February 25, 2015


You know what feels really nice? Falling back in love with the city your living at. We always talk about visiting new cities, exploring new countries and cultures when sometimes (and quite often, really) we don't even know our surroundings. But you know what? Sometime's it's really fun to look at your city you've been living at for many years with different eyes and become a little tourist in it. I've been living in my city for my whole life (ahem, 21 years) and sometimes I get incredibly bored with it and want to hop on a plane and leave it, but when Winter ends and city becomes all green and beautiful again, I feel myself falling back in love with it all over again. And it's so cool!

Take a different road to your school / work

You've been walking the same road for many years and it has probably become super boring and you just walk like a little robot, without noticing anything around and just trying to reach your destination. But the next time you have to take this road, try taking a different road! It may be longer, it's even better if it's longer, but you will feel much better after doing so. You won't have to walk like a robot in a place that it's so familiar it hurts, you will see something new and you will arrive at your destination with a smile on your face. What could be better?

Look from above

Go to a tower or on the top of the hill or just to a very tall building and just look at your city from above. I cannot really imagine a city that would not look good this way when you can see every roof, tree and street from above. If you're not enjoying your city at the moment, climb on a hill and you will shift your perspective pretty easily, I think!

Go to the new cafés in your city

We all have this one favorite place where we like to get our coffee at. But instead of doing it, try finding a new place to get your coffee the next time! I'm pretty sure you already have some place in mind as you're reading this, that one place which always seems so cozy and nice, but you just walk pass it and go to your usual place. There are so many beautiful little or bigger cafes in every city (I'm pretty sure yours is no exception), so just expand your horizons and just go for it! Sit by the window with your big cup of coffee and spend some time looking through the window at people walking by, it's really fun!

Try walking more often

It's so much easier to hop into a car or take a bus instead of using your own feet and walking to where you need to be. We all do this, I do this as well, but sometimes it's SO nice to take a walk. Vilnius is not a huge city, so it's pretty easy to reach everything you need by feet and I love it, so when the weather is nice, I always try to take a walk instead of taking a crowded bus. So, unless you live in LA (I've heard no one walks there), I encourage you to take a walk as well! It's also a good exercise that you won't even feel you're doing, but you will also see your beautiful city even better than you would from the window of your car. 

Look Up

You can see incredibly beautiful things once you look up to the skies! All of these balconies, the churches, beautiful windows, the roofs are mostly seen only when you raise your head and all this beauty is not noticed enough. Try to put your phone into your bag and just look up to the sky and you will see so many beautiful parts of beautiful buildings and if the sky is blue, it's even better!

Take pictures

Take your camera or your phone and just take a walk like a real tourist who takes pictures of everything. I take pictures of everything anyways, so for me it's definitely not a problem to take a picture of a place I've seen for decades. Just go out and about your city and take pictures of everything beautiful that you see and I'm sure you will realize how many amazing places there are in your city once you have a memory card full of pictures. Go to the sights, go to the little streets or corners that tourists would definitely not know about and just explore your city without any real plans to reach a certain place, just explore like you would be visiting a city far away from your home.

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February 21, 2015


I have to remember to count my blessings. I believe that only when we appreciate what we do have, instead of what we don't, life becomes much brighter. And after quite a challenging time ( Februaries seem to be quite a difficult months to me these past years), I finally am feeling better and I appreciate it loads!
This past weekend was a beautiful little one, exactly what I've needed to feel better. I've spent the time with some of my favorite girls, laughed until my face started hurting, had some cocktails, went to see Fifty Shades Of Grey ( that's how single gals celebrate Valentine's day these days) and just relaxed a lot. Oh, I just have to mention it again, I got to see Ed Sheeran and goodness, that was awesome and amazing and the best thing ever, and I'm still playing his songs all the time and I really just fell in love with this guy once again. And this week even sun started showing more and more and snow is melting away and it's definitely a sign Spring is coming! I'm going to ignore that some kind of cold is starting to attack me and just shake it off because it's the weekend and being ill is definitely not in my plans.

I love seeing how my gratitude jar is filling up more and more, it's such a nice feeling! 
  When sun starts shining again after the Winter, my city becomes one incredibly beautiful place once again.

Yup, another one picture of Ed Sheeran from the show. I was so so amazing and if you love this beautiful redheaded guy, you should definitely go see him play live!

