January 31, 2015


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So we are already saying goodbye to the first month of 2015. I think I am finally starting to write 2015 instead of 2014, so this is a good sign. January has been a long month, as always, but it wasn't a particularly blah and blue one. It was a month filled with long nights of studying in the library, with early hours of coming back home after studying and just living a very wild life, you know. It has been a month when the blood in my veins was replaced by the crazy amounts of coffee, when sleep became a secondary thing because studying took over its place and I found myself writing long texts on my computer about everything and anything while I was pretending to be studying at 3 AM in the library. Thankfully, it all payed off and I finished the semester off on a very high note. After that, I got to go on a little trip to Manchester which has definitely been a big highlight of this month.
So here are the things that kept me going on the first month of the year :
rimmel lipstic in love with ginger

rimmel in love with ginger lipstick
color show light it up nail polish

I've been loving the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick that I found under the Christmas tree. It has such a nice shade of red {it is called In love with ginger, how cool is that name??}, I'd say it's a little bit more orange toned. I didn't have many chances to put this beauty on because library is sadly not really suited place for red lipsticks, but I got to use it often while in Manchester. I love how putting a red lipstick instantly makes you feel better and I still can't believe that I spent 20 years on this Earth before I got one.
My go to nails for this month were white with sparkly glitters on it. I wore this combination on New Year's even and couple of times after it, the sparkles look so much brighter when applied on the white polish and white color underneath them just looks very beautiful to me. The nail polish is Maybelline Color Show {Light it up}.
I seriously have a goal this year to watch more movies. I don't know what has happened to me in 2014, but I distanced myself from movies so much, I actually don't like it at all. I used to go to cinema a lot, I love the moment when you sit down in your comfortable chair, when lights get darker, you stop talking to your friend and turn to screen to watch a movie you've been waiting for so much. Now I hardly remember the last time I was in cinema. I watched one movie Two Night Stand this January and it is definitely not the best movie out there, but it's perfect for a cozy night in when you don't want anything serious on your mind. 

I am still loving Taylor Swift {I've been loving Clean, Wildest Dreams and This Love} and it's still as strange to me as it was a month ago, but I was also listening to some artists very different from her. The band Rhodes is not a very popular one but these guys are amazing. I've been listening to them a lot and they have a very calm and soothing music and lyrics and I enjoy their music a lot. My favorite songs are Breathe, Home and Your Soul. 
Hozier! I only found him in the last days of January, so, I'm cheating a little bit, but this guy is amazing! His song Take me to church has been a non stop list for a few days already.
Oh and also Years & Years! If you haven't listened to this amazing band, just drop everything you are doing know and do it!

If you want to check out my whole playlist, you can find my Spotify one over here and all of these songs are on there as well.

 Gilmore Girls are definitely winning this month! I even have a separate post about this show. But yes, I watched and am still watching it a lot, Stars Hollow has a very interesting life going on, I shall say.
Also, Pretty Little Liars, of course. Some people say that this show is getting worse with each episode, but I don't see that, I am probably enjoying it a little bit too much as I've started reading the theories that fans create in my spare time and I hear how a little crazy that sounds. But it's seriously addicting, all these theories who A, all these guesses that fans make and these evidences they find. Seriously, how people have this much of attention to details, it's super impressive. Who do you think A is if you watch the show? I'm very curious!

harry potter primark t shirt

LOOK AT THIS T-SHIRT. It has Hogwarts on it! I never expected to find something this amazing while cruising the isles of Primark, but I'm incredibly happy I did. I love how it feels, I love that it's grey and that it has all of the symbols of the house on it. I love love love this thing. 
crystal necklace studded bag

Also, I've been really loving my Mango bag. It's very big, black and has some studs on it, so it's just perfect to me.  This H&M necklace has been my go to one for the whole month, I could wear it everyday, I just really really like it! And I've received quite a few compliments about it, which is always nice. 
That should definitely be my little trip to Manchester. We've only spent 2 full days there but it was so fun to get out for a bit, forget everything at home, all the studies, exams and just hop on the plane and leave to a country far away from here where spring is starting to show more and more. It's been so fun to talk with my British accent (apparently I somehow have one even though I'm definitely not British), spend some time with my girls and enjoy beautiful architecture over there. I loved it, really!


