October 29, 2014


 Visiting Rome was a dream of mine for the longest time because Italy is definitely one of my favorite countries ever, I love the food, the culture, people there, the language, so visiting the heart of it was essential to me. Oh, and I am a huge lover of history and architecture, so this was also a place for me to go. This was a very special trip not only because I went there on my 21st birthday but also because this was the first trip where I and my friend had to do everything ourselves, there were no guides, nothing was really planned for us and we were the only ones who decided everything. This freedom to do anything you want and go anywhere you want was very liberating, it was really cool to think that in the middle of the school year you ran away to a beautiful city far away from home and you can wander the streets for hours without any plans at all. It also adds a little bit more stress but when everything turns out fine, you feel this sense of accomplishment which is great.
We had to use our map skills and that turned out quite interesting. I was pretty sure I don't understand maps at all and my friend though she understands maps very well but turns out we both are not that good at it. Thankfully people there are really friendly so we didn't get lost and it was even more fun trying to speak with people who don't speak any languages we do.
We got to see the main sights, we ate amazing food (seriously, I could eat Italian food every day of my life) and stared at the gorgeous Italian men in the streets and they are seriously gooooorgeous there, I think every girl would agree with me. This is definitely a city I would come back to if I'll ever have a chance and I would recommend to everyone hop on a plane and go experience Italy to the fullest.

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October 26, 2014


When I was in Slovenia many years ago, I bought these amazing crystals there but for some reason they were hidden in the farthest corner of the closet for several years and I couldn't find them until yesterday. I'm so happy I have them back because I've been a big lover of crystals of every kind my whole life because not only they are amazingly beautiful, they have some great powers too.

  I have a big thing for candles, so visiting Ikea always means buying candles and yesterday was very successful because I found so many nice ones there! The one which smells like gingerbread cookies is absolutely amazing.

Along with crystals that I've found, in the same closet I've also found the necklace which my Mom used to wear a long time ago and it is also looking like a crystal, although I'm not sure if it really is one, but no matter that I love it so much and I will definitely wear it a lot.

Lately I've been enjoying my Q& A journal a lot. Over the summer, I didn't write in it that much but now I'm back to enjoying it every single day. It's such a nice thing to have and especially for someone who is a complete notebook junkie as I am.

I love baking cupcakes, I also love red velvet, so I decided this would make a perfect birthday present for a friend. The best part is that she really liked them a lot!
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October 22, 2014


Pictures from my Pinterest 

You know those days when your mood just is just off, when everything you do turns wrong and you just are plain sad, in general? Even though I am a huge believer that being sad from time to time is nothing wrong and that sometimes letting it all out is exactly what you need and there is no need to pretend to be all right if you are not, sometimes you just really want to turn your mood around and be a little happier. I've shared my tips about being happier in life a little a while ago, but today I want to share several quotes which might make your day a little brighter if you are having a hard time. No matter what, know that everything will pass and sun will start to shine again. Stay strong and don't forget to smile!

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October 20, 2014


  In my 21 years I still have never been to a real Halloween party but I still dream of going to one someday. But for now, I made my room look a little bit spookier and I really like it and it will be an amazing atmosphere for watching Halloween movies!

So this is the reason why I am late to my classes mos of the time. My precious cat is so adorable lately and has been so energetic, that I just spend so much time watching her do things or just sleep. Today she found my Canon lens lid so entertaining and it was so interesting to watch her play with it.

  This is another accent I've added to my room to make it slightly more ready for Halloween. I'm always so sad that we don't have the real tradition to celebrate Halloween where I live, so at least I make my room get into the spirit a little bit more.

This means the only thing - winter is coming. All of my sweaters are organized and ready to make me feel a little cozier and warmer during these colder months.
I am a huge lover of postcards and receiving one from the country far away (Denmark) is such an amazing feeling. My friend is living there now and this has been the cutest birthday present this year!

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October 18, 2014


+ Since I got my precious cat, I became the biggest cat lady ever, so looking at pictures of cats has become quite a ritual in my life and when I found this story about this angry cat, I couldn't stop laughing, it's so funny!

+ These five minute zen tips must be added to everyone's life, we really worry and stress out too much and several minutes of zen in every day is exactly what we (at least me) need.

+ I loved this video explaining us why we feel sad and whether we should worry about this.

+ This list spoke to me so well and I think everyone who has this feeling of wanderlust once in a while  (or more like me all the time) will completely relate to this.

+ I've been a fan of Humans Of New York for the longest time and as much as I enjoy getting a chance to see New Yorkers' lifes, these pictures from photographer's world tour  are absolutely amazing, heartbreaking and incredibly inspiring.

