November 19, 2015


4 months of absence over here. 4 years of blogging here. I love how things line up so beautifully and I just can't help but smile that I can come back with a little post on a day like this. Let's forget that I haven't been blogging for a while now (it turns out I'm a pretty good liar. Breaking radio silence, yeah right) but this blog has been alive for 4 whole years. It's so strange to think that I've created it when I was 18 years old in this very same room I'm sitting now at but that me from 4 years ago and me of today are different in so many ways. I look different, I act different and I feel different.This is one of the things I love having a blog the most - being able to see myself growing in life and being able to see where I was at a certain time a year or two ago.

So where was I for these four months? Well, it's difficult to say, really. I was here, always here and I've tried so many times to open up a new window and try to write something, but it just never worked out the way I wanted and all these texts I've hoped to publish are still left somewhere in the archives. I've had so many things to write about and in one way it's a little sad that the Summer which has been so wonderful hasn't been documented here at all, but on the other hand I can keep it in my head forever. Here's hoping that my memory won't fail me. We say it all the time, I'm busy, I'm busy, oh I'm so busy and it's seems that being busy nowadays is a thing that we all are, it's so difficult to escape and since pretty much all of us live this crazy lifestyle of busyness, we even have to plan meeting our friends in advance. It's crazy, isn't it? So that's what happened, I fell into the busyness and it's not as easy to escape as I could have hoped. Or maybe I just use it as an excuse, maybe I just didn't feel the need to write here at all because since I've had so much going on, I have notebooks full of thoughts but nothing made here to the blog. 
It feels like Summer was never really here now that it's raining outside like it does in a real November manner, but this Summer was pretty awesome. It wasn't really at all about some crazy events, music festivals or the trips, it was all about the people I've met. From the outside it could look like a pretty boring Summer - work, University and a couple of little trips thrown in but as a person that was the one to experience it all, I can say that it was one hell of a Summer even though I've left my city only for couple of days and I've spent much more time in University than a "normal" student should in the summertime on the summer break. As I was responsible for coordinating my beautiful team of freshmen mentors, I've had things to do in the University and around it but most of the days I've spent there were just because I was actually having fun there, as crazy as that could sound. But I guess we all choose our kind of fun and for me this summer was exactly the kind of one I've needed. Somehow in the middle of the Summer I've met some beautiful and wonderful people that I've been studying with for years now but never thought of having them as my friends and I've got to remember just how beautiful and fulfilling new friendships are. Then there were nights with guitars, fires and songs that make the forests echo, there were little road trips, the sea and the laughter. I was also forced to leave my comfort zone more times than I could count and I've done it and I'm proud of myself for how much I've grown. And never for a minute I've felt lonely this Summer with all these beautiful people around me. 
And then the Autumn came back and I came back to the University that I haven't even left for the Summer. The autumn came back quickly as it always does, streets became full with people, with students, my university become once again full of sounds, of people, of new unfamiliar faces and I began my third year there as the leaves were changing color. In the middle of my beautiful birthday month I went to see Prague, to explore one new city from my bucket list and it was wonderful.
Now I'm 22 years old, I'm still spending all of my days in uni and making the best of it, seeing it in the change of the seasons and loving it more and more. I'm still busy, because escaping the busyness is quite challenging as I've said; I read a lot, write a lot and sleep not really enough, have classes in french, english and spanish and sometimes I speak in all 3 of them at the same time. Every day I create new and new plans, one of them is always to come back writing here because it used to be a part of my days, a happy one but I guess I got tired of it and lost the joy it should have brought me. I create plans, change them and overthink everything I say, do or don't do just like a normal twenty something person does. 

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July 20, 2015


where have i been

Hello, bonjour, labas, hola!  I‘m hopefully back after something that has definitely been the longest break I‘ve ever had from this blog and I hope it won‘t ever happen again, the long break I mean. I can't really answer myself why this break happened even though I've tried to find an answer many times. The truth is that I‘ve had two busiest and craziest months and blogging sadly didn‘t really fit into my schedule and after I finished my uni year and had a tiny little bit more time, I completely failed to remember how does blogging work. Over these couple of months I came to see how my blog is doing and I've had so many plans but then one week passed by, two, four and before I knew it, it's already midsummer and it's a little bit hard to believe this. I guess I was living my life more than I had time to document it which is quite sad because I wish I could remember everything that has happened in great detail because the memories have started to mix up a little bit already. But I've been doing really well, I love my life as a little busy bee.