This is how I miss the sunshine, it seems completely normal to look up to the blue sky and take pictures of it. Even though trees are completely naked, blue skies make everything better.
I love when I get the chance to hang out with this big beautiful boy living in my Friend's home. He is a very good-looking cat, I shall say!

P.S. { 10 ways to have a better day }, { My 8 favorite bloggers }, { Rome City Guide }

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February 18, 2015


I should probably mention that I read A LOT of blogs, my Bloglovin' is always showing at least 1000 new posts and it takes ages for me to read all of them, but I just like too many different things - lifestyle, beauty, fashion and everything in between. I've realized recently that I have never even done a post where I was sharing my favorite bloggers, so here we go! I won't mention the most popular ones that everybody and their Mom knows about, these are a little bit smaller, but amazing blogs by the very lovely ladies which I enjoy reading a lot.

Zoe London

 photo zoe london_zpsc6lbn4wn.jpg

I completely fell in love with Zoe's blog lately, even though I'm pretty sure I was following it for a long time already, but lately it became one of my favorites. She updates it daily, never fails to surprise with great content ideas, great pictures, great writing and I just adore her hair, of course! I also think she has a great personality and she is a DJ, how cool is that?? If you don't follow this great blog, hurry and definitely do it!

Briar Rose

 photo briar-rose_zpsdmy0ubkf.jpg

Megan has incredible style and I just always look at her pictures completely mesmerized, she is like a living Disney princess. I wouldn't probably have the courage to wear everything she does, but these beautiful dresses that look like their from ancient times or tulle skirts are just amazing. Oh and her hair, once again, I love someone's hair!

Awash With Wonder

 photo awash-with-wonder_zps8m6xjon4.jpg

The main reason, why I love Shannon's blog, is her writing. She just knows how to make words flow perfectly and make one beautiful piece of text. The subjects she writes about are also super interesting and whenever I find a new post in my Bloglovin', I am very excited to read it!

Loud As Love 

 photo loud-as-love_zpstwrhhhgz.jpg 
I have been following Lauren's blog for the longest time, I'm pretty sure I was following it even before she changed its name. I love everything about it - the stories, the pictures, and the most adorable cats, of course! When I saw her gorgeous cats on her blog, I was completely convinced my family needs to have a British Shorthair. I've also recently won a giveaway on her blog and now can say that she is the nicest person as well!


 photo alphabeth_zps32tklqkf.jpg

This is a blog by languages student just like I am and I really enjoy reading this blog that Beth has. It's mostly lifestyle, but he also has book reviews, great pictures from beautiful places and one bonus, she is also a very nice person!

Tiny Paint Pot

 photo tiny-paint-pot_zpss82a8dhz.jpg 

This is a very lovely blog about everything - lifestyle, beauty, gorgeous illustrations she creates, travel and just life in general. Aaand, she has a hedgehog Herbert as an animal, this is so cool! This is just a very lovely blog, I like it a lot! 


  photo tuula_zpsugd0bkt3.jpg

I'm pretty sure you already know this swoon-worthy blog that Jessica writes. I follow it mostly for the travel pictures, but Jessica also has a great style, but the travels were what made me fall in love with it in the first place. When you'll see the pictures on this blog, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about. 


 photo kayture_zpsre5r6amt.jpg

This is the blog I always go to when I need to see how people lead a beautiful and inspiring life. I started following Kristina's blog a very long time ago, when she was still in high school in Switzerland and since we are the same age, it was very interesting to me. And it still is, because her life seems to be very exciting, she is so sophisticated and it's pretty much the only fashion blog I actually read at the moment. The photography is also incredible, check it out!

