March 30, 2015



+ Being 20 something is not easy and sometimes not glamorous or that fun and these google searches sum this up perfectly

+ Create a perfect atmosphere in your room for working or studying - rainy cafe is a perfect background noise in my opinion! It is as cool as it sounds.

+ A brilliant piece on about moving beyond beginnings

+ A beautiful experiment showing how important eye contact it is and how much it helps to connect with anyone.

+ Names of the year - the most bizzare names of the real people. What these parents are thinking, this will stay a mystery.

+ This duo of Mummy and Daughter dancing to Beyoncés songs is amazing. Ellen has had then a few times on the show and they always do something better and better!

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March 27, 2015


Happy Friday, beautiful people!
Last Thursday I've started volunteering at the Vilnius Film Festival which is an amazing thing happening every Spring here for 20 years already and this is the reason why I kept smiling throughout the week and also why my days all blurred into one beautiful mess. It's because I've met so many new interesting people and I've realized once again how amazing volunteering truly is. Of course, it put me once again out of my comfort zone for so many reasons and I'm sure it will do this on the second week of it but it also brings so much happiness into my life that it's impossible to describe. Seriously, if there is an event in your city or country that you like a lot and there is a possibility to volunteer there,!
There is one amazing perk of volunteering there which is getting to see quite a few (ahem, a lot) of movies. And this is amazing, to say the least. I could live in a movie theatre, I could become this person who forgets that it actually is sometimes bright outside and the sun is shining and watch movies one after another. There are a few things better than sitting down in a chair at the cinema and see the lights go down and the screen light up.

» My beautiful University. If the classes don't always make me happy, the buildings always put a smile on my face. It's a gorgeous place!

» There was one meeting I went to this week which is a gorgeous office in the city center. So when I had the chance to go up there to the terrace and watch my city from there, I took it immediately. With a coffee in hand, of course, because it makes the experience even better. And yes, it's a Christmas mug because why not?

» How beautiful are these flowers? Luna was also very interested in them!

» This is the place I was spending the bigger part of my week. The cinema is buzzing with people (not like in the picture) all the time this past week and it's amazing! 

How was your week? And what are you planning for the weekend?

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March 25, 2015


 I would love to thank the person who created Instagram. Seriously, I love taking pictures, I do take them daily and I think that Instagram is the greatest social media site in the world and I don't know how I've lived before it existed. To be honest, I lived without it for a long time when everyone else was using it and I only started exactly one year ago. For the bigger part of this year I was playing a little game - take a picture with your camera, upload it to your laptop, send yourself an email with it and then upload it to Instagram. That is called effort/ ladies and gentlemen. And yes, I know, it's cheating because Instagram was very instant to me but I felt like I wanted to be a part of this social media site so badly that I did it even without having a normal phone with a normal camera.

To me Instagram is like a digital diary and it's pretty amazing to see how many little moments I've had throughout the year and it's pretty possible that I would have forgotten a big chunk of them if Instagram didn't exist. I would love to say that it's also an extension of my blog, but that wouldn't be perfectly true because I don't even have my blog on there. You see, many people from the real life follow me there, pretty much all of them are the people I see a lot and not a lot of people from the real life now that I do have a blog.
I love that Instagram is such a positive social media site, you can hardly find sad or annoying things out there because everyone tries to show only the best parts of their life. And yes, I know that sometimes this works against us in so many ways and doesn't help with our confidence and non-comparison game but when you think about it, it's really beautiful to see the beautiful and happy parts of someone else's life and sharing yours with the whole world out there.
You can follow me @migleprismontaite and leave your Instagram names in the comments, I would love to check them out!