A couple of weeks ago I twisted my ankle and was literally forced to spend a couple of days in my bed because, well, I couldn‘t really walk and among watching the TV series and reading, I was also thinking about life (as I always do) and I had some time to reflect and look back on these past couple of months and man what a journey it‘s been. Come this March, the journey on my self growth began when I decided to step out of my comfort zone more and more and this has been the best thing. So these two months when I‘ve been absent from this space been a real mix of everything thrown together – studies, work, exams, students‘ representation and loads of new people. In those two months I‘ve been working, spent hours upon hours with my books of studying in the library for my exams, passed all  7 of them, finished my second year in Uni, found my team of freshmen mentors, congratulated my friends graduating the University, saw one friend getting married and cried just how beautiful the wedding was, unexpectedly found new great friends, learned to play the foosball and spent many hours playing it, began planning the freshmen summer camp, bought my new glasses, had one mini road trip, lived alone for a while, finally had time to catch up with my friends, spent couple of nights in the summer house, ate strawberries, had breakfasts on my balconies, drank a little bit too much of coffee, stressed out a bit, read books, binge watched and finally finished some TV series like Sex and the city and Glee, found my new favorite guilty pleasure – The Office. I've also found myself in some pretty crazy situations like the ones where I had to share my experiences with the new groups of freshmen mentors. It was crazy to catch myself speaking in front of the group of people, trying to teach them things I didn't know I knew this well and let me remind you that months ago I was the person who would rather hide in a cave than speak in front of the public. I can't say it wasn't scary because it was but it felt amazing afterwards. 

 Now that I‘m writing this, I understand how much I can‘t remember anymore and all of my days just blurred into one big something and sometimes I can‘t understand where the day begins and where it ends. But I love it so much. I was always hoping to be a person who has things to do, who is busy and yes, I understand how unhealthy it is not to know how to relax but I‘m working on it. But when my days begin in the university with one group of people, then I meet a different friend and then eventually I‘m on my way to a different city with a different friend just to see the sunset, these are the moments that are just so so wonderful. I can't fully explain to myself what happened with me or my life but from an introverted person I turned into someone who is always surrounded by people and enjoys it a lot. I enjoy spending my time alone but now I feel the happiest when I come back home and I try to look through a day in my head and I see how many people I‘ve talked to or laughed with and then I can calmly fall asleep, because this is how I want to spend my Summers, how I want to spend my life. 

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June 3, 2015


Last Friday I was walking to work and I saw these cars with balloons on them and beautiful people inside who were celebrating their traditional last bell of the high school day. And then I got chills all over my body when I realized that I was one of these kids three years ago. Not that cars with balloons were involved, but I realized that I was a high school student three whole years ago. Although I still remember that day really clearly, to me it meant even more than the actual prom day when I got my high school diploma, on that day at the end of May I realized that I was actually leaving everything familiar, all my 12 years of school, behind me. I didn‘t want to graduate high school like others did, I was a bit too scared to face the world. But I remember that day I felt so grown up, it felt like the world is my oyster and I have so many opportunities coming my way. Now I understand that I wasn‘t at all grown up and these three years after high school have taught me much more than high school ever did.
Now that I think about it, I think that my high school self wouldn‘t probably be able to talk to myself that I‘m nowadays. My 18-year-old self wouldn‘t believe and understand that I somehow became someone who reminds of someone I was always hoping to become. She wouldn‘t believe that I found so many ways to surprise myself, to challenge and overcome myself. And that I wasn‘t as grown up as I thought I was.
People say that life doesn‘t stop after high school and it‘s so so true. I remember when I was senior in high school, I had this quote hanging up on my wall saying that high school is only one chapter of your life and I tried to convince myself with it every day. And it actually is so true. Once you leave high school you actually have the world in your hands, the only difference is that now you have to do everything yourself. No teachers saving your ass, no parents telling you what to do every step of the way, there‘s only you and the world. You are responsible for the choices you make, for the mistakes you make and for the people you choose to surround yourself with.
The most important thing is that life after high school is so much different. I feels so scary to leave that little bubble you called home for 12 years of your life and dive into the big world, but once you close these doors, you find out that there is a whole new world waiting for you. For those who move out to a different country or city, it feels like an even bigger change but I also believe the way we change inside matters the most. Once you enter a new world, you can meet so many people you‘ve always dreamt of knowing and calling your friends, you can be the person you‘ve always wanted to be and there is no one who remembers you when you were 7 years old and wore this ugly yellow wig to a school party, no one who remembers what kind of teenager were you, where you failed and succeeded. And it is amazing.
But as I was reminded of all of this last Friday, I got chills all over my body just like I got them now writing this. How can it be that the people I graduated with are going to be graduating University next year? How can it be that I‘m about to finish the second (third to be exact) year of Uni? Some of these people I graduated with have children, some have more than one, some are engaged or married and I can still remember how they looked the first day of school. I know for sure that I wouldn't want to come back to high school but I would love to make the time slow down a little bit more because right now this is really not the chapter of my life I wish to leave ever, I just love it a little bit too much.