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February 16, 2015


Oh my, this was an incredible, heartwarming, putting the best smile on my face kind of experience and I still can't believe it happened. No, I didn't get to meet him, although that would definitely be INSANE, no, I just went to his concert and saw only a small person on this big stage singing with the most beautiful voice and British accent you could imagine. But it was so so amazing. This guy is amazing!
Before going to the concert I was not even THAT excited, I mean, I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful ginger guy, but was not jumping from the excitement as it was as I was waiting for Kings of Leon to come on the stage. But the moment he stepped on that stage wearing his checked blue shirt and red sneakers I fell in love with him and his music even more. And honestly, how can you not love this guy? He is so so talented, so adorable, shy and seems to be so down to earth. He was kind of surprised to see so many people sign his songs in this country he's been to for the first time and his smile as the crowd was singing was so precious. And he is so cute! I'm the only one of the group of my friends who actually finds him attractive, but I guess that's just some kind of ginger vibe happening here!
I believe in quote "collect moments, not things" very much in life and try to live by it as much as I can, because there's simply not that many things in life as seeing someone you love play live on a big stage surrounded by a big crowd singing at the top of their lungs. As he was singing Give Me Love, I got this amazing, warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach and I just felt so happy standing in that crowd while people were waving with their phones and filling the whole arena with their lights.
Now me being the me I am, I'm going to spend couple of weeks obsessing about him a little bit, meaning reading many articles on the Internet, watching every possible video online and just playing his music all over again. I just can't help doing it and I just keep on dropping random facts to my friends randomly for a couple of weeks. They just got used to this, I guess and just patiently listen.
These kind of experiences prove that dreams can actually come true. And it's the best feeling in the world if you ask me. And now all of the songs will sound different, just like it always happens after hearing them live, they sound better because they always remind of these amazing memories.

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February 13, 2015


 photo great_things_on_the_web_zpsefwjewl4.png

+ Ever wondered what people who love themselves do differently? Here's an answer for you. It's a great article and I definitely should do these things more often and you should too!

+ For all the Disney fans out there - see how Disney princesses would look if they had realistic hair. It's so cool, I loved it!

+ Sometimes I can't believe that World is truly this beautiful. Somehow I think after seeing these pictures from Portland, Jamaica, you will start to wonder as well.

+ After seeing these gorgeous pictures you might start to feel serious winter blues and want to hop on the plane as soon as possible (I know I did!). This post about coping with winter blues might be very helpful.

+ My inner geek loved this post with illustrations with puns on them. No wonder I'm studying Languages!

+ Comparison is a very wrong game to play (but we all play it anyway), instead you could try to find things which you and only you are capable of giving to the World.

+ And since it's Valentine's day tomorrow, this quiz about finding out which guy from Friends is your soulmate, seemed very appropriate. The best part is that I got Chandler, I am very okay with it!

I want to wish each and everyone a very happy Valentine's day while doing something you really enjoy and if you're dreading tomorrow because you're single or getting over your break up you totally shouldn't dread this day, choose to enjoy it instead!

And tell me, if you could go anywhere in the World today, what would You choose?

February 11, 2015


food treat for valentine's day

 Valentine's day is just around the corner and whether you like to celebrate it or not, it's nice to treat yourself on this pink day and make something fun and tasty to eat, because we all do love food, don't we? And it's even better when it's pretty to look at (especially for those who love Instagram!).
These three recipes are really easy and I'm pretty sure you would enjoy sharing them with someone you love or just with yourself because this is also very very nice!

pink waffles with berries

valentine's day pancakes with cream

Pink pancakes / waffles with whipped cream and berries

I loved making and eating these! You can literally use every possible combination for the pancakes mix, the only thing I've added was red food coloring, this made my pancakes or waffles or whatever you want to call them pink. I'm pretty sure that if you make them in a frying pan, they would look even pinker because my waffles became a little bit brown instead of fully pink.
 Of course, after making them I just had to add whipped cream, raspberries (you can use any berries you like) and little hearts on them. It takes a little bit of time to prepare all this but it's so much more special to eat the breakfast like this and you deserve to feel special!

healthy smoothie berries spinach

pink smoothie with spinach and berries and orange

Pink smoothie

I've blended spinach, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, orange and a little bit of water and it turned out really good. It's definitely not the sweetest smoothie you can make but it's really good and refreshing. I really really liked it. Also, if you have the chance to get fresh berries, I'm sure it would taste even better!

easy red velvet cake

Red velvet cake

This is definitely one of my favorite desserts ever. This one is a little bit harder to make but oh boy, it tastes heavenly, so if you have a bit of free time on your hands and if you love to bake, try this recipe, it's amazing! I've done a full post about this beauty last Spring and now as I'm looking at this picture I just imagine how amazing it would be to have a piece of this cake with a cup of coffee... I think I'm going to make this one really soon! 