What has been your favorite song of this month? 
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January 29, 2015


I just love how random ideas that come up in the conversations unexpectedly can turn out to be the things that really happen. The real, great things which make you smile from ear to ear. 
Last Summer, on a very hot day at the end of the Summer me and two amazing girls who I know from the age we all were 7 years old were walking through the woods and had a conversation and Manchester, where one of the girls is studying, came up into our conversation. After that one thing led to another and we bough the tickets to go and see her in the city far away from home. 
Even though we bought the tickets a long time ago, the waiting wasn't really difficult, there were times I honestly forgot about this trip, other times I was so busy that my head was filled with completely different things than the plane I would have to board in couple of months to go to a different country.
I was in Rome just couple of months ago, but I was already pretty excited to fly on the plane. I love planes, they have always fascinated me even long before I got to be on one and every time I get to fly, I am very excited. I don't particularly love the turbulence because I am an anxious person anyway and being on a plane which is shaking quite a bit is not the thing I enjoy the most. But I can spend hours just looking through the window and imagining myself walking on these clouds which look like candyfloss. Wouldn't that be cool?

We didn't stay there for long but it was a very very nice trip. Spending time with two amazing friends was amazing and Manchester was also city that I didn't expect to be that beautiful. We visited amazing, gorgeous and ancient libraries, walked the big and small streets, ate the best burgers I have ever tried, laughed very loudly, took a crazy amount of selfies, ate a lot of not so healthy food, talked for hours, admired English men and their accents and just enjoyed as much as we could. 
My little inner architect was very very happy seeing these buildings and almost all of the pictures I have are from the buildings as you can see here. It's mostly always the case when I travel, to be perfectly honest.



January 26, 2015


+  Here's why 2015 is going to be an amazing year in music. Adele, Florence + The Machine, The XX, Years & Years and Lana Del Rey. Oh my, so many of my favorites, I can't wait! 

+ 8 tips to opening yourself to love this year.  Let's make this the year of loving ourselves more!

+ Facts only Simpsons fan will find funny. This is for my fellow Simpsons fans, because I'm starting to guess that I've watched all of the episodes ever released, so I got every joke but if you haven't, these might seem ridiculous, just look at that Flanders costume.

+ Here are some things that you didn't know happen at the red carpet shows. Golden Globes just passed by, Oscars are coming and I find very exciting to find out more about these evens from the insider.

+ I have a strange fascination for architecture, it's a shame I don't know how to draw at all but the majority of the pictures I take are the buildings, windows, doors, walls or stairs. This post about old abandoned buildings and staircases in there made me a little bit too excited!
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January 23, 2015


This was a very unexpectedly long week. Even though I have finally passed all of my exams this semester and I'm free to enjoy my holidays, time didn't rush at all. I'm a little exhausted, to be honest, so I spent these past days just laying in my bed, catching up on Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, doing some yoga, writing some blog posts while calmly sitting in a cozy coffee shops, celebrating my Dad's birthday and being a little less productive than on the previous weeks. But it feel GOOD to be able to relax a little after these crazy weeks of studying and I've missed these times when the most important choice I had to make that day is what episode to watch next, or maybe watch a movie or read a book? Decisions, you know?
Anyway, this Sunday I have a little trip planned, so it's very exciting and my days are going to be filled with a little bit more action after these long and relaxed days. Also, the winter has definitely came back over here, so I'm really looking forward to escaping this coldness for a little bit.

How was your week? A relaxing one or a busy one?

I've made a little Tiramisu cake for my Dad which turned out really well and we had a really nice evening while eating it with a glass of wine. 

I think Luna should be a cat model, she is getting prettier day after day!

I recently finally updated to a new phone, it feels so good to be able to use a phone which finally works, my old one has finally gave up after many months of not properly working. 

I'm halfway through the sixth Harry Potter book and I'm already getting sad I'm nearly done with the rereading of the series. I still have three movies to watch again, so it's a little better. 

