Hello there!
Honestly, I find trying to present myself quite difficult but I'm going to try anyway. My name is MiglÄ—, I've just turned 22 and I live in a small country called Lithuania. Many people don't know about this small country but I've lived in Vilnius (the capital) my whole life and I love it. Sure, one of the things I love the most in life is the getting the chance to travel and explore other places but as much as I love getting away, I also love coming back to my hometown which is beautiful in every single season.
At the moment I'm studying at the University which I love dearly and it's truly my second home. Sometimes I spend more time there than I do at my own home, so defining which home is my first is quite tricky, really.
I also love road trips, roads in general, architecture, dancing, books (I mean I'm studying humanities, so that's quite natural), Harry Potter (I even have my own wand!), planes, airports, cats (my own is my favorite, of course), Friends and The Office, telling interesting random facts to people, foreign languages, forests, seaside, conversations at night and early mornings when city is waking up.

Here are some of the most personal posts from the blog which can be a good place to start on my blog :
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