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February 9, 2015


9 tips to survive a break up

First of all, I am really sorry if you got your little heart broken. Loosing someone that has been a big part of your life is a terrible thing and you probably feel awful, but it's temporary, I hope you know this. It takes time to feel better, but you WILL feel better, I promise. I've been there, most of us been or will be there and even if it sucks big time, it can help you learn some pretty important lessons about your life. You probably don't think about any lessons right now when you feel like giving up on life, but don't you worry, I have some tips for you which, I hope, will help you to feel just a liitle bit better.

1. Cry it out

You deserve to cry as much as you want to at this point. You've got your heart broken, you probably feel like it's been ripped out of your chest, so you are allowed to cry. Cry until you can't anymore, until you've had enough of it and you get bored of it. Don't keep it all in, cry and let yourself wallow while you're mending your little heart. This is a perfect time to listen to Adele and Taylor Swift and cry as you're singing these songs. And after you're done singing Someone Like You, you are never getting back together, like, ever.

2. Don't stalk them on social media

After you've done crying or in between crying sessions you are probably going to have a big urge to check your ex on every possible social media. It's a bad idea, trust me. You don't need to know or see what he is doing, it definitely won't make you feel better if you're going to see a new picture he posted two nights after you guys broke up and you won't see sad songs posted on his Facebook wall that you're expecting to find. I would even advice to remove them from social media at all, I don't really believe in being friends with your ex and keeping people who just make you unhappy in your social media life is just unnecessary I think. This way you won't even have a chance to stalk you ex whenever you have a little bit too much wine, when you feel lonely on a cold winter night or in the middle of a great party. 

3. Don't write or call them

Sure, there are some situations in life when it's just impossible to avoid contact with your ex, but if it's possible, don't.do.it. It doesn't help anyone because break up has already happened and talking to them won't help you feel better, even if you think it will. Hearing your ex happy will drive you mad, because why isn't he sad when I can't stop crying??, but hearing him sad won't make you happier either. You don't have things to discuss anymore, you are not a part of each other lives and that article you found that he would definitely like, really shouldn't be sent to him. Make a deal with your best friend that you could call them when you're feeling your hand reaching the phone. Most importantly, DON'T call them when you're a little bit tipsy, that's just not needed, sweetie.

4. Don't forget to take care of you

If you got your heart broken, that doesn't mean your life has ended. You can spend couple of days at home with your baggiest pajama pants and loose t-shirt with Lisa Simpson on it, but in couple of days you will have to take a shower and leave home,  so just put on makeup on, paint your nails, put on the nicest dress you have and walking down the streets with your head held up high.
I didn't even let myself spend any days in my baggy clothes, I felt like I shouldn't stop taking care of myself just because my heart was not beating in my chest for a while. I believe that when you look good, when you put effort into putting your makeup on and doing your hair, you instantly feel better. And isn't that exactly what you need?

5. Be with people you love

Don't isolate yourself at home, go outside, spend time with people you love. You have probably neglected your best friends and your family when you got into a relationship, so it's a perfect time to say sorry and ask them to help you get your life back together. Your friends are probably awesome people, so they will help you without even asking and I was fortunate enough to have amazing friends helping me every step of the way and my family who really took care of me. Also, apologize in advance that you will be speaking a little bit too much about your ex for a couple of weeks probably. Just spend time with people who love and support you, go to grab some coffee, go to cinema, take a walk, do whatever makes you happy, just don't spend time surrounded by your 4 walls, it is going to be much harder to feel better when you are stuck in your room and thinking about every little conversation you guys have had. 

9 tips to help yourself during a break up

6. Get rid of the things that remind you of your ex

Take the pictures from the frames, from your walls, put these stuffed animals, these earrings you got on Valentine's day and letters into a box, put all of the clothes you might have left to the box as well and put it somewhere you don't see every day. You can also burn all the letters and pictures if you feel like it. Everyone deals with the pain differently, there's nothing wrong with it. Just put all of these things away, even the smallest ones that remind you of them, so you could move on without all these little bits and pieces reminding you of this part of your life you are trying to move on from.