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May 25, 2015


Some of my absolute favorite things in life

1. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
2. Really tight hugs
3. Catching a smile from someone you like
4. Speaking only with eyes with someone
5. Sunsets at the seaside
6. Falling in love
7. Forehead kisses
8. Unexpected compliments
9. Getting recognized for the work you're doing
10. Long and deep conversations in the middle of the night
11. Kittens and puppies
12.Coffee in bed
13. That moment when you feel totally complete in your life
14. A film that you still remember and think about days after watching it.
15. Red lipstick that makes you feel like you could rule the world
16. When lights go down just before a movie starts
17. Getting a great haircut
18. Seeing someone after a really long time
19. Children hugs
20. Book you can't let go of and get lost in it completely
21. Summer wind
21. Road trips
22. Live music concerts somewhere in a forest or a desert
23. A cat purring on your lap
24. Perfect hair day
25. Learning something new really quickly
26. Finding out you are perfectly healthy
27. The airports when you are the one leaving on a trip
28. Achieving something you didn't think you could
29. Crying from happiness
30. Laughter, loud, hysterical laughter
31. Singing loudly in a car with the windows down
32. Knowing that someone misses you
33. The lyrics of the song that seem to be written just for you
34. Summer rainstorms
35. Your new favorite song you listen to 70 times a day
36. Nature in the Springtime
37. Walking barefoot on a wet grass after a Summer rainstorm
38. Hot shower after a festival or a camping trip
39. Lazy weekends when you get to spend your whole day in bed
40. New season of your favorite show
41. Having your weekend all filled with wonderful plans
42. Getting a little bit lost in a new city
43. Taking a perfect picture
44. The feeling of getting in your bed after a long day
45. New friendships which don't feel awkward at all
46. Your favorite food
47. Finding a wonderful dress on sale
48. Seeing your parents happy together
49. Getting a ticket to see your favorite band in the world
50. Getting out of your comfort zone

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May 18, 2015


My poor little blog has been so neglected AGAIN that I only come here to check if it‘s still working properly and to occasionally write a little catch-up post. But when you and your own life can‘t agree on a schedule, writing blog posts is a little bit difficult.
This past week hasn‘t been easy on me if I‘m honest. I‘ve had a little bit too much on my hands  with work, uni and students‘ representation stuff and all I‘ve wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and sleep for hours and hours. But then my prayers have been heard and I've unexpectedly got a free weekend and I've honestly hadn't been so happy about a weekend for so so long. Cherish the weekends, people, they are such an amazing thing. When you have a job, a free day becomes a little bit more than just a free day.
When I found out that I'm going to have a free weekend, I immediately called my bestie and announced that we will finally be able to meet. And this has been such a wonderful weekend, really. I've slept in, I got out to the streets which have been so alive, I walked around in awe (seriously, I keep on falling in love with my city every single day), we ate waffles, the best sandwiches in the city, we laughed and just chilled. It all sounds much more exciting when on Friday morning I was literally sleeping in a class because I was this tired from everything and was having a little bit of a middle age crisis. These seem to happen quite a lot when you are a twenty something girl. 
I also die a little bit inside every time I walk past the tree which is losing the blossoms because it means my perfect, gorgeous spring is coming to an end. I love summer, I do, I even wrote a letter to it a while ago, but there is nothing better in the world than Springtime. Even though this one has been rainy, it‘s still rainy and it‘s cold like pretty much never before at this time of year, but despite it all, I love it so much, I could stay in spring forever and ever.
So when I'm in between running sessions from my uni to work and from work to uni or somewhere in between, I lift my head up and I admire my city so much. Today I asked my friend – is this city really getting more and more beautiful or it‘s just me, always admiring things I've seen hundreds of times? Which way it is, I'm good with it.

Now I‘m going to let my hot pink nails dry and go to Uni where I have little meetings with people which I‘m going to be coordinating this year. It‘s scary, exciting and very interesting at the same time. I hope you‘re going to have an amazing week and I hope to come around this blog a little bit more this week and I also hope that someone is still reading this blog of mine. 
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May 11, 2015


To me, all the seasons have their particular sound just like they have their smell and their sunsets. And since Spring is my favorite season of them all, the songs I love in the Springtime stick with me for years and even know when I hear the song from the Spring years ago, I remember that time really really well. A couple of days ago one day from the 2012 randomly started to play and it brought me so many memories. Back then, I was about to graduate the high school and this song reminds me of that Spring so well with all the people, emotions, and my old high school image.
 I love how songs always come to you at the time you need them the most and when the lyrics are so relatable and sometimes it seems like you've written them yourself. I just don't know how songs do this, how one short song can bring back so many memories to you, but it's amazing, I guess this is all that matters, isn't it? 
Lovely Beth one day posted her January playlist with the best lyrics in the songs and I'm shamefully going to be a complete copy cat and share the songs I've been loving lately. 

[How many secrets can you keep?
'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat 
 Until I fall asleep] 

[Sometimes the silence guides our minds

So move to a place so far away]

[I go to loud places to search for someone

To be quiet with who will take me home]

What have been the songs you've been playing on repeat this Spring? 

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May 6, 2015


Since the name of this post is called it's time to catch up and I've finally managed to open up a new blog post with this whole empty space to fill with words, I guess I should tell about my crazy life a little bit.
April has been such a crazy long month, at the end of it I couldn't even remember the beginning of it. It's amazing that one month can have so many things in it and be so incredibly long. On the very first days, it was still the Vilnius Film Festival that I was raving about and I thought it was going to be very difficult to get back to my calmer life after it ended. It wasn't really or maybe my life just wasn't calm after it ended. Yes, maybe the second one. I still had some time to see my Godfather and his family before they left back to the USA and the goodbyes were awful as they always are when you don't know the next time when you get to see someone, but it is what it is, sometimes world is just a little bit too big.