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March 21, 2015


I'm sitting here at my desk on a Saturday night and as I'm supposed to be studying for the upcoming week, I've started thinking a lot about..things, just like I always do when I absolutely shouldn't.
I have been blogging for over three years and this is a pretty long time if I do say so myself. When I started, I was a student in my last year of high school and I thought blogging could be like my diary on the Internet to capture all my thoughts and pictures from my last year of being a high school student. Back then, I thought this was a very important chapter of my life and it was indeed, but I didn't know that my life after high school will be a completely different one. After I left high school, I've changed a lot in many different ways I never expected and so did my blog. My blog grew up with me.
I started reading blogs in 2010 I think and back then it was a completely different thing from what it is now. I remember browsing through many blogs on my school nights instead of studying (just like I'm doing now), blogs that don't even exist anymore, blogs that me and everyone else saw growing and blowing up - I even remember the first posts of The Blonde Salad. In several years blogging blew up completely and some bloggers right now are considered celebrities, which is pretty crazy when you think, because we all start with absolutely no one reading our blogs and some of us become globally know celebrities. It's a crazy world, isn't it?
But then I think that compared to some people who have only been blogging for 6 months and have hundreds of followers, I only have about 200 people reading my blog. By saying only I don't mean to say that it's a small number, not at all because 200 people is twice as many people as finished high school with me and it's a lot and my high school self wouldn't believe this number, I'm pretty sure. Comparison is a very bad thing that can suck every drop of happiness that you have and I shouldn't care, but it's impossible to escape it as much as you try.
Back then, when I was 18 years old I never believed to have so many people reading my blog and I also never believed my blog being anything more than a place to share my thoughts and pictures. Now it's still a place to share my thoughts and my pictures but I also want it to be a place that others also come to read, I love getting comments and I love to be a part of community that blogging is. I hope I am a part of the community, I even joined Twitter!
I spend a lot of time thinking about my blog - I think about new blog posts when I'm at Uni, when I'm trying to fall asleep, when I'm out and about the city. I love doing that, I love being creative and I find really big joy in doing this. This is one of the thing I enjoy the most about blogging, really, with blogging I've realized that I actually love being creative even though as I child I used to despise classes where I was forced to be creative, math was a little bit more enjoyable back then. I've really come a long way since then! I've also grown up in some ways while blogging, it has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone and this is also one thing I've not expected when I've started this little blog. Over the years, I've shared some pretty personal posts over here which have been pretty difficult to write as well.
As the year started I said to myself that I want this year to be the year that my blog becomes something a little bigger than before. I don't mean to be a full-time blogger because as much as that sounds exciting, I don't think I could actually do this at least not right now but just putting a little bit more effort that I did before. And I think I'm doing pretty fine - I've learned a little bit more of HTML, I finally figured out what the heck SEO is, I'm using Twitter regularly and really work hard on my place on the Internet. I hope to continue doing this, I hope that at least one person finds joy coming to this blog and reading it and I still hope to make some blogging friends which has been one of the biggest goals I've ever wanted from blogging. And seriously, whenever I get really nice comments, they always make me smile or when I start to see familiar places on Twitter or in my comments from places I only dream of visiting, this whole blogging thing becomes even more amazing and exciting.
What have you loved the most about your blogging journey? Tell me in the comments!

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March 20, 2015


Another week is gone and it was a veeery long one, I have to say! But it's finally weekend, so it's all good!
It was filled with more doctors appointments than I would have loved to, but I'm glad it's at least over for a while. On top of that, I also had very many errands to run and had quite a few meetings (I've started volunteering in a very exciting movie festival), so I was a real life busy bee!
Now I just took about a hundred pictures of the solar eclipse which was pretty much the most exciting week this week (even though people are acting pretty crazy these past few days!) and I am waiting for my red velvet cake to bake. It's my Mum's birthday, so it's definitely a red velvet cake kind of day.

1. Over the weekend, I took a long walk around the city and it was finally sunny and warm enough to be walking around with a coffee in hand. And it was green outside and no signs of snow!
2. The beautiful solar eclipse.
3. Oh, I also had my hair cut quite a bit. I'm still getting used to having my hair this short, I have never had them so short in my life, but I like it!
4. The city with castles in the middle of it is a good city to live in. This is what I see every day when I'm going to Uni.

Hope you're going to have a good weekend! Did you see the eclipse? How was it?

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March 18, 2015



It's 7 AM and your alarm lets you know that it's time to wake up by screaming loudly. Of course, you try to snooze it at least three times and then roll out of the bed feeling sorry for yourself and saying bye to your bed which seems to be so much more comfortable than before. What a good start to your day!
You know how in the movies or commercials some people seem to have incredibly beautiful and calm mornings without rushing anywhere? Whenever I watched Gossip Girl, I always wondered how on earth they have time to make waffles for breakfast, then sit and eat them calmly. Where is the rush that we all are used to? Anyway, I have 5 tips to have your mornings stress-free,  I've tried them all, they really helped me to feel better and more alive, hope they're going to help you too!

