Age Of Mythology Crashes After Intro

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2014-05-09  · Hi, If your game is crashing on start and you have already tried running steam in offline mode and using the launch version of the game (available as beta), then what worked for me was forcing the game to run at my native resolution as a launch option, I simply put xres=3840 yres=2160 and it worked. Here is a cheat sheet you can copy.

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2004-12-13  · Age of mythology – crashes after intro/dialog: kikkomania Mortal posted 13 December 2004 01:00 PM EDT (US) Hi All. I am in the need of your help! Like so many others before me, my newly bought game – age of mythology CRASHES: This is what happens: CAMPAIGN: The intro dialog is.

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2017-04-19  · I found my old Age of mythology and the expansion pack CDs (and in fact I even have the Ubisoft Gold edition). I did manage to install it on my windows 10 laptop, but the game doens’t run. The intro is able to play, but then I get a black screen, either with.

The "Age of Mythology Gold Edition", first released in 2004; can often be found on store shelves. It is the most cost effective way of acquiring the game, as it contains the following on a single DVD-ROM:

UPDATE: Thanks to DeclaredInsane who says that also adding “xres=800” to the shortcut fixes more problems for him also, I have added this to the article 🙂 Recently i installed Age of Mythology on my Windows 7 laptop and sadly when i started it up it failed to load the first cinematic and then crashed […]

2015-10-23  · .SteamsteamappscommonAge of MythologyUsersDefault.prf I only have one profile for my settings and it is the Default.prf, if you have more than one you might want edit them all accordingly to the above. Hope this helps! Background – I’m running Windows 10 – 64bit and the above are the only settings I have changed manually for Age of.

2004-09-28  · Pug, thanks for the response, but no, I’m not willing to reformat at this point. TheShadowDawn – funny you should mention the copy protection. I was just looking at the forum and they have some interesting information there.

AOM crashes after intro (windows 10) Age of Mythology. Hello! Since I updated to windows 10 last year I cannot play AOM, the game simply crashes after cinematics, I googled everything and did everything (including a lot of reinstalls) but I can´t get it to work. Any help?. This subreddit is dedicated to Age of Mythology, the Titans,

2016-10-29  · If you accidentally set the wrong screen size in the Age of Mythology Steam game, the game will not load, and the FIX IS VERY SIMPLE!