Buuuut one really exciting thing has happened that I'm very happy about. I've become a new coordinator of the mentor program in my faculty and this is such a big step for me. Last year I was one of the mentors for the freshmen and this was already a big step out of my comfort zone and this year becoming the person who coordinates these people is well, incredible. And scary and exciting at the same time. As as if this wasn't enough, I've also got a job.
Sometimes I still have to remind myself that I'm at the end of my second year of Uni and I have a craazy amout of stuff to do and I don't really have that much time, but I'm still hoping to fit everything into my agenda. I hope I will do it. But you know, being a full-time student, having a part time job, being constantly involved in a Students' Representation and spending so much of time time in the University AND having a blog and a little bit of life is a little bit hectic. I've always wanted to do more with my life, so here I am. This is why for the past few weeks I was opening my blog couple of times a day and just staring at the screen thinking of all the things I could do with it and just turning it off again. Yup, so this is it, this is my crazy life which is really quite crazy right now. But I honestly like it. And trees have already bloomed, it's all green and beautiful and whenever the Spring comes around, all of my doubts about it being my favorite season of all time completely disappears. I only wish it would stay around for longer.
How are you doing? What's been the best thing that happened for you lately?

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April 24, 2015


Friends is my favorite TV show in the existence of the TV shows and one of the reasons is because, well, it's about friends. Romantic relationships are amazing to have in life, but friendships are something so special that it's a little hard to explain. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about and I hope that everyone reading this has at least one truly special and important friend in their lives because these people around us make life much more bearable at times and definitely much better. I don't have a ton of close friends, but I have some pretty amazing girls in my life and I'm really glad I know them. However, I've learned some pretty important lessons in life about friendships that not all are that pretty.

. When it's right, you will feel it .

You know those times when you meet so many people, have little random conversations with them and never talk to them again because there is no need anymore? But there are also these times when you meet someone and you click with them instantly. There is that magic spark or call it whatever you want, but it lets you talk with someone you met two hours ago like with someone you've known for years. You can feel that you can be fully yourself around them even though you've known them for so little. If this happened, congrats, this doesn't happen too often but it's just bloody amazing!

. People grow apart . 

This is a very sad truth and you will learn it the hard way because well, there is no easy way realizing it. But everyone deals with it, so you probably won't be an exception. When we are in high school or University, we always promise to the friends we have that these friendships are for life, but the truth is that not all of them can last a lifetime. This is very sad and heartbreaking when you see that someone you've known for years and loved spending your time with has completely changed or you changed and you just have nothing in common anymore. But I feel like it's a little hard to still be friends with people you've been friends when you were 10 years old and liked watching cartoons a little too much when you are 20 something. 
This is just life and if people leave your life, it's probably because someone new and amazing is going to come into your life very soon. 

. Don't let people walk all over you .

I believe that this is one of the most important things you will learn in your life about the relationships with people around you. You are worthy of people who love you, when you put your feelings, heart and time out to someone, you deserve to get the attention back to you. People who are never there for you, who use you in all of the ways you can imagine, are not your friends and they don‘t need to be. I know how difficult it is to stay away from people once you realize that they are no good for you, but it‘s the best thing you can do for yourself. It can be for a while, it can also be forever, but what matters is that you don‘t deserve to have people in your life who do not appreciate you.

. You don't need to be liked by everyone .

It‘s one of these things that you learn when you're growing up and I probably wouldn't have said this years ago. I would be absolutely lying if I said that I am completely alright with someone obviously not liking me, whether that‘s in real life, whether online. It sucks, it can be really hurtful but you know, there are so many people in the world that it is absolutely impossible to be liked by everyone. Just think, you also do not like all the people you meet in your life, sometimes they haven‘t even done anything bad to you, but it is what it is. So just remember that it is alright, if you haven‘t done anything bad, you can be calm and don‘t worry too much about it. Even the nicest people on earth have haters, so why worry, really?

. Embrace the lonely times .

There are times when you feel so lonely that it seems like your heart is going to break into hundreds of little pieces. It seems like you have people you know if your life, that you have friends but sometimes your phone is just quiet and you end up sitting at home without any plans and no people to talk to. I can't count the times this has happened in my life, but I've learned to embrace it more and more everytime it happened.
Sometimes it just happens and there is no need to worry, people who are your friends probably still are there for you, but there are times when people grow apart a tiny bit and it is also alright. It‘s probably temporary and you can spend time enjoying your company and it is pretty amazing as well and people will come back eventually. 

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April 20, 2015


recently watched films

The Vilnius Film Festival ended pretty much a month ago, but I feel like only know I placed all my memories into the places. I've mentioned that being a volunteer there was an absolutely amazing, mind blowing and letting me grow as a person experience but even more, I got to watch as many movies as I wanted. The only sad thing is that there is not enough time in the day to do everything you want, so in a week time I watched 13 films. This is pretty good, I'd say and I saw some bloody amazing ones and I think it's really worth sharing them with you!