Here are also my tips for having a better sleep, you might like to check them out.

. Leave your curtains open when you go to bed.

I don't have curtains, so it's pretty easy for me but I know loads of people have them and mostly they close them when they go to sleep. It's difficult to wake up anyway but when it's dark it's a whole other story. So when Spring comes back and there is actually some light outside as you're waking up (!), it's good to see it instead of waking up in a pitch black room. It's such a positive start once you wake up with the sunshine outside.

. Make your bed when you wake up. 

My Mum used to be angry with me for not making my bed and I seriously didn't seem to care because why would you do this in the morning, when you're trying to function as a human and all you want to do is fall back asleep. But then I grew up a little and realized that it actually does make a difference. It feels good to leave home when you know you're not leaving the biggest mess behind and it's a pleasure to come back to your room when the bed is all clean and beautiful. Do this, seriously, you will thank yourself for that!

. Make fresh coffee. 


This is for all the coffee lovers like myself out there. I never skip this step in my day, I have to have a cup of coffee before I step outside or I at least have to grab it on the go. I know it's not the healthiest choice, but I could seriously fall asleep in the middle of the class without it and that wouldn't be a very good thing.  If you have more time in the morning and you don't have to run around, sitting and drinking your coffee can set you on a very positive start of the day. 

. Stretch in the mornings.

I'm not talking about full on yoga classes but if you actually can have a workout in the morning, go you, I really admire people who can do that! For the rest of us who are not feeling like working out on the early hours of the day, you can simply stretch out like a cat, you can even do that in the bed. It feels amazing.
There are some great videos out there as well, I love this one which is a very short yoga practise  and there is a longer one on the days when you have a little bit more time.

. Play upbeat music. 



I noticed that when I play some upbeat music in the mornings and have little dance parties while I'm getting ready, I feel much better. You can create a playlist for yourself on Spotify or on Youtube with the songs that put you in the best mood, with the ones that make you dance and play it in the mornings as you're getting ready!

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March 17, 2015


 Happy Tuesday! I hope you're having a good day and I hope you're going to have an amazing week.
You know how Spring makes everything look more alive, prettier and more vibrant? I also feel like every Spring it's a new chance to reborn again or at least to wake up after the longest winter which literally seems endless when you're in the middle of it. But Spring can be a new chance to start all over again, to me Spring seems more like a new beginning than even the New Year does. I don't do well after the Christmas festivities are over but once Spring makes the nature come alive again, I start thinking to myself that it's also a chance for me to become alive again.
But sometimes you just end up having quite a crappy day, sometimes the odds are just not in your favor and loving yourself seems like the hardest task in the world. Of course we all know how important loving yourself is but it's also very difficult, it's a never ending battle with yourself and we all have those days when up looking like actual zombies and nothing we do can change the situation, when we try so hard for something and don't get the response we want, when someone hurts us, when you fall down with your face to the ground - there are million ways to stop questioning the love for yourself and finding one thing that always help to get the love back is pretty hard. But you can do little things every single day, it's easier and I guess it's more effective!
So if you're having one of those days, or you're just struggling a little bit with self-love, here are 7 quotes from really great and empowering women which hopefully show you how to love yourself more.

Tweet: When a women becomes her own best friend life is easier.  8 inspiring quotes from empowering women : "When a women becomes her own best friend life is easier." - Diane Von Furnstenberg


Tweet: Behind every successful woman is herself. 8 inspiring quotes from empowering women :  "Behind every successful woman is herself."