7. Rebound relationships are probably a bad idea

It's oh so tempting to get into a rebound relationship after getting your heart broken, because it gets incredibly lonely at times, but it's not a wise thing to do while your heart is still broken into many little pieces. Rebound relationships can't really last that long, because you're getting into them for the wrong reasons and it's not really fair to the other person as well, because they might really like you, without even knowing they are just your rebound. Just wait some time until you feel like yourself again to get into a new relationship. It's really healthy to be alone for a while, to get yourself back together, to understand all the lessons from the past relationships and understand what you want.

8. Write it all out.

I say writing helps for everything, but it does help incredibly after a breakup. You can create a little ritual for yourself, light some candles, grab a glass of wine or tea, play some music and write it all out, all of the feelings you have, all the regrets you have and all the words you wish you've said to him, but never got the chance to. Cry if you need to, stop if you need to, come back after a while. Letting your feelings out on the paper can help you incredibly, just try to, you will see what I'm talking about.

9. Be kind to yourself

Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself. You've had a big, traumatic experience in your life and you have to remember to love yourself. Treat yourself nicely, pamper yourself, go shopping if you need to, watch, read and listen to anything you want, go out, stay in, exercise, have little dance parties, sing at the top of your lungs. 
Mending your hear will take some time, for some it will be a very quick process, for some way longer and harder experience. But it's temporary, time will mend all your wounds and you probably would like to punch everyone who says that time is healing in the face, but these people are saying the truth. Time will pass, you will forget how many days you haven't seen him or for how many days, weeks and finally months you've been single and you will learn to enjoy your life all over again. Break ups can make you learn some great things about yourself, show you what you want in your new relationship and what you don't want and they also show you just how strong you are. Because you are. You have learned some important lessons in the relationship and you will learn some pretty important ones once you're out of it. Believe me, it might turn out to be a very good thing for you, if you only let yourself embrace the change. 
Sun will start to shine, lovely, and don't forget to smile and you will be fine! ♥ 

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February 6, 2015


things that make me happy

This has been quite a challenging week to me, if I'm honest. My anxiety has been really high, my body started aching, I've had the strangest dreams looking like thriller movies and I was just feeling very blue and I still haven't managed to find a reason why this is happening and it's incredibly frustrating. Maybe it's the full moon, maybe getting back to Uni after the holidays or maybe just thoughts getting a little bit too loud inside my head. Anyway, this week it was a little more important to find these little things that could help cheer me up a bit.

I've had a dance class, met up with a friend to eat donuts and watch one of my all time favorite movies Amelie, played with my cat and felt so at peace when she was purring on my lap (it's a shame she doesn't stay still in the same position), finally went to cinema to see The Theory Of Everything, tried to stay away from my laptop and phone a little bit more, did some yoga and it helped me feel a little bit better.
Hope everyone is having a great week! What are your plans for the weekend?

tissue paper tassel garland

I hanged my little DIY tassel garland  that I made last Spring up and I really like how it looks on my wall now.
american doughnuts

So this happened when my bestie came to my home to watch a movie. It seems like whenever we meet, we eat donuts. But it's impossible to stop when they are THAT good!

This is one incredibly exciting thing I've got today. Last December I won a little giveaway that lovely Lauren had on her blog and today I picked that parcel from the post and I wasn't really expecting to find so many great little bits inside. This has definitely brightened my day up loads!

This is the book I won on that giveaway and I know that Christmas is not on everyone's mind and that's a good thing, because Spring is coming after all, but I'm very excited I got this, because it has some amazing recipes for Christmas and I will definitely be using it once December comes.