The first movie I saw in the festival but one that definitely left an impression. It's a story about an older man, the Broadway star who is trying to find his way in the show world. I'm sure many of you have already heard about it as it won the Oscar for the best film this year and if you haven't seen it, do it! 
I loved the camera work, how it let us see the behind the scenes and made us a feel like a little part of Broadway. It shows so well how the lines between being a real person and actor intertwine, how the real person fades away and you seem to begin to mistake who you really are. But then again, it's probably difficult to find the line between the real world and the world that you create with the new characters you play.

What we do in the shadows

This is a wonderful comedy. It's a European film, so it's quite different from the Holywood ones but it's amazing. I didn't expect to like a film created like a documentary about the vampires in the modern world. I mean yes, it sounds bizarre and it's a strange film but it's really funny, everyone was laughing out loud. And no, it doesn't look anything like Twilight but there is quite a lot of blood involved because you know, vampires.


It's a Lithuanian film and I'm proud to say this because it's not that often when Lithuanian films are really good and pleasant to watch. It's a coming of age story and the two main characters are discovering the world and exploring the possibilities of the relationship world. It's esthetically really beautiful and the actors are gorgeous as well (the main girl became the best actress in Lithuania this year). I've also got to take care of the director and two members of the team at the festival and they are the nicest people. I don't know when it's going to be possible to see this film and where, as it's still traveling through festivals, but if you ever get the chance, go see it!

Gemma Bovery

I watched in on Sunday early in the morning and it was a perfect film for that time. It's a French film and it's really pleasant to watch. It's tied with the literature a lot and the surroundings are really beautiful as well. It was a perfect film for me to practice my French a little as the main girl is arriving in France from England, so her accent was really easy to follow. It's a lighthearted film with a couple of episodes of drama threw in and a little bit of comedy.

Advanced Style

This is a movie directed by Lithuanian girl living in New York. It's a documentary based on a blog about older stylish women on the streets. I love the idea of it, this blog, and a film shows that elderly people can be stylish, beautiful and interesting and it makes these years a lot less scary. We definitely do not get to see people looking like this at that age here in Lithuania, but I love the fact that out there people don't stop living once they reach the certain age. These women are so full of live even though they are in their 70's or 80's. It's definitely inspiring and moving. 

Which movies have you been loving lately?

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April 19, 2015


This past week it's been sunny, then raining, then snowing and then raining again and even though some people are really enjoying this crazy weather, I definitely missed my favorite season which looks like my favorite season.
To me, Spring is fresh, warm, a little windy, a little chilly but warm enough to grab a coffee and walk around my city buzzing with people, it's the season with all kinds of colorful flowers all around the city and trees snowing with blossoms. It's a perfect season for waking up early and seeing the sun show up after a little and quick rain, it's green, it's so green sometimes the color doesn't seem real, it has an amazing smell and it's always full of promises and new possibilities. It's a season of leather jackets, pastel wedges or white Converse shoes, red or coral lipstick, it's just good and beautiful, you know. This is the Spring I miss and this is why on Sunday evenings I scroll Pinterest and try to inspire myself while creating vision board after vision board.
I really hope your Spring is inspired, I hope it's beautiful and sunny and full of smiles.

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April 15, 2015



I left my teenage years several years ago and even though sometimes I still can't believe that I am a twenty-something girl, I feel like in these couple of years I've learned quite a few important things about life. I wish I could somehow meet myself when I was a scared, shy and sometimes lonely teenager, hug myself and make sure that everything will turn out to be fine and if not exactly fine, as least there will be some pretty great lessons learned along the way.

1. Don't be scared so much

Go out and do things! Join the clubs in school, be active, go volunteer, go to events where you want to go even though you have no one else who wants to go with you. Go alone, you can meet loads of amazing people and it is not as scary as it seems. I really wish I could tell this myself and I would listen to what older me is saying because that would've made my high school years even better. I missed out on quite a few things because I was too scared and didn't have enough self-confidence. 

2. Having a boyfriend doesn't define your worth

I got my first boyfriend way after everyone else did and I can't lie and say that there weren't times when I was very sad and thought there was something seriously wrong with me because that wouldn't be true. But apparently things weren't so wrong with me because I eventually got myself a boyfriend, right? It's much better to be alone than in a bad company, so it's much better to wait to find the person that's right for you. There are a lot of important things happening in your life when you are a teenager, so not having teenage relationship problems is actually quite a good thing. You do not become better if you do have or not have a boyfriend.

3. Good for you for being yourself

There was a time in high school when all of the girls looked the same, you seriously couldn't say who is who if you saw them from the back. So dressing a little differently was a really good thing for me. I've always had hair who made me different and I've always had a style that was a little different as well. I never was a punk or goth or something like that, I just wore different clothes and didn't want to look like everyone else, so shopping in a thrift shop is a wonderful thing! And if you want wear big bows in your hair, have big necklaces or wear brightly colored tights, do it!