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March 13, 2015



Hello, beautiful people! It's mid March already and OMG how did this happen? I know we always say it, but time really flies by insanely quickly. I just had a though this week - this is the second semester of the second year in uni and it's pretty scary when you think about that. Winter is truly gone now and sometimes when I'm sitting in a class, sun starts smiling outside and I start smiling with her.
This week I started waking up from my biggest bear winter sleep and actually went out which was amazing. Seeing my best friends and meeting some new amazing people are always the thing that make me the happiest person. Also, we had a very beautiful celebration this week - Lithuania celebrated 25th birthday of its independence and it was a very beautiful and proud day for all of us living here.
In between my studying sessions, I watched Pretty Little Liars like a crazy person because I'm determined to get through all of the season again until the big A reveal in two weeks. I'm on the season 3, so I have no idea how I'm planning to do this, but here's hoping!

1, 4. My city celebrating the 25 years of freedom.
2. My favorite red lipstick which is perfect for Spring.
3. Doughnuts, coffee and the best friend on a sunny Sunday is the best thing you could imagine.

Song of the week  Sam Smith - Restart

What have you been up to these past few days? Tell me in the comments! 
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March 11, 2015


This is one thing I love - random facts about everything, I swear my head is full of completely random facts, maybe that is why I like pop quizzes so much! So obviously posts with 50 (!) facts about someone are always my kind of thing, it makes me feel like I get to know the person behind the screen a little bit better and that is always nice!I've done a post like this a while ago but right now there are so many more of you here, so I'm going to take another chance to present 50 completely random facts about me. So grab yourself a cup of warm drink (it's going to be a long post) and let's begin!

1. I love Harry Potter (like you didn't guess from the picture) and I can't imagine a better place in the world than Hogwarts.
2. I have never been to a wedding. Apparently I come from the family where no one wants to get married. Two of my cousins already have children but no, no wedding, sadly for me.
3.. I took swimming classes for one day, painting also for one day. I wasn't really good with continuing classes, I only stuck up with dance for 7 years.
4. I began painting my nails when I was 15 and ever since there weren't more than two days when I didn't have nail polish on. I just think it doesn't fit me to be with bare nails.
5. I am terrified of big waters. I love sea and ocean if I'm standing on the shore or if I see it, I don‘t like being in the middle of the sea and seeing only water around me. It makes me incredibly anxious and going underwater sounds a little like a nightmare to me.
6. I love love driving in a car at night. I don‘t drive myself, but I like when someone else is driving and I get to sit and enjoy. Music playing loudly is an essential part, of course.
7. I always know all the lyrics to the songs. If I like the song or if it‘s popular, I know all the words. Most people know the verse, but no, I know it all, that‘s my special thing.
8. I have an irrational fear of hospitals and doctors. It‘s funny that one of my best friends is studying to become a doctor. I have never even been admitted to the hospital myself and this terrifies me to even think about it, I don‘t even do well with visiting someone in the hospital.
9. I love olives. No, that would be a little understatement, I ADORE olives. Black ones, green ones, stuffed ones, big ones, small ones. I can easily sit down and eat the whole can of them, I just have to stop myself from doing it. I am the world‘s pickiest eater and don‘t eat a lot of "normal“ foods, but oh God, olives. Did you get that I like them?
10. I am starting to think that in a previous life I was a cat. If it sounds crazy, bare with me, I can explain this. I love when someone is touching my head and my hair. I recently got a professional head massage and this has been one of the best things ever. I just get chills all over my body when someone is touching my hair or my head. Also, I like to lay down in a sfink‘s position. My mom couldn‘t even do that and I find this comfortable. I also talk to my cat a lot. I am not crazy, I swear.
11. I can make myself laugh very easily. It doesn‘t take too much to make me laugh in general, but I find myself laughing at myself way too often, I can sometimes start to cry from laughing so hard and my family just sits there and watches me while trying to understand what it is that I'm doing. I always have at least person laughing at my jokes (ahem, me), so that‘s alright.
12. I am a little bit of a stationery addict. I love notebooks, I have too many of them and I want to buy them more and more. I love pens, colorful pens, highlighters, post – it notes, little pieces of paper.
13. I love history. It was one of my favorite classes in high school and I still enjoy some random history facts every once in a while. It fascinates me, I am not kidding. 
14. If someone would ever play me in a movie, I would love that to be Emma Stone.
15. My all time favorite tv show is Friends. I would love to be a part of it. Oh, and also Pretty Little Liars would be an amazing one to be in.
16. The first show I‘ve been to be the one by Patricia Kaas. I guess being francophone was bound to happen in my life.
17. I find Ed Sheeran, Caleb Followill, and Ryan Gosling equally  attractive. Can you find men who look more different from each other?
18. I can have pretty good conversations with myself. I guess that‘s the only child syndrome.
19. The thing I love the most about my appearance is my ginger hair. People have called me blonde on various occasions, but I choose to believe I am naturally a ginger. Ginger4life
20. If I could use the only one beauty product for the rest of my life, that would definitely be a mascara.
21. If you even saw Taylor Swift having a blast at the concert, that is how I look at the concerts. 
22. I love pop quiz nights, they excite me so much.
23. I am a bit of a computer nerd. I learned how to use the computer, Microsoft office, Photoshop, CSS and a bit of HMTL all by myself and the trusted friend called Google.
24. I hate crowded spaces and feeling of being stuck. It doesn‘t even have to be a small space where I feel stuck, it can be a big crowd and no way of escaping it. Once I've had an MRI test done and it was one of the scariest experiences of my life.
25. I have incredibly fast metabolism. I am hungry all the time and I eat a lot and you would never tell me while looking at me.

