March 11, 2015


This is one thing I love - random facts about everything, I swear my head is full of completely random facts, maybe that is why I like pop quizzes so much! So obviously posts with 50 (!) facts about someone are always my kind of thing, it makes me feel like I get to know the person behind the screen a little bit better and that is always nice!I've done a post like this a while ago but right now there are so many more of you here, so I'm going to take another chance to present 50 completely random facts about me. So grab yourself a cup of warm drink (it's going to be a long post) and let's begin!

1. I love Harry Potter (like you didn't guess from the picture) and I can't imagine a better place in the world than Hogwarts.
2. I have never been to a wedding. Apparently I come from the family where no one wants to get married. Two of my cousins already have children but no, no wedding, sadly for me.
3.. I took swimming classes for one day, painting also for one day. I wasn't really good with continuing classes, I only stuck up with dance for 7 years.
4. I began painting my nails when I was 15 and ever since there weren't more than two days when I didn't have nail polish on. I just think it doesn't fit me to be with bare nails.
5. I am terrified of big waters. I love sea and ocean if I'm standing on the shore or if I see it, I don‘t like being in the middle of the sea and seeing only water around me. It makes me incredibly anxious and going underwater sounds a little like a nightmare to me.
6. I love love driving in a car at night. I don‘t drive myself, but I like when someone else is driving and I get to sit and enjoy. Music playing loudly is an essential part, of course.
7. I always know all the lyrics to the songs. If I like the song or if it‘s popular, I know all the words. Most people know the verse, but no, I know it all, that‘s my special thing.
8. I have an irrational fear of hospitals and doctors. It‘s funny that one of my best friends is studying to become a doctor. I have never even been admitted to the hospital myself and this terrifies me to even think about it, I don‘t even do well with visiting someone in the hospital.
9. I love olives. No, that would be a little understatement, I ADORE olives. Black ones, green ones, stuffed ones, big ones, small ones. I can easily sit down and eat the whole can of them, I just have to stop myself from doing it. I am the world‘s pickiest eater and don‘t eat a lot of "normal“ foods, but oh God, olives. Did you get that I like them?
10. I am starting to think that in a previous life I was a cat. If it sounds crazy, bare with me, I can explain this. I love when someone is touching my head and my hair. I recently got a professional head massage and this has been one of the best things ever. I just get chills all over my body when someone is touching my hair or my head. Also, I like to lay down in a sfink‘s position. My mom couldn‘t even do that and I find this comfortable. I also talk to my cat a lot. I am not crazy, I swear.
11. I can make myself laugh very easily. It doesn‘t take too much to make me laugh in general, but I find myself laughing at myself way too often, I can sometimes start to cry from laughing so hard and my family just sits there and watches me while trying to understand what it is that I'm doing. I always have at least person laughing at my jokes (ahem, me), so that‘s alright.
12. I am a little bit of a stationery addict. I love notebooks, I have too many of them and I want to buy them more and more. I love pens, colorful pens, highlighters, post – it notes, little pieces of paper.
13. I love history. It was one of my favorite classes in high school and I still enjoy some random history facts every once in a while. It fascinates me, I am not kidding. 
14. If someone would ever play me in a movie, I would love that to be Emma Stone.
15. My all time favorite tv show is Friends. I would love to be a part of it. Oh, and also Pretty Little Liars would be an amazing one to be in.
16. The first show I‘ve been to be the one by Patricia Kaas. I guess being francophone was bound to happen in my life.
17. I find Ed Sheeran, Caleb Followill, and Ryan Gosling equally  attractive. Can you find men who look more different from each other?
18. I can have pretty good conversations with myself. I guess that‘s the only child syndrome.
19. The thing I love the most about my appearance is my ginger hair. People have called me blonde on various occasions, but I choose to believe I am naturally a ginger. Ginger4life
20. If I could use the only one beauty product for the rest of my life, that would definitely be a mascara.
21. If you even saw Taylor Swift having a blast at the concert, that is how I look at the concerts. 
22. I love pop quiz nights, they excite me so much.
23. I am a bit of a computer nerd. I learned how to use the computer, Microsoft office, Photoshop, CSS and a bit of HMTL all by myself and the trusted friend called Google.
24. I hate crowded spaces and feeling of being stuck. It doesn‘t even have to be a small space where I feel stuck, it can be a big crowd and no way of escaping it. Once I've had an MRI test done and it was one of the scariest experiences of my life.
25. I have incredibly fast metabolism. I am hungry all the time and I eat a lot and you would never tell me while looking at me.

