May 25, 2015


Some of my absolute favorite things in life

1. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
2. Really tight hugs
3. Catching a smile from someone you like
4. Speaking only with eyes with someone
5. Sunsets at the seaside
6. Falling in love
7. Forehead kisses
8. Unexpected compliments
9. Getting recognized for the work you're doing
10. Long and deep conversations in the middle of the night
11. Kittens and puppies
12.Coffee in bed
13. That moment when you feel totally complete in your life
14. A film that you still remember and think about days after watching it.
15. Red lipstick that makes you feel like you could rule the world
16. When lights go down just before a movie starts
17. Getting a great haircut
18. Seeing someone after a really long time
19. Children hugs
20. Book you can't let go of and get lost in it completely
21. Summer wind
21. Road trips
22. Live music concerts somewhere in a forest or a desert
23. A cat purring on your lap
24. Perfect hair day
25. Learning something new really quickly
26. Finding out you are perfectly healthy
27. The airports when you are the one leaving on a trip
28. Achieving something you didn't think you could
29. Crying from happiness
30. Laughter, loud, hysterical laughter
31. Singing loudly in a car with the windows down
32. Knowing that someone misses you
33. The lyrics of the song that seem to be written just for you
34. Summer rainstorms
35. Your new favorite song you listen to 70 times a day
36. Nature in the Springtime
37. Walking barefoot on a wet grass after a Summer rainstorm
38. Hot shower after a festival or a camping trip
39. Lazy weekends when you get to spend your whole day in bed
40. New season of your favorite show
41. Having your weekend all filled with wonderful plans
42. Getting a little bit lost in a new city
43. Taking a perfect picture
44. The feeling of getting in your bed after a long day
45. New friendships which don't feel awkward at all
46. Your favorite food
47. Finding a wonderful dress on sale
48. Seeing your parents happy together
49. Getting a ticket to see your favorite band in the world
50. Getting out of your comfort zone

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May 18, 2015


My poor little blog has been so neglected AGAIN that I only come here to check if it‘s still working properly and to occasionally write a little catch-up post. But when you and your own life can‘t agree on a schedule, writing blog posts is a little bit difficult.
This past week hasn‘t been easy on me if I‘m honest. I‘ve had a little bit too much on my hands  with work, uni and students‘ representation stuff and all I‘ve wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and sleep for hours and hours. But then my prayers have been heard and I've unexpectedly got a free weekend and I've honestly hadn't been so happy about a weekend for so so long. Cherish the weekends, people, they are such an amazing thing. When you have a job, a free day becomes a little bit more than just a free day.
When I found out that I'm going to have a free weekend, I immediately called my bestie and announced that we will finally be able to meet. And this has been such a wonderful weekend, really. I've slept in, I got out to the streets which have been so alive, I walked around in awe (seriously, I keep on falling in love with my city every single day), we ate waffles, the best sandwiches in the city, we laughed and just chilled. It all sounds much more exciting when on Friday morning I was literally sleeping in a class because I was this tired from everything and was having a little bit of a middle age crisis. These seem to happen quite a lot when you are a twenty something girl. 
I also die a little bit inside every time I walk past the tree which is losing the blossoms because it means my perfect, gorgeous spring is coming to an end. I love summer, I do, I even wrote a letter to it a while ago, but there is nothing better in the world than Springtime. Even though this one has been rainy, it‘s still rainy and it‘s cold like pretty much never before at this time of year, but despite it all, I love it so much, I could stay in spring forever and ever.
So when I'm in between running sessions from my uni to work and from work to uni or somewhere in between, I lift my head up and I admire my city so much. Today I asked my friend – is this city really getting more and more beautiful or it‘s just me, always admiring things I've seen hundreds of times? Which way it is, I'm good with it.

Now I‘m going to let my hot pink nails dry and go to Uni where I have little meetings with people which I‘m going to be coordinating this year. It‘s scary, exciting and very interesting at the same time. I hope you‘re going to have an amazing week and I hope to come around this blog a little bit more this week and I also hope that someone is still reading this blog of mine. 
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May 11, 2015


To me, all the seasons have their particular sound just like they have their smell and their sunsets. And since Spring is my favorite season of them all, the songs I love in the Springtime stick with me for years and even know when I hear the song from the Spring years ago, I remember that time really really well. A couple of days ago one day from the 2012 randomly started to play and it brought me so many memories. Back then, I was about to graduate the high school and this song reminds me of that Spring so well with all the people, emotions, and my old high school image.
 I love how songs always come to you at the time you need them the most and when the lyrics are so relatable and sometimes it seems like you've written them yourself. I just don't know how songs do this, how one short song can bring back so many memories to you, but it's amazing, I guess this is all that matters, isn't it? 
Lovely Beth one day posted her January playlist with the best lyrics in the songs and I'm shamefully going to be a complete copy cat and share the songs I've been loving lately. 

[How many secrets can you keep?
'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat 
 Until I fall asleep] 

[Sometimes the silence guides our minds

So move to a place so far away]

[I go to loud places to search for someone

To be quiet with who will take me home]

What have been the songs you've been playing on repeat this Spring? 

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May 6, 2015


Since the name of this post is called it's time to catch up and I've finally managed to open up a new blog post with this whole empty space to fill with words, I guess I should tell about my crazy life a little bit.
April has been such a crazy long month, at the end of it I couldn't even remember the beginning of it. It's amazing that one month can have so many things in it and be so incredibly long. On the very first days, it was still the Vilnius Film Festival that I was raving about and I thought it was going to be very difficult to get back to my calmer life after it ended. It wasn't really or maybe my life just wasn't calm after it ended. Yes, maybe the second one. I still had some time to see my Godfather and his family before they left back to the USA and the goodbyes were awful as they always are when you don't know the next time when you get to see someone, but it is what it is, sometimes world is just a little bit too big.

Buuuut one really exciting thing has happened that I'm very happy about. I've become a new coordinator of the mentor program in my faculty and this is such a big step for me. Last year I was one of the mentors for the freshmen and this was already a big step out of my comfort zone and this year becoming the person who coordinates these people is well, incredible. And scary and exciting at the same time. As as if this wasn't enough, I've also got a job.
Sometimes I still have to remind myself that I'm at the end of my second year of Uni and I have a craazy amout of stuff to do and I don't really have that much time, but I'm still hoping to fit everything into my agenda. I hope I will do it. But you know, being a full-time student, having a part time job, being constantly involved in a Students' Representation and spending so much of time time in the University AND having a blog and a little bit of life is a little bit hectic. I've always wanted to do more with my life, so here I am. This is why for the past few weeks I was opening my blog couple of times a day and just staring at the screen thinking of all the things I could do with it and just turning it off again. Yup, so this is it, this is my crazy life which is really quite crazy right now. But I honestly like it. And trees have already bloomed, it's all green and beautiful and whenever the Spring comes around, all of my doubts about it being my favorite season of all time completely disappears. I only wish it would stay around for longer.
How are you doing? What's been the best thing that happened for you lately?

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