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January 21, 2015


If you like salted and sweet tastes combined, I think I have a little treat for you. When you don't want to go to the nearest coffee shop and spend a bunch of money on a Salted Caramel Latte, you can make one at home, it's pretty easy and also really good! I love the combination of sweet and salty, it's such an interesting taste but it's really good. I've tried a caramel doughnut with salt on top and it was also amazing!
I love that when you make this coffee at home, you can make it as strong or as light as you want to. I like my coffee strong, it's much stronger than the one I get in the coffee shop, so this is perfect for me. But if you like your coffee lighter, you can add as much milk as you want to!

What you'll need

♦ Vanilla sugar
♦ Cinnamon
♦ Caramel syrup
♦ Salt
♦ Brown sugar
♦ Milk
♦ Black coffee

How to?

• Melt a little bit of butter in the pan, add brown and vanilla sugar, caramel syrup, cinnamon and melt it all together for a bit
• Pour a little bit of milk on top and stir it all
• Prepare your coffee and then pour the mixture from the pan into your coffee
• {Optional} You could add some whipped cream on top, I'm pretty sure this would be a great touch, I think next time I will definitely try adding it!

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January 19, 2015


gilmore girls binge watching

I did not grow up with Disney movies being a part of my days, I still haven't watched the majority of them and I should be even saying that out loud because you would be screaming whaaaaat if I mentioned which ones my eyes haven't seen. Anyway, the point of this is that I still haven't seen a lot of things that pretty much everyone saw or grew up with. One of them is Gilmore Girls. Before I started watching it, it was one thing in Google which used to pop up when I was searching something for Gossip Girl or New Girl (I seem to love the shows with the word girls in it).  I've only started watching this wonderful show last December and I was completely hooked from the very first episode. It doesn't happen all that often to me but it's just very nice. Not that nice in the fact that I spend hours just watching episode after episode and now I have been binge watching it non stop.

This show is an incredible example of the relationship between Mom and her daughter both named Lorelai, these characters all speak really quickly, there are some really questionable fashion choices (it was early 2000 when this show first aired on TV), loads of coffee, the nicest grandpa, Luke, Michel, a lot of books and it also is really heartwarming show and when I'm not having the best day or I simply want to make the day even better, I always turn to this little world of Stars Hollow. So if you're looking for a new show to watch, pick this one, I'm sure you would like it! I just can't imagine someone not liking this show and I mostly choose the shows with shorter episodes but 45 minutes just fly by while watching this show. So make a big cup of coffee, sit comfortably and just enjoy. I'm sure you will!

The signs that your coffee addiction is out of hand. Does anyone also feel like making another cup of coffee while watching this show? I know I do!

Are any of you also binge - watching some shows right now? Which ones?

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January 17, 2015


 The second full week of the new year was spent studying for a little too much, because my body said it was enough one day, passing two exams (only one to go!), eating donuts on a great sleepover after a long studying session and after my exam - I can't help myself, they are just too good!, buying crystal-y looking necklaces, writing my 300th post on the blog, writing in my journals a lot, sometimes cooking a very decent looking lunch for myself, going to sleep at crazy hours in the morning and drinking loads and loads of coffee. Oh and I've started the second season of Gilmore Girls, so there were a couple of (a lot of them) episodes thrown in that madness of studying. Thank goodness, it wasn't that cold outside, not that I got to be outside a lot but when I did, it was nice not to run to the nearest building and we even got to see sun couple of times! Where I live it is a big deal to see the sun in the middle of January!

What was your one favorite thing from this week which made you smile like a crazy person?

My new amazing necklaces from H&M

Luna loves sniffing flowers

This donut place is seriously amazing, I loved that brown donut - it's with caramel and salt, oh my!

Writing in a journal with a big cup of coffee is so relaxing.