26. I have worn glasses from the early age of 1. At this point of my life, I could probably switch to lenses, but I‘m just too scared to do that after wearing glasses for my entire life. I look completely different without them on, that‘s what scares me the most.
27. The happiest place for me to beat is definitely the beach.
28. Growing up I was kind of an annoying, especially when I was a teenager. I didn‘t find it difficult to argue with teachers about very stupid things. I don‘t even want to remember myself being this way, I am so glad I‘ve grown out of it.
29. I am a bit of grammar freak. It probably doesn‘t seem like it when I write in English, but in my native language I know the rules pretty well and it annoys me when people don‘t know the grammar  of their native language.
30. I have 6 cousins and all of them live in different countries than me.
31. I completely swoon over British accent. I could sit still and listen to a guy talking about everything and anything in a gorgeous British accent.
32. I am pretty weird and awkward a lot of times. When i feel good, i start dancing, singing and just talking in weird accents or voices just randomly. And then I start laughing hysterically. Yup, I‘m pretty fun to live with! If you watch New Girl, Jess is me in a nutshell.
33. I am always that person who gives advice to friends about the relationships, when I‘m mostly single.
34. I am always that person who pulls the door when it‘s written push on them. Every. Single. Time.
35. Once in highschool I fell down on a piece of orange. And yes, this is a real story, i completely fell down in front of people standing there in hallways. How did that piece of orange ended up there, i have no clue to this day.
36. The man is the most attractive to me when he has a beard. Not the long Santa Claus kind of one, but the one of three days, you know, ladies?
37. I LOVE cheese. That is a little bit of understatement and I don‘t know with what words I could express my ultimate love for cheese. Cheese of every kind.
38. I also really love pickles. You could think I‘m constantly pregnant (I‘m not) because I‘m craving pickles pretty much all the time. It‘s so weird, but I‘ 've been this way since I was a kid. If you want me to like you, bring me pickles and we can be friends, I swear!
39. I cry very VERY easily. When Ellen meets inspiring people, I cry, when I watch a movie, I cry, I cry at TV shows constantly.
40. Oh and if i already mentioned Ellen, I love her. She is the coolest person ever.
41. For a small person that I am, I can eat pretty crazy amounts of food. Sometimes i‘m even surprising myself with how much i can stuff in my belly.
42. I have a very hard time saying no to people. I don‘t do well with it, it‘s one of my weaknesses in life and even if I'm uncomfortable doing something, I find it very difficult to say no to someone if I know it‘s important to them and I'm scared of disappointing people.
43. People who are so full of themselves are probably my biggest pet peeve ever. People who achieved a lot and are not screaming all around about that are the nicest ones.
44. Airplanes fascinate me, I remember being a little kid and playing with the little modes of airplanes and being on one always seemed so exciting. It still is very exciting and they are incredibly beautiful to me.
45. I have a pretty bad case of hypochondria. It sucks a lot and I know how irrational my thoughts are, I just can‘t handle them easily.
46. Most of the time, I am pretty girly girl but I also know how to build a tent, I like beer, I‘ve been on a canoe many times and it never flipped over.
47. In a party you can always find me on the dance floor shaking everything I have and singing all the songs like my life depends of it.
48. One of my favorite writers are Jack Kerouac and Erich Maria Remarque.
49. One of the things I enjoy the most is Summer music festivals.
50.  I speak Lithuanian, English, French and a tiny bit of Spanish.

