November 30, 2014


Tomorrow begins this wonderful time that we all ( at least I hope so) love so much - countdown to Christmas. And let me tell you something, I adore December, I love the atmosphere leading up to Christmas, the mood of everyone you meet is better and brighter.
December is that glorious time of watching your favorite Christmas movies and Christmas episodes of TV shows, playing Christmas songs you've heard millions of times over and over again for the whole month, it's the time for painting your nails with glitters, wearing cozy Christmas sweaters (I do not believe in a thing like an ugly Christmas sweater), baking more cupcakes or cookies, decorating your home and seeing Christmas trees and fairy lights everywhere you go. I try to forget the fact that this month is going to be pretty hectic in University but I'm hoping to make the most of this month despite all this work I will have to do. So, because Uni work is not really enough for me, I decided to participate (or at least attempt to) in Blogmas for the first time ever but I think it's a pretty good challenge for myself and this way I will get myself into Christmas mood more easily and I bet it's pretty fun.
Have a good December!

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November 29, 2014


Hello! Time flies by really quickly and it's been quite a long time ago since I've last shared my favorite things, so now I'm sharing here my current favorites because the whole Autumn has passed without me doing this, so here we go.

I've been loving my lipstick from the brand Kiko which I bought while I was in Rome. I love the color (number 912) which is neither red, neither purple, it's just perfect for autumn in my opinion, I love how long it stays on. I haven't been wearing it as much as I would because I feel that sometimes it just a liiitle too bright for every day so I've only been wearing on special occasions and I've got a lot of compliments about it. 
Aussie has been the brand that I've been wanting to try for the longest time and it finally appeared in our country, so I definitely had to buy it. It's a deep conditioner which works in 3 minutes and smells great and it really leaves my hair really silky and smooth and I really like it a lot!

3 words. Taylor Swift 1989. Okay, so let me tell you a little story. Several years ago I didn't like this beautiful lady at all, to be honest I still don't enjoy her country style years and couldn't care less what she was doing because pop (or country) music was not my favorite. Fast forward several years until the summer of 2013 when I realized just how good this girl is for the sad time of break up. Her songs was a perfect combination of everything - there were the ones which were perfectly suitable for crying your feelings out and there were the ones for those moments when you just need a good jam to let your energy out. So that was the time when I started to enjoy her music quite a bit but I still thought this was only going to last for a specific time. Then I forgot about her a little bit and played her songs rarely. But then 1989 happened. You see, I really didn't want to become a fan, I didn't want to fall in love with this girl and tried as much as I could to stay away from playing her songs. But I just gave up because I freaking LOVE this album. I listen to it and I can finally admit that I actually love Taylor Swift. 
Phew, that as my story about falling in love with Taylor Swift and I really didn't think I would ever say this. My absolute favorite songs are Clean, All you had to do was stay, Blank space and Wildest dreams. 

Also, here is my little Spotify playlist that I created for Autumn. 

Orange is the new black was the one I've been watching over the past month the most. I've heard people raving about it so much but never got around to finally watching it myself until this month and man, I'm very glad I finally decided to start. It's such a good show! I can't watch it every day because I need certain mood for it and I really don't watch it before sleep because when I was younger, I used to have nightmares about doing something very wrong and getting into jail and I remember, the scariest part was always not going to be able to finish high school or not getting into university (?). Until now this is a very scary subject to me but the show is so good that I forget about it and watch it anyways. 

And one more show that I've been waiting every single week to come - my one of all time favorites - New Girl. I seriously love this show SO MUCH. I've always loved Zooey Deschanel and I love the friendship among all these guys. But this season there is one more thing that I've been rather enjoying. Ryan. Oh yes, if you've seen it, I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me. And if you haven't, you must watch it, it's amazing. 

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November 24, 2014


Happy Monday everyone! Here's another round of the things which made me very grateful.

This Saturday I got a new haircut and it's been a while since I've been to a hair salon and now I have my hair way shorter than I've ever had in my life, but it feels so good to have them this short, I love it!

My beautiful Luna which is even more beautiful than ever before (I keep on saying this every time I mention her). Nowadays when I oversleep (which happens quite a lot), she is always there to wake me up and I love it!
I did a little reorganizing of my shelves and I am very happy how it turned out.
This picture might be a little confusing but this actually is a skirt. With galaxies printed on it? Oh yes! I've been searching for this kind of beauty for a while because I love galaxies A LOT and I'm very glad I finally found one.
I realize I haven't mentioned a very exciting thing - I got a new bed and now I can sleep like a queen in a big white bed. I've added these fairy lights to make my room even cozier.

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November 19, 2014


Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my blog. It feels so strange to think that already three years have passed from the day when I created this little blog, back then I was 18 years old and still a student in high school and needed a place to document my senior year in high school and I think I didn't think about staying here for a little longer. I am very happy I did because now I have this archive of 3 years of my life and I can clearly see how much I'm evolving and growing year after year. It may not be that visible to readers, but it's very visible to me and I'm very grateful for that.
This year I've had my ups and downs with this blog, just like everyone does, I think, but the most important part is that I decided to stick with it no matter what. I can honestly say that I can't and don't want to imagine my life without this place on the Internet. Despite the fact that it's not a very big blog (very far from it, actually), despite the fact that I don't have a big community here, I have this place for my creativity where I can do anything I want and I can express myself just how I want to do it and I also have people who like to read what I write here and I am very very thankful for that.

I have plans for this blog to grow even more in the upcoming year, I still want it to be my happy place on the Internet, I hope to have people reading, I hope to make someone smile with my posts.
Three years is a long time and I am a person who constantly searches for new things and I mostly don't stick with anything for too long, so this is definitely an achievement for me and it hasn't even been hard to do.
I've looked through the posts from the past year and tried to pick my personal favorite posts and it's been pretty hard to narrow it down and it made me really happy, it was a pretty good year of blogging!

The story about changing my life. Wow, it feels like I've written it ages ago!
Sometimes I ready this post myself - my tips how to be happier in your life
One of the most personal things I've written here - a letter to my 18 year old self 
Several life lessons I've learned along the way
Here's why I love Summer festivals this much

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November 14, 2014


+ Have you ever wondered what is the history of the to-do list? Since I'm a very big lover of to-do lists and pretty much can't go a single day without at least one of them, this was a fascinating read to me.

+ One day when I just couldn't concentrate, I've found this very cool website where you can choose among several sounds to play in your background to if you need to concentrate or relax. I love coffee shop, fire and rain.

+ My heart melted while looking through these incredibly cute pictures of animals. If you need a pick me up, you should definitely look through them!

+ I really need to learn these 10 skincare rules because I have never paid enough attention to my skin care routine and these tips seem really great!

I haven't been very active here on the blog lately and I've been changing some things here and the main one which I'm the happiest with is that I finally got my own domain, so from now on you can reach me at!

Have a great weekend, 
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