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October 15, 2014


You know, I am not the biggest fan of my birthdays, not only because I've already reached the age when it's pretty scary to see how quick you're getting older and older but mainly because it is a day in a year which you expect to be amazing and most of the time it really doesn't live up to your expectations. And since I am the biggest crier ever, there hasn't been a birthday in many years that I didn't cry at. I don't even know why exactly do I cry, but I always shed a tear and not necessarily a happy one, to me there is always something.. sad about it, even though I can't really explain it. So that is why this year I decided it would be an amazing idea to get away for my birthday, to leave all behind and just go to a very nice place. I am very happy that my dream actually came true and I got to celebrate my 21st birthday in the gorgeous city of Rome. If you know me, you know just how much I love Italy and visiting the heart of it has been a dream of mine for the longest time.
It was a gorgeous and windy day on October 7th, just like the day I was born 21 years ago and in the morning I met my Mom to have a very nice birthday breakfast and it was so nice to have couple of hours with her while eating cake and drinking coffee. After that, I met my best friend and we got straight to the airport where our adventure began. It really was an adventure in every possible way. It was the first trip for both of us when we were only two of us and there was no one else to count on in that city far away from home. The adventure started the moment when we got off in the neighbourhood where we were staying at and our host didn't pick up the phone. Thankfully, we managed to find the place somehow but it was just the beginning. We did get lost a bit, we've met some people that weren't that nice but everything worked out just fine and these little things just showed us that we can actually be independent and can handle the situation pretty good.
But despite everything that went wrong, there were so so many things which went just fine. We spent amazing time there, really. Rome is the city where every corner of it is worth a shot, it's so gorgeous and mind blowing at the same time. It's crowded, sometimes a little too noisy but so full of history that you fall in love with it immediately. I really did have the best birthday there and it was like no other I've had before. There we were only two of us in the city far away from home and everyone we know where we got to do everything ourselves, from figuring out the transport system, to discovering everything this city has to offer. So that is how I celebrated the age where I don't have any more limits, in a nice apartment, with a glass of wine and a cupcake with some candles. And it was awesome, to say the least!

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October 7, 2014


Good morning a 21 year old me. It feels really surreal even writing it, I don't know how long I will be saying that I'm still 20. I certainly still feel like a teenager and 20 was a strange number for me, what can I say about 21.. When I was significantly younger, 21 seemed like a very grown up age to be, I though people this age start thinking about their families (some of them actually do), some already have kids, some have already switched up among jobs and some even finished universities. And here I am, second time in a university and constantly thinking whether I actually picked a right path for myself, still living with my parents and actually really liking it, I have no clue how to pay bills, I don't have a driver's licence, I've worked in the same job three times and even though I've been to serious situations and know how to handle them, I can still be very childish but really love it. I still find sleepovers amazing, I love ice cream and jumping in the crashing waves, doing something on my own is still a challenge to me most of the time and I love overcoming it (I get better at it every time), I've been on a plane alone 6 times but I still love travelling with my parents. When I look at my parents, I see that no matter your age, you can still be childish sometimes and it's awesome. I love having this little me still in myself and don't want to ever be a serious grown up who finds jumping in a pile of leaves stupid.
So today I'm 21. What a year it's been for me. I just said that I don't want to grow up but this year I've definitely grown up quite a lot and it feels good. I mature a bit, I took some decisions for myself which made me a huge difference in my everyday life and it feels good saying this. So now, for my 21st birthday, I'm off to see the beautiful Rome and experience Italy one more time this year. Happy birthday me!
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October 5, 2014


Hey there! It seems like Autumn is really back now and I have to admit, I'm pretty happy about it. Whenever a new season comes back, I have the same exact conversation with myself "maybe this is really my favorite season?? It's so pretty outside!''I feel like I will never choose between Spring and Autumn, they are both gorgeous and I think only because beautiful Spring last slightly longer than Autumn does, it is a winner. But honestly, I am always blown away by the beauty of the nature whenever the leaves start to change colors and when flowers bloom.
Whenever October comes around, I feel very excited because in my opinion it is the best month in Autumn, because first it's my birthday month and second, it certainly feels very autumnal this time of the year. I'm really glad to be the child of this beautiful month! It's not too cold yet, it's golden, it's crisp, it's cozy and it's reeaally pretty!

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October 2, 2014


Last week me and my family were sorting my Grandma's old apartment out and while I was sitting in a very echoed room, I kept looking around and every corner of it reminded me of my childhood. There is that bed where I used to play with all of her jewelry, there is that armchair with which I feel down when I was 5, there is that kitchen where she used to make me the best kind of soup that no one else knows how to and I won't ever get to taste it, there is the driveway where she used to wave as we were driving away to our home, there is that balcony where I used to sit at when it was very hot outside.
We were going through all of her things, we threw away so many of them which have been probably very important for her and which she was keeping just like we all do because we all cling onto stuff and it's so strange that you keep so many things in your life and you leave it all behind. I am a  very sentimental person anyway, but it's so strange and so difficult to go through someone's so close to you things when you know she is not around anymore. She is actually not with us for almost a year already but at that time when I was looking around this empty apartment, I realized that she is indeed gone forever. Strangely even at the funeral I haven't felt that she was gone, I just felt relief that after so much suffering she went to a better place and even though in this year there were many moments when I missed her a lot, that day when we said goodbye to her apartment proved that she is not going to hug my anymore at all.
After we give the keys away, all we have left from her are the memories we will keep with us forever. I understand very well that this is just an apartment with many things in it and it isn't even that nice but I spent so much time there as I was growing up and it was a place to come to which was very comforting and safe and her presence there made it much more special. Now it's just an old and empty apartment with empty walls and wardrobes. But it's also a part of my childhood which is never going to come back just like my Grandma.
All I wanted to do at that time was to hug her which I can't do and won't be able to do ever. I really miss her a lot and it has probably hit me only that day just how much I really miss her in my life. This is, of course, course a part of life we can't escape but it's very very sad.  I got chills even writing about her and I know she is watching us from above and I really hope she is happy there and she knows just how much we all miss her in our lives.

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