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March 9, 2015


Internet interesting sites worth bookmarking

I read a lot of blogs on the Internet, in fact, I mainly read on the Internet and don't really buy magazines that often. You probably know already that you can find pretty crazy stuff on-line and there are things you really don't want to see again but there are some wonderful sites out there that you should definitely bookmark and come back to many times because they are awesome!


I guess that by now you've already heard of this wonderful creation. I've recently watched an interview with the guy behind the camera and I was once again convinced that Interned is so powerful and so amazing sometimes that it's pretty incredible. This site is not your usual outfit of the day kind of one (even though I totally love these as well) but there are real people on the streets with real stories which are sometimes super inspiring and I just sit there in awe wondering how on earth does he find people so interesting and how many beautiful and sad stories people walking past us on the streets can share with the world. It's amazing, I love this site so so much. 


Postcards sent anonymously with deepest secrets on them? Yes, exactly that! It's one more amazing site (I will repeat the word "amazing" a lot in this post) which is also very inspiring. It's updated once a week with the real stories the guy behind this project receives, with very real deep secrets written on these real postcards. Once the new week comes, all of the secrets are deleted and new ones come and take their place. Sometimes there are some pretty dark and horrifying things written on these cards and this can actually help put everything into perspective a little bit, but sometimes there are also very beautiful stories are written on them which make you smile from ear to ear. 


I've been a fan of this project for years already and if you're ever feeling uninspired, just go to this site, pick the subject that is interesting to you or just choose an option "surprise me" and let the site do its magic and start watching. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to leave this site not feeling inspired, all these people talking on these stages are amazing and inspiring and can make you feel like you can do anything you want (because you really can). So just go for it, choose a topic and be inspired!


This is not a site about Buddhism, not at all, it's a beautiful place to go to read some very inspiring stories from the real people. There are many categories like challenges, happiness, letting go, mindfullness, peace or wisdom, so you're probably going to find something that's just right for you. I love this site and sometimes if I feel like everything just starts bubbling inside of my head and it's just the biggest mess in my mind, I go Tiny Buddha and start reading and mostly after reading it I feel much calmer and more mindful. 
Sometimes when I'm on a bus to University and everything is dark outside and I'm not feeling my best, I take my phone, turn this site on, scroll for a bit and I find that one article perfect for that day. Sometimes these stories are so beautiful that can actually make you tear up a bit, or maybe that's just me.


This one is also a very positive place on the Internet. Zooey  Deschanel (one of my favorite famous people) is a co-founder of this beautiful site and there are many girls writing there. This is a site mostly for girls and young women with many beautiful written pieces of every possible subject. It's a beautiful place for all the women out there and I feel like it's a very positive place helping yourself feel better about yourself and also inspiring you to do something more. 

What are your favorite sites you can't imagine Internet without? 

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March 6, 2015



1. Buy yourself flowers. The most beautiful ones you could find, the most colorful ones which could make you smile a lot.

2. Have no one to go to movies with but you reeeally want to see this movie? So what?! Go by yourself, it might feel uncomfortable at first but afterwards you will feel like you've achieved something really good for you.

3. Buy yourself coffee before going to classes or work.

4. Take a walk for two hours in the nicest part of your city or in a beautiful park that you've always wanted to visit.

5. Spend your whole Saturday rolling in your bed watching all the movies you've had for ages on your to-watch list.

6. Cancel all of your appointments and meetings and read a book curled up in your bed.

7. Go get a professional manicure.

8. Before going out, put a red lipstick on. Even if you're spending your day at home, put it on anyways, it will feel good seeing your reflection in the mirror with this beautiful lipstick on.

9. Have a bubble bath.

10. Go to the nicest bakery and buy yourself that one cupcake which makes your mouth water while looking at it. Then eat it slowly.

11. Listen an album by someone who has an amazing singing voice and sing it as loudly as you can. It doesn't matter if you can't sing really well, it's even more fun this way!