4. High school popularity isn't that important

There is no need to fit in desperately in the group of people you have nothing in common with. Popularity isn't such a big thing in Lithuania, there aren't any of these things you see in American films but there are still people who are "cooler" and the others who are not. But that is such a bullshit, really. I never tried to be one of the popular kids and I never was and most of the time it felt alright but there were definitely times when it sucked quite a lot. You know when they all hang out in a group, go to parties and have tons of pictures on Facebook from all of their parties? Yes, that part sucked but the older I got, the more I understood that having your group of people is a lot better than the group of friends who end up turning fake. After all, after high school this popularity thing doesn't mean anything at all.

5. Life does not stop after high school

I was so so afraid to graduate from high school, I was so used to my routine, to all the teachers, all of my friends and everything that was so familiar for 12 years. When everyone else wanted to spread their wings as soon as it's possible, I wanted to crawl under the table and say in high school forever. Now that I look back, I wouldn't go back there in a million years, that chapter is over and I'm very glad it is. As my future seemed very unsure after graduation, it seemed to me that it won't be a good one. I didn't have a good start of my uni experience but I've realized that life really does not stop after you leave high school, it's quite the opposite.

6. It is okay to start all over again

I don't deal well with disappointment, whether that's disappointing myself or others. But failing at something sometimes can be a very good lesson. You only have to find strength in yourself  to begin it all again, to start from scratch and build your life back up if it has fallen apart right in front of your eyes. We make mistakes, you can't always know if the decision you took is right for you or you will end up failing miserably once again, but it's worth trying to find it out. But you know what, it's important to have the courage to change the situation yourself because that can turn out to be the greatest thing you can do for yourself.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?
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April 14, 2015



Let's talk about apps. I love apps, who doesn't love them, really? Apart from amazing ones like Instagram (my all time favorite one), Twitter and Notes that I use every day, there are some amazing ones out there, I hope you find something useful!


DUOLINGO. This is quite obligatory for a languages student like me, isn't it? But really, it's an amazing and totally free app and I've been loving it since I've discovered it! You can choose among several popular languages, pick the level suited for you and learn a new language. I'm using it to help myself learn French and Spanish and I'm also planning to start learning a new language from the very beginning. Try it, it's really cool!


HEADSPACE. This is an another amazing app. It's definitely the best one I found so far for medidation and relaxation and I've searched a lot, believe me. This is a very cute app as well, with little short videos dedicated to each day. With a free version you get 10 days with little sesions of medidation and the guy that is the voice of Headspace has the most soothing voice ever. So if you ever feel stressed, download this app, plug in you earphones and start listening, I'm pretty sure you will feel better afterwards.


LUMOSITY. This is a very new app for me and this is an app dedicated for challenging your brain every day for a little bit. There are little challenges that test your problem solving, attention, speed and other skills with these little and cute games. I really enjoy it! Real scientists worked with creating it, so it's pretty cool.


TODOIST. Oh how I love this app! I've started using the website long before I downloaded an app but I've been searching the web for a while for a good to-do list page and I just didn't come accross this wonderful one for a while. But when I found it, I knew this is the one. You probably already know that I absolutely love to-do lists and this app is pretty perfect for me. You can create your own projects for everything - I have for books to read, shows to watch, blogposts to do and so on and there is also a list for every single day and let me tell you, it is very satisfying clicking these things from your list and getting that big tick sign.


VSCOCAM. This is one of the apps why I needed to get a new phone! It's brilliant, I love everything this app does. It's a photography app, I think you've already got that and it changed my Instagram game a lot. It has amazing effects and it makes every picture about a hundred times prettier in my opinion. I haven't tried many photo editing apps but I honestly don't even feel the need to because this one is all I could ask for!

Now tell me, which is you all time favorite app? Or if it's hard to pick, two apps!

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April 12, 2015



I haven't done one of these posts for a while (here's the last one about Santorini) and lately I've been feeling the biggest urge to go back to Amsterdam, so I think this is a very good reason to take a little walk around this beautiful city. 

I've been there several years ago when we were going to see Paris. Back then, Paris was the main thing for me to see, because you know, Paris, what else could you ask for, and Amsterdam was only the stop on the way back home. I remember I liked it then, but it was nothing compared to Paris I'd seen only couple of days ago. We arrived there early, so city was very foggy and quite empty and I was very tired after a couple of non- sleeping days. But it really had this special something about it, some kind of vibe that I definitely enjoyed. After a couple of hours, the sun started to shine and it became even more beautiful and more really beautiful people went to the streets.
Now that I just got this strange urge to come back there, I've started browsing through these pictures and just look at this city, it's gorgeous! Now that I'm writing it, I think that maybe it was The Fault In Our Stars and how beautifully the city looked there, that inspired my urge to get back to that city. All I know is that this very day I'd hop on the plane and just go there to walk these streets once again.

Have you ever been in Amsterdam? Did you like this city?