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January 14, 2015


Ways to have a better day
New year has started, Christmas is over, we all probably took our decorations down, it's probably very cold if you live in a colder climate, it's also grey and it gets dark really early, we've all came back to school, university, work or any other responsibility you might have and it's very easy to get into slump and feel like you've forgotten how your smile looks like. January can also be a very good month for you, it doesn't have to be blue, blah or boring, it can be a good month with one (or couple) of days frown in which are just not nice for you. If everything goes wrong, there are things you can do to make it go right. There is hope, there are things you could do to make your day brighter, to make yourself happier and smile with a big and bright smile!

1. Paint your nails different colors. 

Normal is boring, isn't it? Pick two or three different colors, do some polka dots, stripes or smiley faces or better, paint your nails all the colors of the rainbow. No matter how old are you, rainbow nails are always cool! Maybe not on the day of your job interview, but you get the idea.

2. Play with your pet. 

I still try to figure out how on earth I lived before we got our gorgeous Luna running around our home. Animals bring so much happiness, when you're not feeling okay, you can hug your animal, squeeze them a little bit (I can't help myself) and hear how they purr or bark or do other sounds that animals do and you really will feel better.

3. Watch a movie you love. 

The one which always puts you in the best mood, the one that always makes you smile, and the one where you know the majority of the words. Just sit comfortably, turn the lights off and have a very cozy evening while enjoying the movie. Or just watch Gilmore Girls or Friends - these two never fail to make me warm and fuzzy inside!

4. Write it out. 

I've owned a journal from the time I was 10 years old and my writing has obviously changed a lot since then but I never gave up the idea of having it. I love writing, every day before I go to sleep, I write in several notebooks and I always feel better after doing it. You don't even have to have a journal of your own, you can just pick up the piece of paper and let your hand write your thoughts. Try it, I think you will like it!

5. Breathe. 

When we are stressed, anxious or just tired we forget to breathe properly sometimes and it's really not good. Every once in a while sit down, don't let anything or anyone distract you, close your eyes and just breathe really deeply. You can count as well - breathe in while you count to 4 and breathe out at the same rhythm. You will instantly feel calmer and much better.

6. Buy yourself some flowers. 

You should not wait for someone else to buy you flowers, you can buy them yourself. Your room will look prettier, brighter and it will make you smile.

7. Have a little dance party in your room. 

Play music really loudly, sign at the top of your lungs (I'm sure neighbors won't mind this too much) and dance until you can't move anymore. You will sweat a little and you will forget about your bad mood.

8. Clean your room a little bit. 

I believe in saying tidy room, tidy mind because I can't concentrate will all the mess around me so instead of getting the clutter make your life a little bit more complicated than it needs to be, clean your room as often as you can. And make your bed in the morning! I know it seems a little pointless, but it's worth it, your room will be a lot nicer this way.

9. Wear the most beautiful underwear you have. 

No one needs to know that you are wearing a pink bra with sparkles or panties with little owls on it, what matters is that you will feel nicer having this little secret with yourself.

10. Look at the mirror, look straight into your eyes and smile with a very big smile to yourself. 

Do this every time you leave your home and you will have your day to a better start.

Now it's your turn. What do you do when you are feeling blue? 

P.S I just noticed it's my 300th post on the blog!!! 

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January 13, 2015


 + I love Jessica's blog and this post of the top places she visited in 2014 is absolutely amazing. Swooning over these gorgeous places!

+ I LOVE this. I would love to have a little tattoo on my wrist but since I'm the biggest crier and the person who is terrified of needles, I'm still not prepared for that, so for now I'm just going to look at gorgeous tattoos on other people.

+ Umh, yes! Girls are back and I'm very very excited. I love this show so much and let's forget all the controversy that has been all around Lena Dunham, I still think she created an amazing show which is just a joy to watch. Here are the reasons to be excited about it being back!

+ I love this list of top libraries in the world! I have a strange love for libraries, maybe it's due to the fact that I've always been the biggest book lover and being in library inspires me so much. Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève in Paris, New York Public Library and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.c all seem absolutely amazing, I would love to spend my time in places like this. Thankfully we have an amazing library in Vilnius as well!

+ Golden Globes AND selfies from the backstage? I've heard it was a great show this time and seeing selfies from the real backstage is kinda cool, isn't it?

{I've also updated my archives a little bit, come have a look at my travel or tips pages!}

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