12.  Clean your closet. You haven‘t worn it in three years or it still has a label on it? You won‘t wear it anytime soon, give it away to someone who will.

13. Watch your favorite movie. Pick the one that makes you feel great. Don't be ashamed of the choice of it, it can be as girly as you want.

14. Take a beautiful piece of paper, a beautiful pen and spend some quality time writing a long letter to yourself. Be very specific about what you love about yourself, write compliments. Smile afterwards.

15. Look in the mirror, straight into your eyes and smile while doing so. It can feel uncomfortable, but just try. It might feel good after being uncomfortable.

16. Book yourself a trip. You deserve it and money spent for a trip is money spent well.

17. Decide once and for all to remove all the negative people from your life, old friendships that no longer serve you and move on to a happier life.

18. Have a big glass of your favorite wine.

19. Slow down and breathe deeply. Breathe in, breathe out, let air fill your lungs. 

20. Put on your nicest pajamas, put a crazy amount of the body butter that smells incredibly good and slip in your bed with fresh bedding. Have the best sleep.

21. Stretch your body. You know how cats stretch so beautifully all the time? They also seem very happy! Do this, it feels wonderful.

22. Write a long gratitude list with all the things that work in your life, that are amazing. Then read it again and smile about it.

23. Have a little dance party in your underwear.

24. Watch an entire show of your new (or old) favorite show without feeling guilty.

25. Stand tall, raise your head and walk with confidence whenever you go.

26. You know this wonderful "friend" called comparison? Screw it! Believe that you are wonderful just as you are. Because you really are.

27. Make yourself that one meal you know how to make really well, you know that one you could eat 24/7 and eat with pleasure.

28. Spend some time meditating. 10 minutes is also good.

29. Start looking at your body with love. You won't get a different body, so treat the one you have with as much love as you possibly can. Appreciate all the quirks it has.

30. Book yourself a massage or spend a day at the spa. You really deserve this.

31.  Call your friend you haven‘t seen in forever because studies, work, and life got in the way and just talk with them. Set up a coffee day, it‘s even better.

32.  Light some candles, dim the lights and read books or magazines. But not those ones about celebrities and gossip.

33. Write in your journal. Let your feelings out on that piece of paper. If you don‘t have a journal (which you totally should, by the way), take a piece of paper and it‘ll do as well.

34. Ask for help if you need. There is no shame or weakness in doing so, in fact, it only shows your strength. 

35. Believe that you are good enough just as you are. And that wherever you are in life, it is where you have to be.

36. Clean your laptop. Junk has the quality to pile up and there really are hundreds of old documents or pictures you don't need anymore. Delete them, your laptop will thank you.

37. Do that one thing you've always wanted to. Sign for a cooking class, start learning a new language, buy a photography course on-line. 

38. Hop into your or your friend's car and go for a little road trip to a different city for a day.

39. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

40. Wear your nicest dress or skirt.

41. Be kind to yourself and don't put too much pressure on yourself. 

42. Start your day with uplifting music and get out of your bed with a smile on your face even if it's 6 am and dark outside.

43. Forgive yourself for your mistakes you've done in the past.

44. Watch cat videos on Youtube. There's a whole different world when you type "cats" on Youtube and it's pretty wonderful.

45. Take a long nap. Children are allowed to do this every day, why don't we let ourselves do this? It's a wonderful thing!

46. Eat your favorite flavor of ice cream. You don't have to be sad to do this and cry into your bowl of ice cream, you can 

47. Play with your pet! You will make them happy this way and you will feel super good as well.

48. Put a tiara on you've had since your birthday from years ago and spend your day wearing it and feeling like a princess. Because you are.

49. Exercise. Go for a run, do yoga, do some cardio, lift weights, chose something that makes you feel good.

50. Believe that you are worthy of all the success and happiness in the world.

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March 4, 2015



Since Spring is here, I feel the biggest urge to make everything look brighter and fresher in my life, including my wallpaper. I am that person who changes the  desktop background every few days because I use it as a source of my inspiration and I always have wallpapers on with quotes on them or just images that make me happy and inspired. I think it's important to use every possible source of inspiration in your life and if you can make your desktop look beautiful instead of just plain green or blue, that's even better!
So here are the three Spring wallpapers for your laptop to get yourself into the Spring mood a little bit more. You can download them in three different sizes for free (it opens in Photobucket, I just didn't figure out the better way to do this. Only click the download button on the right). I hope you are going to like them and if at least one person is going to put this on their screen, I'm going to be super happy!