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April 11, 2015


Let's be completely and really honest here for a minute. I've realized one little and quite sad truth - I haven't been enjoying blogging so much lately as I've used to. It's sad to admit that to myself but it's probably for the best, now I can figure something out about it. I guess I just got lost in this whole blogging world and I've read too many advice posts how to blog better and the joy disappeared a tiny little bit. I'm pretty sure that the fact that I've been insanely busy lately has a lot to do with it as well. I didn't want to stop blogging for this crazy period and then I pressure myself into thinking that I'm not doing good enough, because you know, I haven't posted in 5 days and I don't even know how to make a post a good one anymore and let me tell you, this is not fun. But seriously, how do people manage to blog when they have a job or are raising kids? I was volunteering, had my classes and other uni stuff and blogging hardly fit in my agenda. Is that me not knowing how to organize my time, or is it actually pretty challenging? I actually have a lot of ideas and I'm sure I will fall back in love with blogging because now that I've realized I was pressuring myself a little bit too hard, I can stop doing that. I think that the way I feel about my blog shows and that doesn't make me happy at all. How do you deal with situations like these?
So now talking about the happier things, the Easter this year was a pretty good one. For the first time in years, there were so many of us at the Easter table and it was such an amazing feeling. Most of my family live abroad and we don't get to see each other a lot, so having my Godfather and his family with us was amazing. My little cousins are the most adorable kids and when they come up to me and hug me, I melt into one big pond. Of course, where is family, there is some drama involved, at least that's how it always is with our family. But despite everything, it actually was a very good holiday. Now it's been super strange trying to get back into the real world after the festival where I need to study and go to classes and it's been tough, not gonna lie. BUT it was sunny for two days straight and the sky was bright blue the whole time, so it's pretty awesome. Tell me, which day of the week was the best one and why?

» I've spent Easter in nature, in a very nice place with a forest around the house and it's been pretty amazing to hang out there.
» There were also deers! It was actually the first time I have ever seen one, so I spent a lot of time following around with a camera and staring at them.
» A coffee with a view.
» Stationery addicts unite! I bought these giant paperclips from Tiger and I love them! 

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April 9, 2015


Turn your phone off and relax

Yesterday (not) having my phone inspired quite a few thoughts in my very busy head. We live in the world where everyone and their grandma has a smartphone or at least a phone and while we are so connected all the time, it's so freakin' easy to get disconnected from the real world. I love having the world at the click (touch) of my phone but I absolutely do not love being a little dependent on it.
Yesterday I've had two very different encounters involving the phones. I went to have lunch with a friend and she is in the long - distance relationship involving quite a lot of drama, so she is basically living in her phone. So whenever we are somewhere, we talk a little and then we sit with a phone in our hand. We are not the closest friends, so I don't really mind and just accept the situation, but I see so many people doing this - couples sitting in a restaurant, families or even the groups of girls sitting and looking at their phones. And it is so sad! So then this same day my phone just died on me and there was no way of charging it, so I was in this strange situation of not having my phone. I didn't have the music to listen to, Instagram to browse through and I was left there with my thoughts. And you know what? I actually enjoyed it!

It's good for you

It's really important to disconnect sometimes from the digital world and yes, for most of us it's very difficult, but it's really necessary. I am very happy that I still don't freak out too much when I don't have my phone even though it's weird, I can still function. It's really good to turn your phone off for a couple of hours every day or every other day and just do all of the things you want without having it buzzing somewhere in your bed. 
You can focus on your writing, you can study a little bit more productively, read a book and you can relax more.

Nothing too important will happen

We are so used to having our phones at all times because you know, someone is reaaally going to call and it's going to be a very important call. Well yes, that could happen but I doubt you get these calls every day, so turning your phone off for a couple of hours won't harm anyone. You could probably warn some people who could call you about this so that they wouldn't freak out when they can't reach you. 
There will probably be some Facebook messages, Instagram notifications, and some e-mails when you will turn your phone back on, but most of them won't be that important, so they can wait until you come back. 

Inspiration can reach you more easily

As I was walking without any form of connection, my thoughts were buzzing inside my head and some of them were really interesting. At one point, I was searching through my bag for some piece of paper to write it down. And it was so cool! When you force yourself to focus on your mind, you can find out some pretty interesting things, so just let your thoughts speak to you. You could be inspired to have a talk with someone, to write a blog post or just change something you've wanted for a while. 
This way you can also connect with the world better. You can look up to the sky without a camera trying to capture it and just capturing it with your own eyes, you can watch people and it's always very interesting and you can finally hear the birds chirping when you don't have your music blasting in your ears. 

Do you turn off your phone a lot throughout the week?

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April 4, 2015


What a week it was! It's a little hard to believe that so many things can happen in one week, in seven days. You know, sometimes absolutely nothing happens in a week and I'm sitting at my laptop and struggle to think about a single thing I could write about and now it's the complete opposite - I'm struggling to fit all of my thoughts into one little post.
First of all I have to say that I'm beyond happy because this has seriously been the best week of this year so far. Here on the blog my week starts and finishes on Friday, so let's begin there. Last Friday my Godfather who lives far away in the USA and his wife and 3 adorable children came back to Lithuania. It was a little hard to contain myself standing there in that airport and thinking that in the couple of minutes I will get to see the faces of people I haven't seen for 8 years. Two of these children were born at that time, so even see the people of people I haven't ever seen. I love these people with my whole heart so even that would be enough for an amazing week, but wait, there's more.
I've mentioned a few times here that I was volunteering in a Vilnius Film Festival and it's sadly already over and I'm still trying to fit all of my memories into their places. In this festival I was working in a department with the international guests, so I got to meet so many amazing people from so many countries in the world and my job was to make sure that all of these people would have the best experience possible. I've had to visit the airport for many times, find lost people in the hotels, run around my city in the pouring rain, make hundreds of calls. There were many things that could go wrong, and, of course, they did because you know, the one day that more than 80 people are arriving, all of the flights have to be either cancelled or delayed. So the stress was the best friend and even though I usually don't handle it really well, I was probably enjoying everything too much to remember to be stressed out. To me, this whole experience was such a big step out of my comfort zone but it was very very rewarding. All of my days blurred into one big beautiful mess.