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February 4, 2015


being happy being you

We've all heard this – be you, always be yourself but I wonder how many of us are actually real authentic selves in our everyday lives. I have to admit that until last year I was rarely really 100 % myself, as sad as that would sound. I think sometimes we even do this unconsciously, even without realizing we are actually putting on a mask on ourselves just be fit in somewhere, to be accepted. And I don‘t really mean being completely different person around others, so different that your at home self would not recognize you, no, it can be just as simple as not expressing yourself fully because others might not approve your opinion, dressing differently so you wouldn't be judged, not doing something you want just because you might be not understood. It's not easy to escape situations like these, they seem to be everywhere we go -  at school, at work or with relatives, friends, significant others.
 But I have to tell you a little secret – miracles can happen once you decide to become your true authentic self you've always were meant to be. You won't even know until you decide to try, so you should definitely try to become to be yourself the sooner the better. I think you should try being more and more yourself starting tomorrow.
There were times in my life when I was trying to be someone I wasn't around the people I was studying with in university or when I was still in high school. Me being in that Uni was already not me, me talking to them and trying to fit in desperately was even more not me.
I was not feeling all right when I was there but once I got out of the situation, only then I've realized what it means being yourself and how amazing it actually feels. I was pretty sure I was the real me the whole time, just holding myself a little bit, but oh boy, was I wrong. After a little while I've realized that I was holding myself back a lot and once I've started to let go of this I saw just how really not myself I was. 
It‘s amazing to be able to express your opinions openly even if there is a chance (and there is always one) that people will not approve with what you're saying, to be able to say exactly want to want and what you mean, to be able to dress up the way you like and not trying to hide yourself with black clothes if you love wearing colorful ones with and bows in your hair, listening to music you like and not trying to hide it from anyone because it is apparently „not cool“ to listen to music like this, dancing in the middle of the street if you feel like it and singing at the top of your lungs not looking around to see who might be judging you for your actions.
Being you means being responsible for what you do and possibly being judged or disliked for who you are. But I believe it‘s much better to be judged or liked by who you actually are than for who you are not. There can be thousands of people trying to fit the norm but there can be only one real you in the world, so why hide it? By being yourself you will attract the right people who will appreciate the real, authentic you, the right kind of people who will love you for you and you will love you for not hiding the real you. 

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February 2, 2015


three days in rome guide

Last October me and my friend went to visit the beautiful city of Rome all by ourselves and since no one planned the trip for us, we had to do all the things ourselves, it was a very interesting experience, so I decided to share my tips about visiting Rome, maybe it will be interesting to people who decide to visit this gorgeous city in the heart of Italy.

rome city guide three days. what to do in Rome


Hotels are pretty expensive there, hostels sadly as well, differently like in other cities. We decided to go with Airbnb which is a very good thing I've recently discovered. There are locals renting their apartments in many parts of the city, so you can choose to rent the whole apartment, the single room or a shared room, it depends on your choice and the money you can spend. You pay directly through the site after you've talked with the person you've decided to rent the property from. The rooms or apartments mostly come with everything you need - kitchen utensils, toiletries and sometimes even food. It's all listed as well when you're choosing your apartment.
You have to communicate directly with the renter of the place, so if something is not going smooth, better choose a different one. Also, I strongly advice choosing one which has more comments written about them, this way you can make sure a person is a good choice.
One big, important tip: write down the address of the place you're staying at. Phones can stop working, the renters can forget to pick up the phone (a real story) and you can find yourself standing in the middle of the world you've never been to without any idea what to do anymore. So it's better to have address, this way you can find the place on your own. 

three days in rome guide. what to do in Rome


Public transportation in Rome is pretty good. There are tramways, buses, metro, night buses and loads and loads of cars. It's very crazy there, so beware of the cars when you are out and about the city because these drivers drive by their own rules.
You can see the numbers of the buses that drive there on the bus stops in the streets. If you see a little letter N by the number of the bus, that means it's a night bus. Night buses are free there, but that means everyone and anyone car be found in there, so save yourself and your things when you're in them.
Buses are mostly very crowded, so I would recommend the metro as it's incredibly easy to navigate. There are two different lines the (blue and red one) that go beneath the city center. Where metro doesn't reach the city, you can take the tram which is also a good way to travel.

Standard ticket is valid for 75 minutes on all buses or for one Metro ride and costs €1,5, daily one costs €6 and three days one costs €16,50. 

where to go in rome guide. what to do in Rome


BUY THIS THING. It is not cheap, but it's very convenient. You can buy this online, in the airport and at some places in the city once you arrive. You can choose between two different ones – one is valid for 3 full days (€ 36 ), the other is for 48 hours (€ 28 ). With the city card, you get a city map and a booklet about the city and map is a very convenient thing when you're wandering around the city on your own. With the card, you can travel with every possible public transport for the amount of hours you paid for from the moment you check it. Cabs and shuttle buses to the airports are not included into this.

Also, with the card you are allowed to two sights like Colosseum, Roman Forum or museums of your choice, so you save a bit of money this way. And also, people with the pass in most places have a different queue, so you save loads of time this way.