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March 1, 2015


Thinking about my February favorites makes me very excited because it means Winter is over and Spring has finally arrived. Hooray for that!
 Luckily, this Winter was not particularly harsh but thinking about my favorite season of them all finally being back, makes me smile a lot. It will probably take quite some time for weather to really warm up, but the possibility of it is good for now.
February seemed to be quite a long and short month at the same time if that's even possible. It was pretty tough for me mentally and also physically as well because I had a ton of studying to do which is pretty weird for the beginning of a new semester. It also felt like I was losing the faith in myself a little bit this month, so the month of love turned out to be a little bit of a different story for me. I also managed to catch a cold just in time before Winter was over, so had to spend some days all tucked up in the bed, so now I am even more ready for the warm weather to come back!


I've received this beautiful little Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter as a part of a giveaway prize. It's the first product of this brand I've ever tried, because we don't get to buy Soap and Glory in Lithuania, so the closest I've come to this brand was standing by their isle in Boots when I was in the UK. I love this stuff! It has such a strange scent, but I do really like it. I'm the worst with body butters, I completely forget to use them, but this one is so nice, that I just have to remember to put it on my body and make it smell super nice.


This month I was particularly in the British guys! Ed Sheeran has been one of my favorite artists ever, but after seeing him live this month and watching about a hundred of interviews (I'm such a fan girl..), he became one of my favorite famous persons as well. His album was playing all the time on my laptop, on my phone and in my head.
A new British guy I've started to love this month is Sam Smith. I knew the most popular songs and I loved them but never got around to listening the whole record and it was the biggest mistake, because this record is insane! No wonder Sam Smith got 4 Grammy awards this year, he deserves every single one of them!
I was also loving the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack a lot. The movie was not very good, as you've probably already heard, but the soundtrack is the one thing that is very good about it. At least someone did the job right while creating this movie. This whole soundtrack is so sexy, seductive and just powerful, I love it a lot!


I went to see The Theory of Everything this month and I went to see it by myself and had no one to discuss it with afterwards and it was very sad, because I didn't have the chance to yell how good it was! I had to hold it in, but you know IT'S VERY GOOD! I'm very happy Eddie Redmayne got an Oscar for his performance. It's a such a beautiful story about the strength of a man, it's so inspiring to watch how he and everyone around him overcome this struggle they have and acting is pretty impressive as well. 

As for TV, I've been loving Pretty Little Liars, so nothing's new in the world. Except I found out that A is going to be revealed by the end of this season, so now I have to re-watch all of the 5 seasons until the end of March to be sure about my theory who A is. I know who original A was, so from the 3rd season I'm going to have to be very attentive. 
One new favorite this month is How to get away with murder. I didn't expect to like a show like this in a million years, but it's so good! It has crime, drama, love and very strong characters, so it's very addicting. Give it a go, if you haven't already!


I've been loving my beautiful, soft and pink dressing gown with big hearts on it. I could live on this thing and let's pretend I don't actually do live in it.
I've also tried to read Pretty Little Liars books and I have to say that show is much much better. I felt like I was a little bit too grown up for the books, so I'm going to stick with the show for now, I think. It was interesting to get to know this story how it was originally created, though.
This notebook I brought from Manchester is an amazing thing and I love it to pieces. I've been searching for a beautiful yearly calendar for ages and when I finally saw it in the store, I was jumping like a little child.


One of the favorite moments this month was definitely seeing Ed Sheeran live and I'm not going to talk about it anymore, because all I did this month was to talk about him on the blog and in the real world. One thing that also stands out was waking up at my friend's house after Valentine's day and just spending a very long morning in bed drinking coffee and reading books. It was such a simple thing to do, but it was so lovely that it stands out a lot to me. 

Favorites on the blog

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What was Your favorite moment from this month of love? Share it in the comments, I'm very curious! 

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