September 22, 2014


 Welcome back, Autumn! Or should I say - welcome back, MiglÄ—?
 I feels so strange to write the first post in Autumn here when September it's pretty much over and I can clearly see how much time has passed since I've been here and man, I've missed my blog a lot. When I saw the date of my last post, I couldn't really understand why I was so distant from this place which used to make me very happy, maybe part of this is that lately I've been crazy busy, maybe part of it is that I simply didn't want to. What's even stranger is that August and September have been truly great months for me but for some reason I chose not to document it and keep it to myself. Maybe sometimes you just want to keep the memories only for yourself and that's okay but whenever this happens, I get really sad when I realize that memories start to fade away one after another when they are not documented in some kind of form. Time flies when you're having fun and I think as the Autumn came back, I feel ready to come back here after this unexpected break.
 So I am welcoming Autumn back with a very summery post and even though it has only started to feel like autumn only couple of days ago, I already miss that hot weather and sea. The thing is that whenever Autumn comes back, it immediately feels like it, the whole atmosphere is different, that sense of freedom goes away with the last day of Summer and I feel very different once Autumn comes. It's not different in a bad way, it's just very different. As I'm looking at these pictures right now while it's very cloudy and foggy outside, it seems as if these pictures were taken ages ago. Every season to me has its smell and feeling which are very different from each other and I'm really grateful that where I live we have all of the four seasons not only in the calendars but in real life.

The one thing I definitely miss the most once the Summer is over is the sea. You see, the place where I feel the most at peace with the world and myself is definitely by the sea. I love being at the beach and just listening to the sound of the waves crushing down, it instantly calms me down no matter what I'm feeling. And the sunsets.. they are definitely the best kind of sunsets by the sea and seeing the sun set down in the sea is a very very comforting feeling to me. I am a huge sea lover and I would love to live by the sea sometime in my life and since the nearest sea to me is 300 km away from where I live, I don't get to be there as often as I'd love to. But that is why I get to have one more experience in the summertime every year because I just can't imagine a summer without going to the seaside and that's also why the sea is so special to me.  When I'm there I'm happy, calm and enjoying life to the fullest. Really, the sea has a very special place in my heart.
This week in the pictures was one of the best of this past Summer. I had just quit my job and had all the time for myself. That's what I call the holidays - sleeping till noon, having late and slow breakfast, going to the sea several times a day, biking by the sea in the perfect sunset, laughing lots, painting your nails in the middle of the night, singing loudly, staying up late while watching movies (or falling asleep in the middle of it. quite usual for me), having endless photo shoots at the beach and getting to the Summer music festival at the end of the week. I love sharing experiences like this with my closest friend, then they become at least a hundred times more special. Now leaves started to change colors, whether has cooled off quite a bit and I think I'm fully ready for this cozy Autumn!

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