No Fear Shakespeare Hamlet Summary

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If reading CliffsNotes’s “Hamlet” seems to be a pokey, 20th-century way to speed-comprehend Shakespeare, never fear. Now there’s a seven-minute. While everyone from the Folger Library to SparkNotes.

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6) As for “Hamlet”. The longest of the plays (3776 lines. But if I were starting to read Shakespeare from scratch, I wouldn’t be ashamed to try No Fear Shakespeare. It’s run by Sparknotes, a.

About 150 of the SparkNotes are still available in book form for $4.95 each, and the book form of No Fear Shakespeare costs $5.35. like Camus’s “The Stranger” and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” as well as.

Few production companies use the full script of “Richard III,” which is second only to “Hamlet” in length. also suggests anyone “afraid of Shakespeare” visit the No Fear Shakespeare resources.

"I’m more familiar with ‘Hamlet’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’" she explained. MVAO senior Ashley Drenkhahn admitted her class is using a "No Fear Shakespeare" version of Macbeth — a book where.

The first time I had to read Shakespeare then turned into the first time I discovered SparkNotes, after frantically searching the web for Hamlet summaries and explanations. with my unpopular.

Part comical, part absurdist and always billed as a modern masterpiece, all I know is it’s a three-act combination mash-up romp of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Beckett. the audience to read the.

“SparkNotes was just faster. I was very busy in high school.” Students expressed a special debt to SparkNotes’ “No Fear Shakespeare” series. Alice Robb is an intern at The New Republic. Follow her.

If you’ve forgotten the plot of Hamlet, fear not. Yes and no. This is the basic plot of “Hamlet” in a nutshell, but there’s a whole lot more there if you want to go deeper. Think of Shakespeare.

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That Polonius guy from Hamlet once said, “To thine own self be true.” And though Shakespeare was definitely blessing. And also, do I have to consult Hamlet SparkNotes to figure that one out?