Don't ever jump into the car thinking it is a cab if it is not the white one with the taxi sign on top and a the Rome crest on the doors. Everything that is not this, it's not a cab, so you shouldn't really board it for your safety.

what to do in rome three days. what to do in Rome


Coloseum – Roman Forum / Palatino Hill – Altar of the Fatherland – Spanish Steps
Take the Blue line at Termini (the main station of the city) and hop off at the Colosseo station. You will be greeted with the view of the Colosseum once you step out off the Metro and you can take a little tour around it or even better go visit it from the inside. It is really worth it, even if there are a lot of tourists, it's just one of these things you have to visit once you're in Rome.
After that you can walk towards Roman Forum / Palatino Hill. It is really close nearby and you will probably start your tour from the Palatino Hill if you walk directly from the Coloseum. This is a beautiful and serene place in the middle of the city without the noise, without crowds of people and it just breathes history. Be sure to visit Roman Forum as well while you're there, we almost missed this part and left without seeing this beauty. It is a place with all the monuments from the ancient times and it is gorgeous if you're a history geek like I am. Even if you're not, the fact that these things have been built so many years ago and they are still standing there with the city buzzing just right there to them should amaze you. 
From there you can take a short walk until you see the big white building which is seen pretty much from every higher point of the city. Altare della Patria or The Altar of the Fatherland. I found this part of the city to be very busy, with many many cars, buses and people there, but since the place is just right there where you're walking, it's worth visiting it as well.
From there, you can take a walk on the tiny streets of Rome which are just gorgeous, remember to buy some Gelato and after a little while you will find yourself in the Spanish square with the famous Spanish Steps. I think this place would feel even nicer if visited at evening or night time when there are not THAT many people there. But it is a beautiful place to sit for a while and chill out while looking at gorgeous Italian people. 
From there you can go to Metro stop called Spagna (the red line) and go back where you're staying. 
Vatican City – Piazza Nevona – Pantheon – Trevi Fountain
Vatican City is very worth visiting as it is really really beautiful and if you're a Christian, that is probably one place on your bucket list. 
Metro stop is called Ottaviano "San Pietro" and it is not directly by the Basilica, but the way towards it is very nice. The Basilica is free to enter, you just have to stand in a line which is pretty long but moves quickly and you will get inside that amazingly beautiful place. I think this was the most breathtaking Church I have ever been to, it is definitely worth to wait that line. 
If you want to get to the very top in the cupola of this gorgeous place, this costs €5 or €7, it depends if you want to take the elevator or not. But even if you take the elevator, the most difficult part has to be walked by your own feet. There are many steps until you reach the very top but it is oh so worth doing it, I'm pretty sure you won't regret that once you see the view from up there. And getting down is way easier!

After that you could go to the same Metro stop and take it where you want. You can hop off at Barberini stop and you'll quickly find your way to the famous Trevi fountain. It was closed when we were visiting, so we sadly didn't get to see this beauty, but maybe you will have more luck! After visiting Trevi, you could wander the streets for a while and you will reach the Pantheon which is really really beautiful and free to get inside. After seeing the Basilica San Pietro it might not seem that impressive, but it actually is very beautiful! 
It is also worth to see Villa Borghese Gardens, Trastavere (this is a very nice neighbourhood), Campo De Fiori. 
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Save your things. There are so many people who are very willing to steal from you and they do it with some magic, so you could not even see it after it happens.
If people don't speak English in a restaurant, food is going to be amazing there. There is also a rule in Italy that if the table is with a white table cloth on it, the food is going to be very expensive, because it's a restaurant. Look before you go in.
Bring comfortable shoes. You can do loads of walking in Rome because all the sights are very close each to the other, so you don't have to take public transport so much, rely on your feet and save them from the trouble by bringing comfortable shoes with you.
Don't take pictures with gladiators standing by the Colosseum, don't try something that someone is proposing you whether that's a selfie stick (you will see loads of them there) or some food, it will definitely cost money.
When you ask "do you speak English?" in the street, the majority of people will answer with a very confident "no", just try to ask you question also in English, some people will try their hardest to explain you what you need. Sometimes in Italian or with their hands, but it can also help you.
Coffee is good everywhere in that city.

P.S. You might like to check my post about my trip to Rome. 

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