. It is mainly about suicide and people struggling in life but it's not a sad or depressing movie at all, it's more like a comedy but with an important message in it. I really recommend this one!

 It seems like this Summer I've only been listening to guys and I've completely forgotten to support the women power.  First of all it was (and still is) Kings of Leon, this month it was Bastille, John Newman (I saw them live but that's a story for August favorites) and Ed Sheeran. At least there is one girl in one of my favorite songs from this month!

That is a very random favorite. I finally got me a Spotify account and I couldn't be happier about it. It's such a cool thing, it literally has all the music you need in one place and you can crate your playlists or follow playlists that others created this is so cool! 

Sex and the City. I've started watching the last season and I should have been finished with it months ago but I'm just too sad to carry on when I know this is the last season so I'm cherishing each episode as this is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. 

I became a curator for the freshmans in my University. And that is definitely the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. I took me lots of courage to do so and it still does require me pushing myself forward every day but I am really enjoying the experience. I love learning new things and meeting new people and actually being the help for some people. 
Oh, and also this month I went to my first summer festival this Summer (by the time I managed to write this post, I actually went to two already) and there isn't really that much to tell about it, you can read a little bit what I think about these festivals in one post here but honestly I could talk for hours about them so this one post probably won't to the justice but it's better than nothing :)
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August 3, 2014


 I have expressed my love for summer music festivals many many times. They is the reason why I wait for Summer, why I love summer. I went to my first festival a long time ago, when I was 16 years old and since then I can't (and don't want to) imagine my summer without them. The only word I could find to describe them is an experience. Every festival is different, every one surprises you and you never know what each one will be like. I've already been to 13 of them and I am not planning to stop anytime soon. I only have hopes to someday expand my horizon and go to other countries where festivals are even bigger. These festivals are a completely different world, a whole new universe and I can‘t remember my summers without them and it's really impossible to describe what it feels like.
Of course, they aren't everyone's cup of tea and to some people camping for the whole weekend doesn't seem like a very enjoyable thing to do but to me that's exactly what I love. Mornings aren't usually that nice at the festivals, you have to wait in a line to get into a shower or buy food, the weather could easily make the festival a bit horrible but there are way more reasons to love these festivals!

1.   Spirit like nowhere else. I sadly didn't grow up with hippie parents and I am really jealous of those who did, so I have no clue what the real hippy life was, except for what movies and Internet have taught me. I admire hippies in many ways and one of the most important things is the carefree spirit. So when I‘m at summer festivals, one of the most important things is the atmosphere which is never like it is there. Those three days at the festival unite everyone so much and everyone is so calm and chill and friendly. I love it.

      2Everyone [almost] is your friend in the festival. It‘s very important to choose the right company to go to an event like this, but there is no doubt you‘ll find new people to chat there. It depends on the festival, there are the ones where you could just come up to people in a very early morning and just join them for a song and there are the ones where people aren't as inviting. But people are way friendlier there at these festivals than they are in an everyday life, there is no doubt and that's is very nice.

3.    Music. The main thing probably should be music, they are the music festivals, after all, although there are times when music really isn‘t the main point. But I have to admit, music never sounds better live than in the open air. Yes, the quality may not be the best there in the nature but you get the experience which you just wouldn't get anywhere else. And there is that surreal feeling when you are standing under the stars surrounded by the woods and you hear a great band singing live.

   4. Time starts to go really differently once you‘re there. Time slows down there, which is very cool. Three days seems to last for a lot longer but once it's over it seems like it all just went by in a second.

5.     Festival fashion. It just doesn‘t get better than this. I always look at these girls who look so great so effortlessly and I just can‘t pull these looks off so well but I‘m still trying hard. There isn‘t a thing you couldn‘t wear there, there are people walking around in onesies or in Borat's costumes and you can wear the biggest bow in your hair, the biggest hat or the most colorful outfit and it will be great.

   6.  Sleeping in a tent. I am one of these people who actually enjoys sleeping in a tent. I‘ve done it countless times so I‘ve found ways to sleeping comfortably in a tent and it doesn‘t really cause me problems. I do enjoy it in a way, it is also an experience. I do not enjoy sleeping in a tent only when it‘s pouring outside or it's boiling hot, then it‘s a no-no. Other times – love it!

 7.       Sleepless nights. You are only allowed to go to sleep early on the first night. The second one must be as long as it‘s possible, it‘s great if you go to sleep when the sun is rising. And that‘s is such a nice feeling. It somehow feels amazing to go to sleep when the sun is already up and some people start waking up but you know that you‘ve used every minute of the night and didn‘t waste precious time in festival sleeping. You can sleep at home and sometimes sleep just gets the best of you, but it's important to try staying awake for as long as you can.

 8. The feeling of being in a crowd. I am not usually the biggest fan of huge crowds but once I‘m in a festival, the feeling of everyone around you clapping or screaming lyrics to their favorite song along with the band on the stage is absolutely wonderful and it‘s incomparable with anything else in the world, really.

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