26. I have worn glasses from the early age of 1. At this point of my life, I could probably switch to lenses, but I‘m just too scared to do that after wearing glasses for my entire life. I look completely different without them on, that‘s what scares me the most.
27. The happiest place for me to beat is definitely the beach.
28. Growing up I was kind of an annoying, especially when I was a teenager. I didn‘t find it difficult to argue with teachers about very stupid things. I don‘t even want to remember myself being this way, I am so glad I‘ve grown out of it.
29. I am a bit of grammar freak. It probably doesn‘t seem like it when I write in English, but in my native language I know the rules pretty well and it annoys me when people don‘t know the grammar  of their native language.
30. I have 6 cousins and all of them live in different countries than me.
31. I completely swoon over British accent. I could sit still and listen to a guy talking about everything and anything in a gorgeous British accent.
32. I am pretty weird and awkward a lot of times. When i feel good, i start dancing, singing and just talking in weird accents or voices just randomly. And then I start laughing hysterically. Yup, I‘m pretty fun to live with! If you watch New Girl, Jess is me in a nutshell.
33. I am always that person who gives advice to friends about the relationships, when I‘m mostly single.
34. I am always that person who pulls the door when it‘s written push on them. Every. Single. Time.
35. Once in highschool I fell down on a piece of orange. And yes, this is a real story, i completely fell down in front of people standing there in hallways. How did that piece of orange ended up there, i have no clue to this day.
36. The man is the most attractive to me when he has a beard. Not the long Santa Claus kind of one, but the one of three days, you know, ladies?
37. I LOVE cheese. That is a little bit of understatement and I don‘t know with what words I could express my ultimate love for cheese. Cheese of every kind.
38. I also really love pickles. You could think I‘m constantly pregnant (I‘m not) because I‘m craving pickles pretty much all the time. It‘s so weird, but I‘ 've been this way since I was a kid. If you want me to like you, bring me pickles and we can be friends, I swear!
39. I cry very VERY easily. When Ellen meets inspiring people, I cry, when I watch a movie, I cry, I cry at TV shows constantly.
40. Oh and if i already mentioned Ellen, I love her. She is the coolest person ever.
41. For a small person that I am, I can eat pretty crazy amounts of food. Sometimes i‘m even surprising myself with how much i can stuff in my belly.
42. I have a very hard time saying no to people. I don‘t do well with it, it‘s one of my weaknesses in life and even if I'm uncomfortable doing something, I find it very difficult to say no to someone if I know it‘s important to them and I'm scared of disappointing people.
43. People who are so full of themselves are probably my biggest pet peeve ever. People who achieved a lot and are not screaming all around about that are the nicest ones.
44. Airplanes fascinate me, I remember being a little kid and playing with the little modes of airplanes and being on one always seemed so exciting. It still is very exciting and they are incredibly beautiful to me.
45. I have a pretty bad case of hypochondria. It sucks a lot and I know how irrational my thoughts are, I just can‘t handle them easily.
46. Most of the time, I am pretty girly girl but I also know how to build a tent, I like beer, I‘ve been on a canoe many times and it never flipped over.
47. In a party you can always find me on the dance floor shaking everything I have and singing all the songs like my life depends of it.
48. One of my favorite writers are Jack Kerouac and Erich Maria Remarque.
49. One of the things I enjoy the most is Summer music festivals.
50.  I speak Lithuanian, English, French and a tiny bit of Spanish.

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  1. I can totally relate to #5. I live in a landlocked country with lots of mountains, but I'm obsessed with the ocean and collect bags and bags of shells all the time. but swimming or even snorkelling? a big, fat NOPE!!

  2. i can relate so much to this omg harry potter is my life, literally my life, i find it so hard to refrain talking about it, and i adore olives too but people think that's a bit strange - love this post!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  3. I can relate to a lot of these, especially #12! I am also a stationery addict. :) I love collecting a bunch of notebooks, and I don't even use them all! haha. Oh, and washi tape too. I'm obsessed.

  4. You're not the only one who're afraid of hospitals! Every time I need to go the hospital to visit someone, I always feel like I'm going to faint. Oh wel. Human and their fears :))

  5. lovely post ! I love Harry Potter too ! c'est mon favoris :)

  6. You know, I've been to more funerals than weddings. That's kind of sad, actually. Most people I know do want to get married though. Everyone is waiting for Mr./Mrs. Right. xx Izzy |
    p.s. Ellen rules

  7. It's good to know I'm not the only one :) And mountains? It's so cool, I LOVE mountains!

  8. I'm so glad to hear you liked it!
    Lately I've met quite a few people who haven't even read Harry Potter, so it's good to find fellow fans, haha! x

  9. Me too! I don't even know why I buy so many of them, when I don't even use half of them. They are just too pretty I gues, haha. x

  10. Yeep, I feel so anxious even thinking about hospitals and I don't even know why I feel like that. At least I'm not alone here :)

  11. Oui oui, Harry Potter c'est la vie! :)

  12. I haven't ever really thought this way, but yes, I also have been to quite a few funerals but no weddings. It is pretty sad!
    Around me, people find they Mr./Mrs. Right but still, no wedding. I'm still hoping to get to one someday soon, haha!
    And yay for Ellen!

  13. I totally agree with 26! I've been wearing glasses for 16 years and I just assume if I wear lenses everyone would think of me as a small eyed stranger!
    Sam :)

  14. Completely agree! I'm used to my face without the glasses, but other people are totally not and are always super surprised, haha!

  15. Wow. Great great job You made here! Now I am scrolling around Your site and and it makes me smile with every writting here!! Adorable blog!!!

  16. Thank you so much! Now I'm the one sitting and smiling from ear to ear :)) x

  17. And It is a Reason why You should!!! :)

  18. oui oui !! indeed !!!! Harry Potter all the way :)


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