» The closing ceremony of the festival.
» Since it was either raining or snowing (yup, that's the Spring in Lithuania), only the flowers remind me that it's actually April and not the middle of Autumn.
» My beautiful city. I was waiting to pick up the guest from the hotel and I was admiring my city.
» When I'm saying that I got to meet a lot of amazing and inspiring people, I mean it. Just look at this picture - there am I smiling from ear to ear and Michel Hazanavicius. The one and only, the director of The Artist. I even got to speak with him a little bit (in French!) and he was also a very very nice person. 

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April 1, 2015


Happy April, everyone! It's a month with April showers, trees becoming green and flowers starting to bloom and weather becoming warmer
But I think I need to stop giving attention to how quickly time is passing by. If I don't think about it too much, it's alright because Spring is in full force right now and it's amazing, but if I do start to think about it, it terrifies me because I'm almost done with my second semester this year which means also with the second year of Uni. Pretty scary stuff, isn't it?
Anyway, we are here now to talk about the things I've loved this month and the things that made me happy. This was really a great month, I've had the fullest agenda throughout it and this is what I love the most, this is how I feel the most alive. In the midst of it I sometimes think that I'd rather spend the evening sleeping, but when I talk to myself and say no, Migle, this is what you wanted, so no sleeping for a while and then I become really happy again that I have loads of things to do.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Before I've been using The Loreal one but I've read great reviews about this Garnier one, so I decided to try it. It's also way bigger than the Loreal one, so it's also a big plus. So far, I really like it, it really cleans all of the makeup really quickly and doesn't dry the skin and that's what matters the most, isn't it?

I've been loooving this nail polish. This is really the nicest shade of blue and I would probably wear it all the time if I wouldn't be sad that it will run out quickly. And we don't get Barry M in Lithuania, so I'm cherishing the ones I have a lot. But seriously, if you have the chance to get this brand where you live, get this color (it's Blueberry) because it's amazing. See how it looks on my nails here 

This Seventeen Lip Lustre lip gloss has also been my favorite this month. I have no clue what the name of color is because it is definitely not on the package but it's a very nice pink with a little bit of shimmer, so it's perfect for Springtime!


The most played album this month was the amazing one by Sam Smith. In The Lonely Hour is an album I can listen to for hours and hours and it still wouldn't get boring I think.
The is also one song I love a lot. I've loved it for months already and I remember listening to it while flying to Manchester in January but couple of nights ago I've had a perfect experience of driving in the car at night with new friends and this song suddenly started to play on the radio. This moment right there was a perfection, this whole day was amazing but at that time I couldn't really handle just how amazing it was. Oh, and yes, the song is Kygo - Firestone.


I've seen quite a few movies this past month because I've been volunteering in a Vilnius Film Festival and one of the best perks was the chance to watch a lot of movies. I think I will do a separate post about it, but the ones I've liked the most are Birdman, What We Do In The Shadows and the Lithuanian one called Sangailė.
It's been such a nice catch up on the movies because I haven't been watching a lot of them these past few months and now in two weeks I've seen a lot of them!


I'm going to shamefully say that it's once again Pretty Little Liars. Since I found out about the Big ReveAl, I decided to rewatch the series from the beginning, so I've spent a crazy amount of time just watching all of these episodes. Once again, I've decided that the Halloween ones are the best thing out there and this whole story became a little bit clearer as I was watching it without any 6-month breaks. Then the day of the big reveal came and it wasn't as revealing as I've expected and I still have some theories that are not really fitting into the theme of the last episode and now it's a little painful to wait until the summer.



I brought these little knuckle rings from Manchester. I bought a pack of them in Primark and they were insanely cheap because there were around 10 of them in the pack. These 3 are my favorite, I've been wearing them quite a lot really and it's so funny because I was convinced tiny rings don't look good on me and used to wear only the ones with big gemstones but now I like wearing these little ones so much!


The best thing that has happened this month has definitely been a Vilnius Film Festival where I've been volunteering. This has been such a good and wonderful experience and even though I've expected it to be great because I wanted to join it for years already, I could not have expected it to be this amazing. Volunteering always pushes you out of the comfort zone but this time I was working with the guests of the festival, so it was the work with a lot of responsibilities, stresses, and happiness because speaking with those guests was amazing! And also meeting these new, amazing, like-minded people is one more amazing thing that makes this experience a million times better.


Was March good for you? What did you enjoy the most about it? 
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